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posted in June 2010
Freescale hits GaAs on RF basestation ICs
Product News  
6/30/2010   1 comment
Freescale is moving into gallium arsenide for monolithic microwave basestation ICs that harness ultralow-noise amps for trunk network amplifier radio cards and as predrivers for its high-voltage lateral diffusion MOS power amps.
Micron's results: What analysts are saying
News & Analysis  
6/30/2010   Post a comment
Micron Technology Inc. roared past analysts’ consensus estimate in its recent quarter.
Qualcomm brews apps store for mobile OS
News & Analysis  
6/30/2010   Post a comment
Qualcomm Inc. is expanding its efforts in the mobile operating system and connectivity arenas.
Price hikes, shortages seen in hot solar biz
News & Analysis  
6/30/2010   2 comments
Photovoltaic demand is projected to double over last year.
Gyro vendor InvenSense files IPO
News & Analysis  
6/30/2010   Post a comment
InvenSense Inc., a provider of motion processing solutions or gyroscopes, is filing for an IPO.
Commentary: Does SATA have a future?
6/29/2010   8 comments
Companies are already churning out Serial ATA Revision 3.0 (SATA Gen 3) motherboards and hard drives that run at 6 Gbits/second. But is there really a long-term market for SATA Gen 3 products? Or will SATA Gen 3 be derailed quickly by the almost-as-fast USB 3.0 interface that is currently taking the market by storm?
HP, QLogic, Emulex FCoE
News & Analysis  
6/29/2010   Post a comment
Hewlett-Packard is adopting new Fibre Channel over Ethernet chips from Emulex and QLogic in its latest round of data center systems, giving a much boost to the upcoming suppliers who face competition from entrenched chip designers including Broadcom, Intel and Marvell.
TI offers USB 3.0 IC for 5-Gbit/s transfers
Product News  
6/29/2010   Post a comment
Texas Instruments has introduced to the market a USB 3.0 transceiver capable of 5-Gbits-per-second data transmission rates.
Samsung, TSMC hit by ITC complaint
News & Analysis  
6/28/2010   3 comments
STC.UNM (STC)--the technology-transfer arm of the University of New Mexico (UNM)--said that it is charging Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC) and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. with alleged patent infringement.
Product News  
6/28/2010   1 comment
TI TUSB1310 provides essential physical-level functions, features sensitivity twice the USB 3.0 requirement
CoorsTek buys ceramics unit for $245M
News & Analysis  
6/28/2010   Post a comment
CoorsTek Inc., a manufacturer of ceramic and specialty material components, has signed a definitive agreement to purchase the advanced ceramics business of Saint-Gobain for about $245 million.
Obducat CEO resigns amid losses
News & Analysis  
6/28/2010   1 comment
Amid losses and order delays, Patrik Lundstrom has been named acting CEO of Obducat AB (Malmo, Sweden), a supplier of nano-imprint lithography tools.
Report: Firms buy stake in PSi
News & Analysis  
6/28/2010   Post a comment
Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI)and Narra Venture Capital II have acquired a 67 percent stake in PSi Technologies Inc. (PSi) of the Philippines for $30 million.
IBM 'fab club' aligns 28-nm process, jabs rival
News & Analysis  
6/24/2010   1 comment
IBM, Samsung, GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics said that they are in collaboration to ''synchronize’’ the production of chips, based on its previously-announced, 28-nm low-power process.
Compact COM module combines low power, high processing
Product News  
6/24/2010   Post a comment
MEN Micro Inc. has expanded its ESMini family to include the MM50 that incorporates the high processing capabilities and power dissipation of PowerPC into a flexible, compact COM (computer-on module) board.
QorIQ processors power COM Express computing modules
Product News  
6/24/2010   Post a comment
Emerson Network Power is offering modular single board computers (SBCs) based on the COM Express small form factor powered by Freescale Semiconductor's multicore QorIQ processors.
PCI Express 3.0 delayed until 2011
News & Analysis  
6/24/2010   3 comments
The PCI SIG has released an interim 0.71 version of the PCI Express 3.0 specification that supports up to 8 GigaTransfers/second and aims to start testing products for compliance in early 2011, about a year later than originally anticipated.
Group forms another 3-D chip alliance
News & Analysis  
6/23/2010   Post a comment
Another three-dimensional (3-D) chip alliance has been hatched.
Intel, FTC in settlement talks
News & Analysis  
6/22/2010   2 comments
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Intel Corp. have filed a joint motion to ''suspend administrative trial proceedings.''
