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posted in August 2011
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Bacon T-Shirts and Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/31/2011   4 comments
May 1000 curses rain down on the heads of the guys and gals at Think Geek who torment me with products I never knew I wanted…
Microsemi expands SmartFusion cSoC offering for industrial and military applications
Product News  
8/31/2011   Post a comment
New leaded 208-PQFP package reduces PCB manufacturing and debugging costs
NSA-approved, defense-grade cryptographic Spartan-6Q FPGAs now in production
Product News  
8/31/2011   1 comment
Third generation secure architecture with information assurance methodology and anti-tamper IP pass extensive qualification process and extends Xilinx capabilities in secure applications.
ESC study highlights software checking issues
8/31/2011   Post a comment
A recent study carried out by a leading static analysis tool provider, PRQA, showed that, perhaps not surprisingly, engineers aren't as efficient at identifying code violations as a dedicated tool. However, while the headline results may seem contrived, the underlying premise is that an engineer's time and skills are better used in resolving the subjective issues that arise from automated code inspection.
Monolithic 3D
Design How-To  
8/31/2011   4 comments
A new approach to assembling 3D ICs may eliminate the need for TSVs.
Electronics enters era of 'systemic risk'
News & Analysis  
8/30/2011   8 comments
The electronics industry has entered an era of "systemic complexity" where growing ecosystems of companies need to collaborate closely, according to a panel of CEOs.
Analog guru leaves legacy in $85 text book
News & Analysis  
8/30/2011   21 comments
Jim Williams, a respected analog engineer who passed away in June 2011, has made a posthumous contribution to electronic engineering as a co-author and co-editor of Analog Circuit Design, published by Newnes, an imprint of Elsevier Science & Technology Books.
Design How-To  
8/29/2011   Post a comment
A project to create an optimal many-core IP tile tackles the need for massive emulation capability.
Programmable oscillators enhance FPGA applications
Design How-To  
8/29/2011   2 comments
Clock oscillators offer unique advantages in highly customizable FPGA-based systems, including flexibility and EMI reduction.
Free 2-day class for SmartFusion mixed-signal FPGAs
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/29/2011   1 comment
If you are based in Silicon Valley, California, you might want to sign up for this free 2-day training course on 6-7 September 2011…
Diamond planet – black hole eats star – life on Mars – lots more “stuff”
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/29/2011   15 comments
Good grief – it’s early Monday morning and my brain is already reeling with all of the interesting info that is flashing before my eyes…
Laird develops EMI shielding effectiveness calculator
Product News  
8/29/2011   1 comment
As information is entered, the calculator computes shielding effectiveness, ?and if there are apertures, it plots their pattern.
Video: Amazing electronic trick (how is this done?)
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/26/2011   46 comments
I have to admit to being seriously intrigued. I just saw an electronics-based trick that I cannot explain…
Tactical Nuclear Penguins
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/26/2011   7 comments
Am I man enough to tackle the world’s strongest beer? You bet your Emperor Penguin I am!
Why the guy who fixes your computer hates you!
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/26/2011   9 comments
I just saw a funny article on titled “6 Reasons The Guy Who’s Fixing Your Computer Hates You”…
Has Mentor traded its high-level synthesis (HLS) Catapult C organization?
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/26/2011   4 comments
I can hardly believe my ears. I just heard a rumor that “Effective on August 31, 2011, the High Level Synthesis organization, which produces Catapult C, will become part of a new entity with Calypto Design Systems.”
NEC releases first dedicated FPGA version of CyberWorkBench
Product News  
8/26/2011   1 comment
CyberWorkBench is a C-based high-level synthesis (HLS) design platform developed by NEC over the course of twenty years.
Ten tips for debugging MCUs
Design How-To  
8/25/2011   2 comments
With increasing complexity of microcontrollers and circuits, debugging is becoming increasingly important. But which diagnosis and debug functions are really needed and what is unnecessary?
I need help to recreate an amazing color vision experiment
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/25/2011   22 comments
A few years ago I posted a column about a rather amazing color vision experiment. I’m now a little closer to recreating this, but I could still use a little help…
Free webinar on creating radiation-immune FPGA designs
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/25/2011   Post a comment
I’m becoming increasingly interested in the effects of radiation on designs intended for terrestrial applications – especially those implemented using FPGAs.
Microsemi announces cost-optimized SmartFusion cSoC (mixed-signal FPGA)
Product News  
8/25/2011   2 comments
New cost-optimized solution is ideal for applications in the industrial, communications, medical and military/aerospace market segments
NEC finally releases CyberWorkBench for sale
News & Analysis  
8/25/2011   8 comments
NEC Corp. has launched its C-based CyberWorkBench design platform in a dedicated FPGA version for commercial sale.
Stand back – I have a ukulele and I'm not afraid to use it!
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/24/2011   7 comments
I'm proud to report that I just finished building my first do-it-yourself ukulele kit.
World's first 28-Gbps-enabled FPGAs now shipping from Altera
Product News  
8/24/2011   Post a comment
New 28nm FPGAs featuring 28-Gbps transceivers enables higher throughput, increased performance, and reduced power in high-end applications.
