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posted in February 2013
Breakthrough could lead to more efficient solar systems
Design How-To  
2/28/2013   1 comment
A novel fabrication technique developed by a University of Connecticut professor could pave the way for vastly improved solar energy systems.
Enhancing performance and healthy development in Chinese schools
Design How-To  
2/27/2013   Post a comment
Philips Design has studies the school context in China to identify potential scalable business opportunities for the creation of a safe and healthy environment where learning and teaching can flourish and achieve the best results.
Startup devises liquid metal batteries for the grid
2/26/2013   Post a comment
Liquid-based heavy-duty battery technology could form foundation of the next-generation electrical grid in which alternative energy will play a key role.
London Calling: Security technology takes time
2/22/2013   1 comment
Adding hardware-intrinsic security to a secure microcontroller takes time, but will be worth it in the end, according to NXP.
DESIGN West: Livin' La Vida Mobile
News & Analysis  
2/22/2013   1 comment
MLove Confestival founder Harald Neidhardt foresees "empathetic" electronics, which adapt their functions users' environments.
STMicroelectronics launches LIS3MDL single-chip magnetometer
Product News  
2/21/2013   Post a comment
High-performance magnetometer completes range of magnetic, acceleration and gyroscopic sensors delivering design flexibility.
Tessera, Amkor argue over $130-million
Design How-To  
2/21/2013   Post a comment
Packaging companies continue to argue even after an arbitration ruling on a now-terminated patent license agreement.
Be a reality star—apply for extreme engineering show
2/20/2013   2 comments
Studio seeks to build elite team of engineers for show on the development of extreme prosthetics.
App developers to be given Google Glasses
News & Analysis  
2/20/2013   6 comments
Google is developing a version of its prototype wearable computer that it will share with application developers in an effort to spread interest and create an ecosystem for the concept.
MEMS firm to show 'refocus' lens at MWC
Design How-To  
2/19/2013   Post a comment
MEMS-based autofocus lens startup has developed a method whereby users can refocus displayed images after they have been taken and even have an extreme depth-of-focus scene all in focus.
TransferJet to demo speedy wireless at MWC
News & Analysis  
2/18/2013   5 comments
Japanese companies are set to demonstrate speedy downloads of movies, music and e-books to smartphones and tablets at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
MEMS market growth accelerating
News & Analysis  
2/16/2013   3 comments
Additional MEMS sensor applications will emerge for mobile handsets and camera phones helping to drive MEMS growth towards double-digital percentage annual growth, says market researcher.
Making use of advances in the integrated engineering desktop
2/14/2013   Post a comment
The availability of integrated, sophisticated and easier to use engineering tools on the desktop has far-reaching implications for most industries…
Toshiba offers startup's structured array ICs
Design How-To  
2/14/2013   2 comments
Japanese chip giant has announced it will be shipping a structured array customizable ASIC from April 2013 that has been licensed from startup BaySand Inc.
Multicore software writers get free guide
Design How-To  
2/14/2013   Post a comment
Multicore industry body has created a guide to the writing of multicore-ready software, describing best practices and common pitfalls with an emphasis on embedded applications and C/C++ as starting point.
Internet of Things to ride TV 'white space' spectrum
Design How-To  
2/13/2013   4 comments
The RF data transceiver ASIC from Neul is aimed at M2M and IoT applications.
Boeing battery fire blamed on short circuit
Design How-To  
2/13/2013   1 comment
U.S. National Transportation Safety Board concludes that short led to a thermal runaway condition.
MEMS and Concussions
2/12/2013   13 comments
A family skiing mishap shines a spotlight on MEMS motion sensors and the potential for accident prevention.
ARM posits Cortex core for $100 tablet
Design How-To  
2/12/2013   17 comments
Really low-cost tablets and smartphones may be here sooner than we think, judging by what an ARM exec said at the Common Platform Technology Forum.
Agilent expert explains DDR4 timing
News & Analysis  
2/12/2013   Post a comment
JEDEC board member Perry Keller, who's also manager for the digital memory applications program at Agilent Technologies, talked about the latest DDR iteration at DesignCon.
Slideshow: IBM outlines fab future beyond FinFETs
News & Analysis  
2/12/2013   28 comments
Foldable wafers, CMOS continuing to scale, and double patterning tricks were spotlighted at the recent Common Platform Technology Forum.
Nujira offers low-power 4G RF reference design
Design How-To  
2/11/2013   Post a comment
A specialist in power amplifiers for mobile communications and pioneer of envelope tracking technology, has released a 16-band RF front-end reference design for global LTE handsets called Woodstock.
Korean researchers invent bendable battery
Design How-To  
2/7/2013   Post a comment
Breakthrough could lead to flexible smartphones, say scientists at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology.
Reflective display funnels light
News & Analysis  
2/7/2013   2 comments
University of Michigan researchers have developed a technology for creating reflective displays with vivid colors that can be viewed at nearly any angle.
Globalfoundries commits to FDSOI process
Design How-To  
2/7/2013   1 comment
Foundry aims to ramp a 28-nm fully-depeleted silicon-on-insulator process in the first half of 2014.
London Calling: Big-little is sweet 16
2/5/2013   10 comments
ARM has 16 licensees of its "big-little" power-efficient processing technology all chasing design wins in the mobile sector. Is that too many?
Self-powered electronics architecture touted by researchers
Design How-To  
2/5/2013   2 comments
Columbia University researchers say technology can cut sensor power usage by 100 times for monitoring vital signs, weather patterns and energy usage.
Photonic PCBs inching closer
News & Analysis  
2/5/2013   7 comments
IBM and Dow Corning have developed a tough, flexible photonic substrate material capable of fabricating waveguides for PCB interconnects.
DVFS shows GloFo bulk CMOS good for low power
Design How-To  
2/4/2013   Post a comment
Dresden university and German startup work with Tensilica to produce test chip for dynamic voltage and frequency scaling IP in 28-nm bulk CMOS.

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