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posted in September 2011
Fibre Channel decline predicted for 2014
News & Analysis  
9/28/2011   3 comments
Fibre Channel will decline starting in 2014, the same year 10 Gbit/s Ethernet will surpass Gbit Ethernet in unit shipments, according to a new report.
ESC - BSQUARE's DragonBoard for Android dev board features Qualcomm's Snapdragon APQ8060 processor
Product News  
9/27/2011   Post a comment
DragonBoard from BSQUARE Corporation is an Android development platform based on Qualcomm Incorporated's Snapdragon APQ8060 processor.
PCB design and supply chain standards group gains momentum
9/27/2011   Post a comment
IPC-2581 is a generic standard for printed circuit board assembly products' manufacturing description data and transfer methodology…
Oracle rolls T4 servers, pulls in 28nm T5
News & Analysis  
9/26/2011   3 comments
Oracle announced servers using the T4, the first out-of-order version of its Sparc processor, and promised to deliver a 28nm T5 as much as a year ahead of plan.
Acromag PMC-SLX reconfigurable FPGA modules reduce cost of complex embedded computing tasks
Product News  
9/26/2011   Post a comment
Acromag has introduced new PMC mezzanine modules featuring the cost-optimized Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA. The PMC-SLX reconfigurable FPGA modules are designed to cut costs, yet deliver high-performance computing for algorithm acceleration and custom logic processing tasks, according to Acromag.
Group will define 100G backplanes, cables
News & Analysis  
9/26/2011   Post a comment
A new group aims to hammer out by March 2014 standards for running 100 Gbit/second Ethernet signals over backplanes and copper cables.
Kontron ETXexpress-SC COMs now offered w Celeron processors for cost-sensitive apps
Product News  
9/25/2011   Post a comment
Kontron has extended its COM Expressbasic ETXexpress-SC Computer-On-Module product family with three entry-level modules equipped with the cost-optimized Intel Celeron dual core processors and Intel HM65 Platform Controller Hubs.
HP: How to polish a Silicon Valley gem
9/22/2011   9 comments
HP's engineers and managers need a CEO that can quietly get behind them to provide the blocking and tackling needed to help solve some really, really big problems.
LTE sales overtake WiMax, says analyst
News & Analysis  
9/21/2011   3 comments
The market for mobile communications infrastructure is growing strongly, according to market research firm Infonetics Research Inc., which said that LTE infrastructure equipment spending greater than that of WiMax for the first time in 2Q11.
USB audio/video codec in 38x70mm footprint
Product News  
9/20/2011   Post a comment
Model 2253 is a compact and robust USB-compatible audio/video codec that is powered from a single USB port. Its 38x70mm footprint and low power consumption (1.5 Watts) make it well suited for both portable and embedded applications.
Inphi samples chips to power 100G ports
News & Analysis  
9/19/2011   1 comment
Inphi Corp. is sampling physical-layer and clock-data recovery chips aimed to simplify designs for next-generation systems supporting 100 Gbit/s Ethernet standards.
High-speed memory controller spec released for DDR4
9/19/2011   Post a comment
DFI Technical Group releases latest high-speed memory controller and PHY interface specification that enables transition to next-generation DDR4 memory
Mini-ITX motherboard features Atom, supports DDR3
Product News  
9/17/2011   Post a comment
Advantech has launched an industrial-grade, Mini-ITX motherboard featuring the single-core N455 and the dual-core D525 Atom processors which integrate Graphics (GMA 3150) and a Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) onto a single chip.
Gallery: Images from IDF 2011
News & Analysis  
9/16/2011   6 comments
We snapped a few pictures of key moments from keynotes and goodies found on the show floor.
SK Telecom embeds NFC in SIM card
News & Analysis  
9/16/2011   Post a comment
Korean mobile phone service provider SK Telecom claims that is has developed the world's first SIM card equipped with a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip which can be retrofitted to non-NFC handsets thereby enabling NFC-based services.
Isolated gate driver rejects hybrid powertrain drive common mode noise
Design How-To  
9/15/2011   Post a comment
Reduction of parasitic capacitance mitigates sources of common mode noise.
GE's IPS511 processor provides 360° situational awareness for military, security, surveilance apps
Product News  
9/13/2011   Post a comment
The IPS511 Rugged Situational Awareness Processor from GE Intelligent Platforms is designed to provide ground vehicles, aircraft, remote unmanned platforms, and security and surveillance systems previously-unattainable levels of 360° situational awareness.
ADLINK launches 3U CompactPCI PlusIO blade with IPMI and TPM support
Product News  
9/12/2011   Post a comment
ADLINK Technology Inc.'s cPCI-3970 Series is the first 3U CompactPCI PlusIO compatible processor blade in its product lineup that supports high-speed serial point-to-point connections.
Rethink EV, hybrid power management architectures
Design How-To  
9/12/2011   1 comment
Environmental, safety, and economic constraints impact future vehicles and a distributed power network may offer advantages.
Emerson Network Power KR8-820 fanless embedded computer
Product News  
9/8/2011   Post a comment
Designed for intelligent kiosk, digital signage, medical-cart and gaming applications, Emerson's fanless embedded computer features the 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2510E dual-core processor running at 2.5 GHz.
Kontron adopts ARM across the board
News & Analysis  
9/8/2011   7 comments
Kontron AG, a leading supplier of board-level subsystems, has said it plans to introduce a broad range of boards, single-board computers, tablets and industrial PC units based on the ARM architecture.
Upcoming Xilinx FPGA shows 3-D IC progress
News & Analysis  
9/8/2011   7 comments
Xilinx will ship an FPGA with two million logic cells this year thanks to new 3-D IC techniques, and TSMC said it may have an end-to-end 3-D IC flow in 2012.
UAVs leverage IEEE-1394b data buses for success
Design How-To  
9/7/2011   Post a comment
X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System implements three redundant IEEE 1394b-compliant buses, each with its own vehicle management computer delivering critical information.
The benefits of FireWire on PCI Express
Design How-To  
9/5/2011   Post a comment
high-speed protocols such as IEEE 1394b (FireWire) to provide benefits to the consumer: increased bandwidth and more efficient performance, reduced board footprint, improved power management, increased error immunity and support for a long list of feature enhancements.
Iomega announces network storage array
Product News  
9/2/2011   Post a comment
Iomega, an EMC company, announced the launch of the Iomega StorCenter px12-350r network storage array for small-to medium-sized businesses and distributed enterprises.

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