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Ansys to buy Apache Design for $310 million
News & Analysis  
6/30/2011   9 comments
Design software vendor Ansys said it signed a definitive agreement to acquire power analysis and optimization EDA vendor Apache Design Solutions for $310 million in cash.
QuickLogic announces Jupiter app reference platform for ArcticLink II CX family
Product News  
6/29/2011   Post a comment
Jupiter reference platform accelerates evaluation time, enables performance benchmarking, and showcases fast sideloading and content protection capabilities.
Gray Code Fundamentals – Part 4
Design How-To  
6/29/2011   7 comments
In this, the fourth installment of our mini-series, we take a look at generating sub-2^n Gray code count sequences comprising *consecutive values*
Evatronix rolls USB 2.0 high speed PHY to complement its USB offering
Product News  
6/28/2011   Post a comment
Evatronix SA has introduced a USB high speed PHY IP that complements the company's suite of USB 2.0 device and host controllers.
Arcade-style gaming with your iPad!
6/28/2011   7 comments
An old chum just sent me an email. The subject line was “iPad Space Invaders Console”; the body of the message contained a link and the text “Must get one!”
The interface roadblock
6/28/2011   1 comment
Interface – verb: Interact with (another system, person, organization, etc); noun: A point where two systems, subjects, organizations, etc., meet and interact.
Radar Basics – Part 4: Space-time adaptive processing
Design How-To  
6/28/2011   2 comments
A technique called space time adaptive processing (STAP) can be used to find targets that could otherwise not be detected.
Does EDA matter anymore?
6/27/2011   1 comment
EDA is still critical to chip design, but it's not keeping pace with increasing IC design complexity.
Sensor module design improves automotive electrical integration, functionality (Part 1)
Design How-To  
6/24/2011   Post a comment
Devices must be reliable and robust, and operate with long-term stability and high precision under harsh physical, chemical, and electrical stress conditions.
Running around in ever-decreasing circles…
6/23/2011   4 comments
I tell you, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of the fun things that need to be done – so now I’m running around in ever-decreasing circles shouting “Don’t panic! Don’t Panic!”
Microsoft releases Kinect-for-Windows SDK
News & Analysis  
6/23/2011   6 comments
Microsoft Corp. has announced a free beta release of the Kinect for Windows SDK.
I’m pining for the Norwegian fjords
6/22/2011   6 comments
How exciting – I’ve just been asked to give the keynote presentation at next year’s annual FPGA-Forum, which is to be held in Trondheim, Norway.
Medical imaging process accelerated in FPGA 82X faster than software
Design How-To  
6/21/2011   1 comment
Line of reaction (LOR) estimation for a PET scanner optimized using C-to-FPGA methodology
Next-gen TVs and computer displays with six primary colors
6/21/2011   6 comments
Traditional TV and computer displays are based on three primary colors (using RGB pixels). But I recently ran across a couple of papers describing prototype displays that are based on six primary colors.
Cloud Computing for EDA
6/21/2011   Post a comment
Hype aside, cloud computing could shatter compute-resource limitations on EDA tools.
QuickLogic’s RGB-split technology for next-gen foldable tablets and smartphones
Product News  
6/21/2011   2 comments
RGB-split technology provides an innovative, system-proven solution for splitting a single CPU display signal for use by multiple (2, 3, or more) display systems.
Viewpoint: EDA vendors must focus on making silicon profitable for their customers
6/20/2011   Post a comment
EDA vendors need to concentrate on providing differentiated solutions and technologies that address all of the main business issues facing their customers.
England raises security level from "Miffed" to "Peeved"
6/20/2011   12 comments
I friend in England just sent me a rather funny email that describes the various terrorist threat levels used by different countries…
Zynq-7000 EPP sets stage for new era of innovations
Design How-To  
6/17/2011   5 comments
Xilinx’s Zynq-7000 Extensible Processing Platform family mates a dual ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor-based system with programmable logic and hardened IP.
I feel like a fool…
6/17/2011   6 comments
Here’s an old joke that usually gets a laugh. When someone says “I feel like a fool,” you should immediately reply, “So do I, but where are we going to find one at this time of the day?”
Gray Code Fundamentals – Part 3
Design How-To  
6/17/2011   1 comment
The term Gray code is typically used to refer to a binary sequence in which only a single bit changes value when transitioning between adjacent states.
AWR 2011 enhancements offer design sharing
Product News  
6/17/2011   Post a comment
AWR 2011 adds new features and productivity enhancements to every product in the suite, including Microwave Office™ high-frequency design software, AXIEM® 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis software, Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) communication system design and optimization software, and Analog Office® RFIC design software.
EM simulation platform creates 3D models of RF components
Product News  
6/17/2011   Post a comment
Agilent Technologies released Electromagnetic Professional 2011.07, an an electromagnetic modeling and simulation platform that creates 3D models and analyzes the electrical performance of packages, connectors, antennas and other RF components.
OMG – I just saw the most amazing video!
6/17/2011   4 comments
My erstwhile next door neighbor Dave just emailed me with a link to the most AMAZING video on YouTube – this one literally had me saying “Wow!”
Adapteva gets multi-core programming boost
6/17/2011   1 comment
ET International Inc., a developer of software for many-core processor systems, has announced that Adapteva Inc. has selected its SWARM runtime machine to run on the Epiphany multicore processor.
ARM buys Texas processor verification firm
News & Analysis  
6/17/2011   8 comments
Processor intellectual property licensor ARM Holdings plc has acquired Obsidian Software Inc., a privately held company that has been providing processor verification products, verification consulting and training services to processor designers since 1997.
