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posted in August 2007
Syntune raises $7.1 million in Round B
News & Analysis  
8/31/2007   Post a comment
Single-chip tunable lasers and transmitters specialist Syntune AB has closed a second round of financing valued at $7.1 million almost three years after its financing round that raised about $6 million.
DVR board suits design for extreme sports environments, surveillance and more
Design How-To  
8/31/2007   Post a comment
Designing a DVR? For many applications, a board-level video recording system proves easier and faster than designing from scratch, says Fast Forward Video. Here are three examples of how clients have customized their DVR boards to create specialized sports broadcasting devices such as helmet-cams, and to design unattended surveillance systems.
Boeing to build Ares upper stage
News & Analysis  
8/28/2007   Post a comment
Boeing Co.'s Space Exploration group walked away with one of the last chances to win a major contract in NASA's Constellation program to provide a follow-on to the Space Shuttle.
Check out these online labs
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
8/27/2007   Post a comment
If you haven't checked out TechOnline's VirtuaLabs, now is a good time to do so.
Researchers forging neural links for finer control of artificial limbs
News & Analysis  
8/27/2007   Post a comment
Researchers at an annual IEEE bioengineering conference reported advances in neural technology--and work still ahead--to help monitor and harness brain signals to control artificial limbs.
Data acquisition interface board targets embedded applications
Product News  
8/24/2007   Post a comment
Electro Standards Laboratories has released its CellMite ProD embedded data acquisition and strain gage interface board for high-speed and high-accuracy analog and digital data acquisition applications.
IBM's Cell BE-based cluster to aid U. of Maryland research
News & Analysis  
8/24/2007   Post a comment
IBM Corp. said it will endow the University of Maryland's Baltimore County campus with the components for one of the most powerful cluster supercomputers in the world.
4,8 and 16-channel PC-based video surveillance and DVR design using PCI or PCIe bus
Design How-To  
8/24/2007   1 comment
How to increase video capture system channel density using PCI and PCIe bridges and switches. Examples include connecting an FPGA-based video encoder to a PCIe link via a local-bus-to-PCIe bridge; developing a 16-channel DVR card using quad-PCI capture chips; and developing a 16-channel capture card using a PCIe switch.
Graphics cards feature unique cooling method
Product News  
8/21/2007   Post a comment
NVIDIA-based graphic card supplier BFG Technologies Inc. has released the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT OC and OC2 graphics cards that feature ThermoIntelligence cooling.
Multicarrier WCDMA Feasibility, Part 1
Design How-To  
8/15/2007   1 comment
If you are looking to implement a multi-carrier transceiver for WCDMA, then this series of articles is for you. Brad Bannon and Bill Schofield of Analog Devices take an in-depth look at the feasibility of implementing a 3G multi-carrier transceiver, and what the performance of the major subsystem needs to be.
Kitted TFT-LCD systems include IBASE industrial SBCs
Product News  
8/14/2007   Post a comment
Apollo Display Technologies offers a range of kitted TFT-LCD systems that include Apollo LCDs and industrial single board computers (SBCs) from IBASE Technology.
Modular path to network comms
Design How-To  
8/13/2007   Post a comment
Many companies that develop and sell specialized electronics realize the benefits of adding network connectivity to their products.
MicroTCA backplane offered in Cube-style format
Product News  
8/10/2007   Post a comment
Elma Bustronic has released a MicroTCA backplane in a Cube-style format.
Debate surfaces over Express 3.0 plan
News & Analysis  
8/10/2007   Post a comment
A debate was surfaced around some of the technical decisions including the targeting of 8 GigaTransfers/second maximum throughput and use of linear Decision Feedback Equalization in the draft specification for PCI Express 3.0 within hours of when first details of the draft spec were announced.
Emulex, Qlogic tip 8G Fibre Channel products
News & Analysis  
8/9/2007   Post a comment
Both Emulex Corp. and QLogic Corp. announced prototype chips and cards supporting the 8Gbit/second version of Fibre Channel expected to roll out in storage networks starting next year, doubling throughput of today's 4 Gbit/s nets.
Embedded developers should embrace FPGAs
Design How-To  
8/9/2007   Post a comment
The use of FPGA devices is a driving factor in the success of using software to reduce hardware complexity. The technique also provides an open-ended flexibility that comes from transferring the controlling elements of a design into programmable space.
Updated: Next-gen PCI Express aims at 8 Gbits/s
News & Analysis  
8/8/2007   Post a comment
The PCI Special Interest Group has set 8 GigaTransfers/second as the bit rate for the next generation of the PCI Express interconnect, following a lively debate that has stretched over several months as to whether 8 or 10 GT/s was the right step for the 3.0 version of the interconnect introduced in 2003 and now broadly used in PCs.
Mirics closes B round at $12 million
News & Analysis  
8/7/2007   Post a comment
Mirics Semiconductor, the fabless RF and mixed-signal startup that has developed a single-chip tuner for all currently used broadcast standards, has added a further $2 million to its recently announced Series B funding, closing the round at $12 million.
Restorer corrects digital video signals to original HDMI specs
Product News  
8/6/2007   Post a comment
Honeywell announced it has expanded its A/V cabling and accessories line to include a dynamic, self-monitoring restorer that helps to prevent incoming signal loss on HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables running up to 100 feet between an HDMI-capable source, such as a digital-cable set-top box, DTV tuner, or HD-DVD/Blu-ray Disc player, and a home theater display.
Chip makers, researchers dish on hottest chips, interconnects
Product News  
8/6/2007   Post a comment
The Hot Chips and companion Hot Interconnects conferences provide a peek inside the leading multicore processors as well as research into the on- and off-chip networks that those future microprocessors may use.
FCI launches power solutions microsite
Product News  
8/3/2007   Post a comment
FCI has launched a dedicated Power Solutions microsite at to provide customers with easy access to the company's line of power products.
Evaluation board designed for CO2064 secure IP controller
Product News  
8/2/2007   Post a comment
Connect One has released the II-EVB-600, an evaluation board for programming the company's small footprint iChip CO2064 IP controller that targets M2M applications. Parts Search

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