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posted in April 2012
Ericsson adds new dev boards to 3E Gold Design Kit
Product News  
4/30/2012   Post a comment
Ericsson has launched two new development board kits, the ROA1285068 and ROA1285077, for its 3E Gold Design Kit.
Sophisticated thermal management solutions cool hi-rel systems - Part 2
Design How-To  
4/30/2012   1 comment
Choosing design options requires skill, real-world expertise and a critical focus on data points relevant to application and environment
Power modules without a baseplate: a reliable and cost-effective solution
Design How-To  
4/27/2012   Post a comment
Understand the differences in performance, reliability, and cost of using a non-baseplate power module
Cisco validates Emerson 3U processor board for communications in defense apps
Product News  
4/27/2012   Post a comment
Emerson Network Power said its CPCI7203 rugged 3U CompactPCI processor blade has been verified by Cisco for secure unified communications in federal and defense applications.
Beta rolls MIL-STD-1553 data bus coupler
Product News  
4/27/2012   1 comment
Beta Transformer Technology Corp., a subsidiary of Data Device Corp., has launched the BXC-A-3, MIL-STD-1553 data bus couplers designed for use in systems development, benchtop test and flight maintenance applications.
Power 107: Power Delivery Networks
4/25/2012   1 comment
Optimizing power in a chip is one thing, but you still have to get power to where power is needed and that is the difficult job of the power delivery network…
Hybrid and module technology for high-reliability applications
Design How-To  
4/25/2012   Post a comment
Commercial-Off-The-Shelf modules are increasingly becoming a technology of choice for the military and aerospace industry.
GE's new rugged SBCs process more data faster in less space
Product News  
4/24/2012   Post a comment
Three new rugged single board computers (SBCs) from GE Intelligent Platforms, the SBC625, XVR15 and XCR15, are based on 3rd Generation Inte Core processors.
congatec's new COM Express Type 6 module has quad core, 3rd gen Intel Core processor
Product News  
4/23/2012   Post a comment
The conga-TM77 from congatec Inc. is a new COM Express module with a significant improvement in computing performance combined with enhanced energy efficiency.
EE Times updates Silicon 60 list of emerging startups
News & Analysis  
4/23/2012   1 comment
EE Times has updated its list of 60 notable emerging startup companies to version 13.0 with the inclusion of 18 companies.
Update: Ivy Bridge narrows AMD’s graphics lead
News & Analysis  
4/23/2012   13 comments
Intel will launch Ivy Bridge, its first CPUs using its 22nm tri-gate technology and aimed ultrabooks, narrowing archrival AMD’s lead in graphics performance.
Evaluation board supports design of twisted pair building automation networks
Product News  
4/22/2012   Post a comment
ON Semiconductor and NXP jointly introduced an evaluation board and complete reference design for power efficient twisted pair (TP) networks.
Small 1080P signage player support DirectX 11
Product News  
4/22/2012   Post a comment
In the rapidly expanding digital signage market, the graphics performance of the Signage Player offered by Nexcom is very important for the users, especially those looking to display vibrant, HD content.
Atmel launches low-power, secure AES-128-based transponder for car key fob apps
Product News  
4/21/2012   Post a comment
Atmel Corporation has launched a new secure, ultra-low-power micromodule transponder based on an Atmel AVR microcontroller (MCU).
VLSI confab brings technology, circuits to the fore
News & Analysis  
4/20/2012   1 comment
The inextricable interdependence of technology processing and circuit design is behind the decision to overlap their technical programs at the 2012 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits to be held in Honolulu in June.
Book Excerpt: Signal and Power Integrity – Simplified (Second Edition)
4/19/2012   Post a comment
This book offers a framework for understanding the electrical properties of interconnects and materials that apply across the entire hierarchy…
Axiomtek’s new network appliance platform supports up to 8 Gigabit LANs
Product News  
4/19/2012   Post a comment
The NA-560 network appliance platform from Axiomtek supports 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Core processors in LGA1155 socket with Intel H61/B65/Q67 Express chipset.
