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posted in September 2010
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U.S. must fast-track policy on rare earth materials
9/30/2010   26 comments
China's export and tariff rule changes for rare earth materials are a wakeup call: The U.S. must fast-track its policy on exploration, development and commercialization.
ADI ADXRS453 MEMS gyroscope
Product News  
9/30/2010   1 comment
Analog Devices unveiled the ADXRS453 iMEMS gyroscope, which offers higher accuracy in harsh environments.
Silicon photonics pioneer snags 'genius' award
News & Analysis  
9/29/2010   45 comments
University professor Michal Lipson was recently made a MacArthur Foundation Fellow--the no-strings-attached $500,000 "genius" award.
In search of the gasoline-powered diesel engine
9/28/2010   73 comments
Here's a cool idea that you may or may not have in the back of your mind—why not a petrol-fueled diesel-combustion-cycle engine?
Startup alert: Nanotecture promises tripling of energy-storage performance
SmartEnergy Designline Blog  
9/28/2010   Post a comment
Given the burgeoning need for improved storage methodologies, whether in batteries or supercapacitors, Nanotecture’s new nanoporous technology is really exciting. Here’s a quick synopsys.
The nose knows what we don't: is "smell" the final transducer frontier?
9/28/2010   28 comments
We have incredible sensors for every phenomenon except scent; will that change soon?
European bank loans ST $470 million
News & Analysis  
9/28/2010   42 comments
The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a 350 million euro (about $470 million) loan contract with STMicroelectronics NV in support of the company's industrial and R&D concerning next-generation semiconductor circuits.
AUTOSAR OS measures task execution times
Design How-To  
9/27/2010   46 comments
Design tool not only does task and interrupt-timing analysis but determines runtime conflicts as well.
National Semiconductor: Software Defined Radio: Don’t Talk to Me about ENOBs, Part 2 of 2
Design How-To  
9/25/2010   16 comments
Recent advances in analog-to- digital converter (ADC) technology (12 bits at 3.6-GSPS) have enabled the development of wide bandwidth SDR systems that can simultaneously process multiple channels at high input frequencies. Part 2 of this piece details the limitations of traditional specs for SDR, and which ones really matter.
Rambus: Signal and power integrity limitations for mobile memory in 3D packaging
Design How-To  
9/25/2010   19 comments
Mobile devices like cell phones and portable game consoles require memory systems that meet two key requirements: low power dissipation and high packaging density. In order to meet these requirements, mobile memories are implementing changes compared to traditional memories that impact signal and power integrity.
Processor fuses multiple imaging streams to sense vehicle surroundings
Design How-To  
9/24/2010   18 comments
With automotive vision systems proliferating, processor architecture can combine various image sources for tasks such as object detection and lane departure warning.
Developing a comprehensive approach to infotainment connectivity
Design How-To  
9/23/2010   25 comments
As cars become more connected within and with the outside world, their internal connectivity landscape begins to change. Where once the MOST bus was a dominate means of infotainment networking, additional features and functions now call for a broader range of communication technologies.
IBM characterizes single-atom DRAM
News & Analysis  
9/23/2010   14 comments
IBM Research described a new pulsed-technique to stimulate and read-out the state of an individual atom for atomic-scale memories, solar cells and future quantum computers. atomic-scale memories, solar cells and future quantum computers.
The horror of 80-hour photomask write times
Semi Conscious  
9/23/2010   6 comments
Advanced photomasks could take 80 hours of write time at the 20/22-nm node, according to Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S and managing sponsor of the eBeam Initiative.
FitBit blends wireless, MCUs and MEMS with online interface
9/22/2010   20 comments
The FitBit personal fitness monitor combines wireless, MEMS and cutting-edge algorithms and packaging to keep us in shape, but behind its sleek design are lessons for any designer and aspiring inventor looking to turn what seems to be a simple idea into a truly viable, competitive end product.
Samsung launches 4G-LTE smartphone
News & Analysis  
9/22/2010   8 comments
Samsung Mobile has announced the launch of what it claims is the world's first 4G LTE-enabled, multi-mode, CDMA handset, the Samsung Craft SCH-r900.
