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posted in June 2004
2.4 GHz, Low Power Transceiver gets physical for 802.15.4 wireless
Product News  
6/29/2004   Post a comment
The Freescale MC13192 is a short range, low power, 2.4 GHz ISM band transceiver which contains a complete 802.15.4 physical layer (PHY) modem designed for the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard supporting star and mesh networking.
So many questions, so little time: Which Spice will suffice?
Design How-To  
6/14/2004   Post a comment
Let's face it; if you use small 'proved out' designs, and never need to answer 'what if' questions, you probably don't need Spice, writes Intusoft's Tim Ghazaleh in this introduction to Spice modeling in the June issue of Planet Analog magazine. But Spice modeling can verify the performance of your favorite part in a new design " even check the effects of PCB manufacturing variations. (At the very least, check out the gorgeous screen shots.)

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