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posted in July 2006
An IPv6 Refresher--Part II
Design How-To  
7/28/2006   Post a comment
Excerpted from Deploying IPv6 Networks, Chapter 2--An IPv6 Refresher, Part II concentrates on special use addresses, IPv6 Anycast Addresses, Multicast Addresses, IPv6 and Layer 2 Addressing and IPv6 Addressing Architecture at a Glance.
An IPv6 Refresher--Part I
Design How-To  
7/24/2006   Post a comment
Excerpted from Deploying IPv6 Networks, Chapter 2--An IPv6 Refresher, this comprehensive series covers the concepts fundamental to undertsanding IPv6, including: the new addressing architecture, new header format and structure, enhanced functions of ICMP, and Layer 2 address-resolution mechanisms.
Amtech tag lets RFID ride the rails
7/24/2006   Post a comment
North of Austin is a piece of Old Texas where two railroad lines and a 120-year-old lime factory converge. During a recent train-spotting stop, I found a curious little box trackside and recognized it as an asset-tracking badge that had somehow gotten detached from a passing railcar. That meant electronics within--and a teardown waiting to happen.

Audio hubs extend battery life in portable entertainment devices
Design How-To  
7/24/2006   Post a comment
The expectation of mobile handset users have grown, particularly with respect to audio.
4-Gbit NAND built at 65 nm
7/17/2006   Post a comment
Samsung has established the No. 1 market position in the top two semiconductor memory markets. But even as the memory leader, the company is not known for coasting. It continues to scale memory products aggressively into advanced geometries, a technique it used to achieve its current position. The latest example of Samsung's scaling efforts is the 4-Gbit NAND flash, the first standalone memory to be manufactured at the 65-

Avoiding Interference in the 2.4-GHz ISM Band
Design How-To  
7/1/2006   2 comments
Designers can create frequency-agile 2.4 GHz designs using procedures provided by standards bodies or by building their own protocol.

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