Optimising package development during design maximises PMIC performance
Design How-To  
4/19/2012   Post a comment
Peak power can now reach 10s of Watts and more attention has to be paid to thermal design and performance of portable consumer devices…
TI unveils industry’s first real-time JPEG 2000 HD solution on multicore DSP
Product News  
4/16/2012   1 comment
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) unveiled the industry’s first implementation of the real-time HD JPEG 2000 codec, an image compression codec offering significant flexibility and performance increases over previous versions, on a multicore digital signal processor (DSP).
Axiomtek's low-power Intel Atom D525 network appliance platform targets SOHO market
Product News  
4/14/2012   Post a comment
The NA-340 from Axiomtek is a compact, low-power, 1U-type network appliance with six Gigabit LANs and utilizing Intel's dual-core Atom processor D525 at 1.8 GHz with Intel ICH8M PCH chipset.
Photos from the frontier: The Internet of Things
News & Analysis  
4/11/2012   16 comments
We provide a few glimpses of the diverse frontier of electronics and distributed computing where networked sensors are finding new homes in an Internet of Things.
IBM rolls integrated data center system
News & Analysis  
4/11/2012   9 comments
IBM announced PureSystem, the next major generation of its blade server design that packs servers, storage and networking into one box.
HP rolls software for virtual networks
News & Analysis  
4/10/2012   1 comment
Hewlett-Packard announced Virtual Application Network software, part of an industry-wide move to simplifying increasingly complex data center networks.
Solid-state drives jump on PCI Express
News & Analysis  
4/9/2012   7 comments
A coming wave of solid-state drives for the PCI Express bus will continue the SATA vs. SCSI protocol split and accelerate the shift to competition based on software.
Digi International and Wind River cooperate on cloud-connected wireless M2M solutions
News & Analysis  
4/8/2012   Post a comment
Digi International and Wind River will jointly deliver a new family of cloud-connected wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, the M2M Solution Builder kits, including a combination of hardware, software, cloud connectivity and access to tailored M2M development services.
Adeunis-RF partners Avnet Memec to develop a NFC 'reader-writer' smart module
News & Analysis  
4/8/2012   Post a comment
Avnet Memec is partnering with Adeunis-RF to launch a new range of compact, reliable, modular and affordable Near Field Communications (NFC) solutions to address the growing need for eCommerce applications.
Dual RFID-ZigBee sensors enable NFC applications for the Internet of Things
Product News  
4/8/2012   Post a comment
Libelium has launched a new RFID/NFC module for the Waspmote sensor platform that allows sensor data to be used in Location Based Services (LBS), such as asset tracking, supply chain monitoring, intelligent shopping or access management.
Embedded networking web server based on Infineon XMC4000 MCUs
Product News  
4/8/2012   Post a comment
Arrow Electronics has developed an embedded web server based on Infineon`s new 32-bit XMC4000 microcontroller family that leverages the ARM Cortex M4 processor.
Four Trends from the 2012 Medical Design Excellence Awards
Design How-To  
4/7/2012   Post a comment
Many of this year's finalists fine-tuned existing medical device concepts to address the challenges of today’s healthcare market.
PLX and One Stop are first to market with PCI Express Gen3-Based industrial-computing platforms
Product News  
4/4/2012   Post a comment
PLX Technology, Inc. and One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS) have collaborated to deliver what the companies claim are the world's first industrial-grade high-performance computing systems and PCIe-over-cable products based on the PCIe Gen3 standard.
Book excerpt: Power Integrity Modeling and Design for Semiconductors and Systems
Design How-To  
4/3/2012   2 comments
Managing the transient current supplied to the integrated circuit at gigahertz frequencies is one of the biggest challenges faced by the semiconductor industry...
Super robot able to leap buildings in a single bound!
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
4/2/2012   3 comments
If you think you've seen all possible forms of robotic locomotion, think again.
Maximizing savings at cell sites through deployment of hybrid energy solutions
Design How-To  
4/1/2012   Post a comment
Understand the options, tradeoffs, constraints, and cost/maintenance realities when implementing the power subsystem at a base station cell site

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