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posted in July 2003
Big changes await disk drive industry
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7/29/2003   Post a comment
The hard-disk drive industry is finally coming to terms with the reality that many of its underlying technologies are approaching their performance limits. Starting this year manufacturers are gearing up to debut faster, more cost-effective, less power-hungry serial technologies to replace parallel SCSI and ATA interfaces.
Nokia, ARM, ST and TI extend mobile alliance
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7/29/2003   Post a comment
The Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance (MIPI) has been formed by mobile phone maker Nokia, processor licensor ARM and two leading chipmakers, Texas Instruments Inc. and STMicroelectronics.
Intel Tips Custom 14nm Server Chips
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7/22/2003   17 comments
Intel said it made custom server CPUs for eBay and Facebook, has a 14nm Xeon SoC in the works, and is in trials with cellular base station chips.
International Rectifier, Sanyo address electric motor drives
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7/21/2003   Post a comment
Trying to gain design-ins in the smart appliance market, International Rectifier Corp. has entered a joint venture with Sanyo Semiconductor to design, develop, and market electronic motor drive power modules for appliances and light industrial applications.
Managing Loss in High-Speed PCBs
News & Analysis  
7/11/2003   Post a comment
As design frequencies increased into the 300-400 MHz range, and especially with the introduction of super-high-speed gigabit-per-second serial signaling, losses in PCB traces suddenly became impossible to ignore. Still, many designers are unsure when loss is really important, what causes it, how it can be measured, and how to minimize it. This article examines all of these issues.

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