ASICs versus SoCs – is there a difference?
6/16/2011   7 comments
Now, before you say “The boy’s an idiot, of course there’s a difference,” perhaps you should hear me out and then tell me what you think…
S2C’s new FPGA-based TAI Verification Module for ASIC/SoC prototyping
News & Analysis  
6/16/2011   1 comment
New module enables high speed data transfer between the FPGA-based prototype and the user’s verification environment and maximizes signal visibility.
The inventor of the bagpipes…
6/15/2011   7 comments
I had a rather interesting time yesterday evening, because I was invited to give a presentation on the use of social media to a group of inventors in Birmingham, Alabama.
A prediction ahead of its time?
6/15/2011   3 comments
Weeks before DAC this year, I made the bold prediction that this would be the year in which the FPGA-based prototyping woke up from its sleepy position.
Updated C-to-FPGA compiler from Impulse C
Product News  
6/15/2011   1 comment
Latest and greatest version of the compiler accelerates image processing, national security, and high-frequency trading algorithm development.
ESC Silicon Valley Virtual Event
6/15/2011   Post a comment
Sad to relate, I didn’t manage to attend ESC Silicon Valley this year (it was on May 2–5), but I just heard that UBM Electronics is offering a virtual version of this event…
AMD-authored OpenCL textbook due in August
6/15/2011   1 comment
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has collaborated with Northeastern University on the preparation of a book entitled Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL that is due to be published by Morgan Kaufmann in August 2011.
Court finds for AWR over ZTE in piracy case
News & Analysis  
6/14/2011   4 comments
In a landmark ruling, a U.S. federal court found that China’s ZTE is liable for its employees using an unauthorized key code to access and use software marketed by high-frequency EDA vendor AWR.
Lattice announces “Do-It-All PLD” design challenge
News & Analysis  
6/13/2011   Post a comment
Engineers will compete within an innovative social networking community for cash prizes of over $5,000
FPGA Ethernet switch IP cores with HSR (IEC 62439-3) support from Lattice and Flexibilis
Product News  
6/13/2011   1 comment
These FPGA IP cores provide seamless redundancy with zero time to recovery from network failures.
CEVA and Carbon offer fast simulation models for CEVA DSPs
Product News  
6/13/2011   Post a comment
Carbon’s virtual models available for CEVA-X and CEVA-XC DSPs, enabling cycle-accurate, pre-silicon hardware and software development
What are the best iPad apps?
6/13/2011   9 comments
I finally broke down and purchased an iPad 2. Now I'm pondering which apps I need to download. Any suggestions?
Altium brings affordable, high integrity data management to electronic product design
Product News  
6/13/2011   Post a comment
The folks from Altium say that they’ve introduced a major innovation in data management for electronics design – the Altium Satellite Vault.
Radar Basics – Part 3: Beamforming and radar digital processing
Design How-To  
6/10/2011   4 comments
Both FFT and DFT produce identical results, but the FFT requires a small fraction of the computational effort compared to the DFT.
Video: I’m so happy with my (now working) Geiger counter
6/10/2011   3 comments
My (now working) Geiger counter is sitting on my desk happily clicking away to itself and I wanted to bring you up to date with the current state of play…
Qualcomm buys LiquidCell IP firm
News & Analysis  
6/10/2011   3 comments
Qualcomm Inc.has agreed to acquire all the assets of Rapid Bridge LLC (San Diego, Calif.) inventor of a novel way of putting down IP cores that provides for configurability in just a few metal layers. The purchase price has not been disclosed.
National Semiconductor SolarMagic arc detection reference design
Product News  
6/9/2011   1 comment
According to National, this is the first commercially available chipset to detect hazardous DC arc faults in photovoltaic (PV) systems.
Dassault adds DDM capabilities to Synopsys' Custom Designer
Product News  
6/9/2011   Post a comment
Dassault Systèmes announced it has added design data management capabilities (DDM) to Synopsys' Galaxy Custom Designer mixed-signal implementation solution.
It’s the Software … Unless It’s the Hardware!
6/9/2011   3 comments
What is the embedded systems developer to do in an application environment in which hardware has become software-differentiated and software is depending more than ever on powerful hardware to run on
Former Accellera chair snags Synopsys award
News & Analysis  
6/8/2011   2 comments
Shrenik Mehta, former chair of EDA standards body Accellera, was awarded Synopsys's 11th annual Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Achievement Award.
Enhancing simulation studies with 3D animation
Design How-To  
6/8/2011   Post a comment
This article describes the use of 3D animation in simulation-centric workflows to augment early verification activities, such as those used in Model-Based Design. The evolution of technology and domain specialization in the simulation and 3D graphics fields presents several challenges for using 3D animation in simulation-centric studies. A set of examples illustrates how to meet these challenges.
X-FAB design IP Blocks speed dev times for MEMS accelerometers
Product News  
6/7/2011   Post a comment
X-FAB Silicon Foundries is offering ready-to-use design IP blocks for acceleration sensors to its MEMS foundry service offerings.
Who Woz that masked man?
6/7/2011   3 comments
It’s day #2 of DAC 2011 and I have to say that I’m having a wonderful time, not the least that yesterday I got to meet “The Woz” (Steve Wozniak – the co-founder of Apple Computers).
3-D IC design: New possibilities for the wireless market
Design How-To  
6/7/2011   1 comment
The question is not whether 3-D ICs with through-silicon vias will be designed but whether the EDA tools and infrastructure will emerge to build them.
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