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posted in March 2002
New Devices, Design Tools Fuel Programmable Logic Resurgence
Design How-To  
3/28/2002   Post a comment
Jim Lipman, TechOnLine's Content Director, discusses a continued interest by FPGA/CPLD vendors in configurable SoC chips along with reasons why programmable-logic design is becoming more "ASIC-like".
"Better Design Productivity" Pervasive at Board-Design Show
News & Analysis  
3/26/2002   Post a comment
The recent Silicon-Valley based PCB Design conference and exhibition concentrated on new tools and tool enhancements to help board engineers and designers improve existing design methodologies. TechOnLine's Jim Lipman discusses how the show's exhibitors concentrated on new tool bundles, Web-based collaborative design, and enhanced design functionality for mainstream board designers.

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