Optical antenna said to boost signals
News & Analysis  
9/21/2010   7 comments
Rice University researchers have created an optical antenna that boosts signals by up to a million times by exciting plasmons in between a sub-nanoscale electrode gap.
Intel taps junctionless transistor research
News & Analysis  
9/21/2010   8 comments
Intel Corp. has announced that it has signed a three-year, $1.5 million research collaboration with the Tyndall National Institute at the University of Cork in Ireland.
Project maps ARM core variability at 32-nm
News & Analysis  
9/21/2010   Post a comment
A European collaborative research project has spent about $5.8 million performing a characterization of an ARM926 core for the statistical variability that is inherent at the 32-nm manufacturing process node.
E-beam: Ecosystem investment grows, but more neede
9/20/2010   5 comments
Governments, photomask makers and tool vendors are investing in e-beam technology, but more funding is needed to enable e-beam technology to live up to its promise in enabling cheaper and earlier design starts for future technology nodes.
Nanocrystalline alloy improves PRAM
News & Analysis  
9/20/2010   4 comments
Binary eutectic-alloy nanostructure offers new phase change memory material that could increase density, lower temperature and speed switching of phase-change random access memory.
National Semiconductor: Software defined radio: Don't talk to me about ENOBS (Part 1 of 2)
Design How-To  
9/20/2010   10 comments
Recent advances in analog-to- digital converter technology have enabled the development of wide bandwidth software defined radio systems that can simultaneously process multiple channels at high input frequencies. But do the traditionally important specs hold with this new model?
Why do we even bother to listen to pundits, since they are so often wrong?
9/20/2010   16 comments
Experts and their crystal balls are everywhere, and we still pay them attention even though their record is dismal
Silicon nanosprings target microreactors in biomed apps
News & Analysis  
9/17/2010   7 comments
Oregon State University researchers are fashioning nanosprings as carriers of biological catalysts in medical electronics devices.
Qualcomm's Mirasol display stays small, for now
News & Analysis  
9/17/2010   17 comments
Qualcomm is focused on 5.7-inch diagonal and smaller applications for its Mirasol display right now, even though there is no technical reason why the technology could not address larger applications, according to a company executive.
A Common Personal Health Research Platform—SHIMMER and BioMOBIUS (Part 2 of 3)
Design How-To  
9/16/2010   2 comments
Explore this hardware platform and software environment for developing personal medical prototype research tools to acquire data and assess results
Microsoft to discuss many-core OS at Intel event
9/16/2010   14 comments
A researcher from Microsoft is due to present an operating system that has been written to cope with the scaling of cores in processor chips, at the Intel European Research and Innovation Conference (Intel-ERIC) being held in Germany Sept. 21 and 22.
Diesels challenge hybrids for efficiency, low emissions
Design How-To  
9/16/2010   45 comments
Clean diesel technology is competitive with hybrid electric vehicles, but perception still limits acceptance in the U.S. market.
MEMS oscillators expand to kHz region
Product News  
9/15/2010   8 comments
SiTime, looking to be a one-stop shop for timing, fills out its low end with the first CMOS silicon MEMS oscillator chip for the kilohertz space.
How do mirrors work?
9/14/2010   7 comments
As part of my do-it-yourself Magic Mirror Hobby Project, I've been pondering mirrors in general, and I've come to the startling realization that – at the most fundamental level – I don’t actually know how they work.
ESC Boston: RF highlights
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
9/14/2010   1 comment
If you are in the Boston area next week (Sept 20 to 23, 2010) or already plan on attending the ESC Boston show, here are some highlights that might appeal to RF and microwave engineers
What's your favorite "science fiction" movie?
9/13/2010   186 comments
So many sub-genres, so many good choices: which ones do you recall favorably?
Gagging on Gaga. . . .or, can we get just a little of your time and attention here, please?
