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posted in April 2005
Under the Hood of Siemens' ADSL modem: Broadband from A-to-D (and back)
4/18/2005   Post a comment
Guess whose parts Portelligent's David Carey found inside Siemens' asynchronous digital subscriber line interface? The essentials are codecs and DSP. Oh yes, clocking and power management devices as well. From the April issue of Planet Analog magazine.
Chips square off on Zigbee
4/5/2005   Post a comment
Standards differ widely in their adoption and longevity, and 802 is one of the IEEE's most prolific standards families. IEEE 802.15.4, with Zigbee compliance, is a wireless personal-area network (WPAN) communication standard designed for "groups of unattended wireless systems in homes, offices and factories." This teardown highlights the key criteria for Zigbee market adoption and casts the spotlight on two currently available Zigbee offerings: Chipcon's CC2420 and Freescale's MC13192.

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