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posted in December 2009
Company cranks portable wireless audio at CES
News & Analysis  
12/29/2009   Post a comment
Eleven Engineering Inc. will jump into the pool of providers of wireless audio streaming technology at the Consumer Electronics Show with a set of dongles and speakers using its proprietary 2.4 GHz technology.
The 10 most popular stories of 2009
News & Analysis  
12/29/2009   Post a comment
Here are the top ten stories for 2009 as ranked by EE Times readers, up to and including Tuesday, Dec. 29. The ranking is based on the number of reader "views" or "hits" on a particular article.
WIRELESS/RF - Embedded Wi-Fi solution offers lower power consumption, longer range connectivity and smaller footprint
Product News  
12/24/2009   Post a comment
Atmel and H&D Wireless have collaborated to delivery the industry's most power-efficient IEEE802.11b+g Wi-Fi solution, with lower power consumption, longer range connectivity and smaller footprint.
Intel research embraces European IT goals
News & Analysis  
12/18/2009   2 comments
Professor Martin Curley, director of Intel Labs Europe, has explained to EE Times how the labs' mission is not only to advance Intel Architecture research, development and innovation but also to partner with European companies and academics to improve European competitiveness.
Wireless audio IC supports home, portable apps
Product News  
12/18/2009   Post a comment
Kleer, a maker of chips for wireless audio, has announced a new release of its flagship KLR3012 wireless audio module, which contains new technology to support both portable audio devices and home audio equipment.
Carbon footprint labeling: Are you ready for it?
Design How-To  
12/17/2009   9 comments
Pending regulations in Europe for a carbon footprint label on every product means that it's not enough to inform consumers your electronics product's power consumption level. You need to tell them the quantity (in grams) of carbon-dioxide emissions associated with manufacturing, transporting and recycling of your product.
Efficient power systems for portables
Design How-To  
12/16/2009   Post a comment
The performance of power supplies for portable systems need to be improved on a constant basis. This how-to from Ittiam presents a generic power supply design for an embedded system and examines the function of each module in the design. It provides guidelines for selection of topologies and components, thermal and packaging aspects and even battery management.
Study: Indian companies not using innovation to reposition themselves
News & Analysis  
12/16/2009   Post a comment
A study of R & D in ICT has found that Indian companies are not using innovation to position themselves higher in the value chain. They also innovate mostly with clients and customers and are mostly short-term oriented in this too.
Improving performance, range, and reliability in 802.11n networks
Design How-To  
12/15/2009   Post a comment
While the hooks to achieving high-performance, ubiquitous wireless access in the home or office are within the IEEE 802.11n standard, there are many options built in for sustaining signals to achieve higher effective throughput at greater distances. The key is to choose the correct options. This feature will help, with an eye toward balancing cost and complexity.
Nemotek Technologie adds in-house testing to its manufacturing lines of wafer-level cameras
News & Analysis  
12/15/2009   Post a comment
By announcing in-house testing capabilities, Nemotek Technologie brings wafer-level cameras (WLCs) design, manufacturing and now testing under one roof, simplifying the supply chain process and costs for image sensor and camera module makers.
Toshiba samples 64-Gbyte NAND module
News & Analysis  
12/15/2009   Post a comment
Toshiba Corp. has a launched a 64-Gbyte NAND flash memory module that complies with the e-MMC standard.
EE Times' Top 10 Design Features of 2009
Design How-To  
12/14/2009   Post a comment
The top ten EETimes design features of 2009 show the conflicts inherent with grip of C on embedded programmers, the popularity of teardowns and the need for further education, both on the basics as well as cutting-edge design issues such as HDMI/DVI handshaking.
U.K. appoints managers for $500 million national VC fund
News & Analysis  
12/10/2009   Post a comment
The U.K. government has appointed Hermes Private Equity and the European Investment Fund as managers for the UK Innovation Investment Fund.
Fusion-io wins NAND storage design-in with IBM
News & Analysis  
12/10/2009   Post a comment
Fusion-io Inc. (Salt Lake City, Utah), a vendor of high bandwidth solid-state drives based on NAND flash memory, has said that its ioMemory technology will be used in IBM's family of System X servers.
Day of the Indian engineer
News & Analysis  
12/9/2009   17 comments
Indian engineers can have their day under the sun soon blessed as they are with advantages such as low average age, desirous of staying current on news and continuing technical education and are not blinkered by age-old methods, according to a senior Mentor Graphics executive.
Cray studies exascale computing in Europe
Product News  
12/2/2009   Post a comment
Cray Inc. has announced three European partners for a new program aimed at delivering by the end of the decade a supercomputer capable of performing an exaflop, a quintillion calculations per second.
China blamed for decline in base station sales
Product News  
12/2/2009   Post a comment
The market for cellular infrastructure gear declined 10 percent in the third quarter to $9 billion due in large part to fewer 3G deployments in China, according to a new report from market watcher Dell'Oro Group. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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