Tilera, Quanta roll low power server
News & Analysis  
6/22/2010   3 comments
Multicore processor designer Tilera Corp. announced it plans to ship a 200-core device in 2013 and demonstrated a 512-core server made by partner Quanta Computer Inc. using Tilera's current 64-core chip.
Cyclone provides single-chip solution for HD surveillance cameras
Product News  
6/22/2010   Post a comment
A high-definition (HD), surveillance internet protocol (IP) camera reference design on a single FPGA has been developed by Altera Inc. and features Cyclone III or Cyclone IV FPGAs and intellectual property from Eyelytics and Apical.
Trio forms 3-D chip alliance
News & Analysis  
6/21/2010   2 comments
Elpida Memory Inc., Powertech Technology Inc. and United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) have formed an alliance to speed up the development of three-dimensional (3-D) chips.
MSC introduces complete POI/POS and digital signage solutions
Product News  
6/18/2010   Post a comment
MSC is offering a combination of a flexible integration platform and different full HD displays as complete POI/POS and digital signage solutions
An engineer triumphs over a bug-ridden circuit board
Engineering Investigations  
6/15/2010   5 comments
Engineer duels with PCB, only to then face a bigger challenge from management
NI PXI brings record and playback capability to car radio
Product How-To  
6/14/2010   Post a comment
A turnkey system that records real-world RF signals, impairments, and environmental data for convenient playback in the lab that was built on the strength of high-bandwidth NI PXI products and building a custom reference library with Averna for long-term test efficiency.
Perpetuum and Dust Networks demonstrate interoperability of vibration energy harvesting with low power WSNs
Product News  
6/14/2010   Post a comment
At Sensors Expo, Perpetuum Ltd. and Dust Networks demonstrated energy harvesting-powered wireless sensor networks suited to industrial condition monitoring applications.
Building a reliable magnetic card reader (Part 1 of 2)
Design How-To  
6/14/2010   1 comment
Understand the challenging nature of the signal, and what must be done to detect and decode it properly
ConnectBlue wins ZigBee-based energy efficiency design
News & Analysis  
6/14/2010   Post a comment
ConnectBlue has received a 350,000 euros order from Schneider Electric for the development of a wireless energy efficiency system based on IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee technology.
Startup SeaMicro packs 512 Intel Atoms in server
News & Analysis  
6/14/2010   2 comments
Startup SeaMicro announced a server that packs 512 Intel Atom processors in a 10U chassis to deliver the same performance at a fraction of their power and space as systems using conventional server CPUs, aiming to address the needs of the large data centers limited by the cost and complexity of the power and space they consume.
Laird Technologies signs APTX
Product News  
6/11/2010   Post a comment
Wireless components manufacturer Laird Technologies has entered into a technology license agreement with audio coding technology provider APTX.
The Foxconn debate
6/10/2010   Post a comment
Here lies a compendium of opinion pieces, analyses and news articles about the unfortunate spate of suicides seen at Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd., that have appeared recently on
CompactPCI processor board brings Intel Core i7 performance to 6U systems
Product News  
6/9/2010   Post a comment
With the 2.53GHz Intel Core i7-610E and the LV 2.0 GHz Intel Core i7-620LE, Kontron's 6U CompactPCI processor board CP6002 not only speeds up multiprocessing tasks via hyper-threading technology (HTT), but also processes single-threaded tasks much faster thanks to the new Intel Turbo Boost technology.
My "fans" want to know: what's the thermal impedance of dust?
Power DesignLine Blog  
6/4/2010   4 comments
A layer of dust on heat-sink fins causes all sorts of headaches and noise
Hewlett-Packard passes two million mark in blade servers
News & Analysis  
6/4/2010   1 comment
Hewlett-Packard has climbed to the top of the market for blade systems, one of the few bright spots in what has become a slow growth server market, but the question now is whether it can hang on in the face of new dynamics and competitors.
Trip Report: The unique, the creative and the wacky at Computex
News & Analysis  
6/3/2010   1 comment
Who would have thought Computex, staged on a tiny little island 100 miles off of the coast of China, would last as long as 30 years and prosper? Here’s unique, creative and wacky stuff found at Comdex this year.
HP researcher predicts memory-centric processors
News & Analysis  
6/2/2010   1 comment
Hewlett-Packard researchers are exploring ways to make their memristor the centerpiece of a future server design and have determined low power processors such as those based on ARM cores are superior for some data center workloads.
Curtiss-Wright acquires Hybricon
News & Analysis  
6/2/2010   Post a comment
In a move to expand its defense electronics subsystems portfolio Curtiss-Wright Corp. has acquired Hybricon Corp. for $19 million in cash. Parts Search

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