9/13/2010   29 comments
If only the accomplishments of scientists and engineers could get the coverage that entertainers do
NASA needs you to transfer technologies
News & Analysis  
9/9/2010   7 comments
NASA wants to transfer NASA-owned technologies into the U.S. marketplace and is soliciting potential partners to provide no-cost brokerage services for intellectual property transactions, such as patent brokering.
Beam-forming firm secures $3.8 million
News & Analysis  
9/9/2010   1 comment
Socowave, a 2008 mobile communications startup with connections to University College Dublin, has announced that it has secured a €3 million (about $3.8 million) series A investment round led by Balderton Capital.
Is there a future for hybrid vehicles? Part 2
Design How-To  
9/9/2010   139 comments
Further hybrid efficiencies are possible, but there is a better way to go--fuel cells.
Self-repairing solar cell bio-inspired
News & Analysis  
9/8/2010   14 comments
A solar cell mimics photosynthesis in plants by self-repairing damage from the sun to renew its electricity generating capabilities.
High-value MEMs forecast to have 20% CAGR through 2014
News & Analysis  
9/7/2010   1 comment
Revenue for so-called "high-value" MEMS is projected to is projected to grow robustly this year and beyond, thanks to a number of issues ranging from global warming to aging populations, according to market research firm iSuppli.
Silicon photonics uses vapor-filled waveguide
News & Analysis  
9/7/2010   4 comments
A new technique harnesses vapor-filled optical waveguides on silicon chips to process data streams encoded on light, sidestepping the sidesteps the current requirement to convert optical signals to electrical signals in applications that detect, buffer, multiplex and store photonic information.
Samsung mulls $25 billion 2011 diversification spend
News & Analysis  
9/6/2010   3 comments
Samsung is considering investing about $25 billion in 2011 to support existing operations and expand into different markets, according to online reports.
Heliatek adds foil to organic solar cells
News & Analysis  
9/3/2010   5 comments
Heliatek has begun building its first production facility for organic solar cells with support from FHR Anlagenbau GmbH, a vendor of vacuum process technology tools.
Infinera transmits 100-G more than 800 miles
News & Analysis  
9/3/2010   6 comments
Networking equipment supplier Infinera Corp. has said it has achieved 100-Gbit/s coherent transmission of data over a 1,348-kilometer route on the XO Communications fiber optic network.
Piezotronics defines new semiconductor-device category
News & Analysis  
9/2/2010   5 comments
Strain-gated transistors in piezotronics harness the piezoelectric effect to perform arithmetic and logic operations using mechanical motions for electronic control.
LED improvements extend automotive applications
Design How-To  
9/2/2010   12 comments
While efficient, heat build-up is a major design concern because of compact LED packaging.
In-vehicle Internet grows slow and steady
9/2/2010   13 comments
The popularity of smart phone apps is driving demand for in-vehicle Internet connectivity.
MEMS tackle HVAC/automatic-transmission markets
News & Analysis  
9/2/2010   4 comments
MEMS startup Microstaq is pioneering promising new markets, using its micro-valve as a pilot to control the large flows necessary to tackle the lucrative heating, ventilation and air-conditioning markets with MEMS-control of automotive transmissions on the horizon.
IMEC launches cancer lab-on-chip project
9/2/2010   8 comments
European research institute IMEC and its project partners have launched a European collaborative research project to build a lab-on-a-chip for the detection of tumor cells in blood.
Startup offers 'variability' modeling service
News & Analysis  
9/2/2010   4 comments
Gold Standard Simulations Ltd., a spin-off from the University of Glasgow, offers to help chip designers model how circuits made from variable nanometer-scale transistors will perform.
World Economic Forum picks 2011 tech pioneers
News & Analysis  
9/1/2010   1 comment
The World Economic Forum has selected 31 start-ups as Technology Pioneers of 2011 for answering some basic human needs with their innovative technologies.
Asus design win as Boston-Power raises $60 million
News & Analysis  
9/1/2010   1 comment
A rechargeable lithium-ion battery from Boston-Power has been designed into notebook computers from Asus as the company raises $60 million in Series E.
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