When figuring out what really happened requires some tricky assumptions
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/24/2011   8 comments
When debugging circuits and systems, sometimes you have to take a step back and look around.
Hot Chips Many-Core
Design How-To  
8/24/2011   Post a comment
Papers at Hot Chips 2011 suggest that emphasis is shifting from multicore to manycore.
More audio-related iPhone apps
Audio DesignLine Blog  
8/24/2011   1 comment
There's no shortage of interesting audio-related apps for the iPhone and iPad - everything from audio test instruments to music creation tools to games - and some can even be had for free.
Students win Synopsys design competition
News & Analysis  
8/23/2011   2 comments
University of Rochester students Bin Ma and Dustin Moore were named winners of the 2011 Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Optical Design Competition, sponsored by EDA and IP vendor Synopsys.
Mega-cool new electronics products from SparkFun
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/23/2011   3 comments
New product line helps beginners in programming, prototyping, and designing with electronics.
Dynamic reprogrammability seems rather static
8/22/2011   6 comments
There are times when a technology that sees quick adoption dumbfounds me as to what people see in it, or why it should become so popular.
I want impossible balls too!
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/22/2011   8 comments
I love magic tricks and optical illusions, and these just blew me away…
Hot iPad app: iCircuit (electronic circuit editor and simulator)
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/19/2011   9 comments
My old chum Alvin just emailed me to say that he is really impressed with an iPad app called iCircuit...
Mentor beats targets, touts strong bookings
News & Analysis  
8/19/2011   4 comments
EDA vendor Mentor Graphics reported quarterly sales and profit that beat analysts' expectations and said it achieved its best ever bookings for a fiscal second quarter.
Hot iPad app: Notes Plus (handwriting, text, shapes, audio…)
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/18/2011   7 comments
Notes Plus is in a league of its own – this is the sort of app that fully utilizes all of the iPad’s capabilities and turns the iPad into a tool rather than a toy.
The coffee ring effect revealed
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/18/2011   2 comments
Every now and then, some bright spark pauses for a second and says “Just a cotton pickin' moment, I wonder what’s causing that?”
EE Times' coverage of ESC Boston
News & Analysis  
8/18/2011   Post a comment
EE Times' continuing coverage of ESC Boston, the most complete technical conference and expo in the East, set for Sept. 26-29 at the Hynes Convention Center.
Synopsys lifts 2011 targets after strong Q3
News & Analysis  
8/17/2011   1 comment
EDA and IP vendor Synopsys raised its 2011 sales and earnings targets after reporting better-than-expected revenue and profits for its third quarter of fiscal 2011.
Mystery robot dog from the 1950s
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/17/2011   5 comments
This is just so amazingly cool. It’s almost a retro version of Doctor Who’s robot dog K-9.
What do QR codes have to do with a “bad hair day”?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/17/2011   14 comments
QR codes storing addresses and URLs may appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards, or almost any object about which users might need information.
The Periodic Table of Programmable Logic – Rev #2
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/17/2011   2 comments
I’ve waded my weary way through all of your suggestions – accepted some, rejected others, and added some of my own…
Verifying Cache Coherence
Design How-To  
8/17/2011   1 comment
Cache coherency structures present complex problems for verification, and must be approached systematically.
The realities of IP reuse
8/17/2011   6 comments
Long touted as a silver bullet, IP reuse often fails to live up to expectations when it comes to increasing semiconductor R&D productivity and throughput.
IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol IP for Microsemi’s SmartFusion cSoCs
Product News  
8/16/2011   1 comment
SmartFusion cSoCs are the only devices that integrate an FPGA, a complete microcontroller built around a hard ARM Cortex-M3 processor, and programmable analog fabric.
Silego’s GreenPAK – Design and program a custom chip in minutes
Design How-To  
8/16/2011   15 comments
Silego’s GreenPAK is an amazingly clever, incredibly tiny mixed-signal FPGA that (for just a few cents) can replace a bunch of other chips on your size-, weight-, and cost-conscious circuit boards.
lyteda appoints Jim Hogan chairman of the board
News & Analysis  
8/15/2011   Post a comment
Jim Hogan, an industry veteran, visionary and expert voice, has been appointed chairman of the board of directors of Polyteda Software Corp.
Video: A robot that flies like a bird
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/15/2011   8 comments
This really is quite amazing. Something like this bird would be available only in the realm of science fiction in the not-so-distant past.
A cornucopia of iPad apps (Part 3)
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/13/2011   3 comments
In which we discover some REALLY cool applications…
DAC relevant
8/12/2011   1 comment
An attendee survey at DAC shows why engineers keep showing up.
Connector tool joins MapleSim models to dSPACE controller board
Product News  
8/12/2011   Post a comment
Allows real-time implementation in a single environment.
How do I reset my FPGA?
Design How-To  
8/10/2011   7 comments
Devising the best reset structure can improve the density, performance and power of your design.
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