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posted in January 2006
Controller card supports IEEE-488/GPIB in PXI systems
Product News  
1/31/2006   Post a comment
Check out this PXI-system IEEE-488/GPIB controller card that acts as a drop-in component for existing test-and-measurement applications under Windows.
Focus-On: Plug-in boards digitize analog signals
Product News  
1/30/2006   Post a comment
Plug-in digitizer boards can morph your desktop PC. They can convert a PC into a lab-grade data-acquisition system, a versatile piece of test gear, or even a radio receiver.
Current transducer touts high accuracy
Product News  
1/27/2006   Post a comment
American Aerospace Controls said its 1070 Series AC current transducer provides superior accuracy over an extended frequency range from 20 Hz to 2 KHz.
Anritsu's Bluetooth tester offers EDR and AFH capability
News & Analysis  
1/27/2006   1 comment
From a single "RUN" button key press, the MT8852B can perform the new radio layer measurements defined in the Bluetooth Revision 2.0 EDR standard along with basic rate measurements.
Wideband RF development platform records and plays back
Product News  
1/26/2006   Post a comment
Are you invoved with the design of software-defined radios or high-speed RF systems? Check out this product from board maker Pentek for realtime wideband data acquisition, signal processing, and recording. It packs four DAC channels and two up-converters for playback.
Vector signal analyzer peers into circuit behavior between baseband and RF chips
Product News  
1/26/2006   Post a comment
Test-and-measurement supplier Agilent Technologies is rolling out a combination of RF products that tightly integrate digital signal capture of Agilent's logic analyzers with the company's 89600 Series vector signal analysis software.
RF signal generator will be LXI-compliant
Product News  
1/25/2006   Post a comment
Test-and-measurement house Keithley Instruments is introducing a new LXI RF signal generator, and is pre-announcing some related RF test gear that will debut later this year. Coverage will span 400-MHz to 2.5-GHz.
Logic analyzer adds digital vector signal measurement
News & Analysis  
1/25/2006   Post a comment
Addressing the needs of designers of cell phones, base stations, satellite and military communications systems, and radar applications, Agilent Technologies Inc. has added digital vector signal measurement software to its family of logic analyzers.
Rack-mounted unit tests Power-over-Ethernet devices
Product News  
1/25/2006   Post a comment
Check out this compact rack-mounted unit for testing Ethernet switches and other devices that provide power-over-Ethernet as per the IEEE-802.3af standard. It contains 24 individually-programmable test ports that support full-powered device emulation, including programmable classification and variable power-loading.
Handheld Ethernet analyzer accelerates VoIP turn-up, troubleshooting
Product News  
1/24/2006   Post a comment
Test equipment supplier Agilent Technologies announces a VoIP test kit for its existing N2620A FrameScope Pro handheld Ethernet analyzer. The N2620A uses an auto-test feature to measure performance of network resources.
Firmware endows PCI bus digitizers with peak analysis, time-to-digital conversion
Product News  
1/20/2006   Post a comment
PCI bus data conversion supplier Acqiris now offers peak analysis and time-to-digital conversion firmware for two of its high-speed PCI bus plug-in dual-channel reconfigurable analyzers. The firmware makes the analyzers suitable for use in systems where signal bursts are acquired and analyzed, and where data reduction to peak information is needed.
Expanded EDA portfolio to include 3D electromagnetic simulation
Product News  
1/19/2006   Post a comment
Advances in electromagnetic simulation are in the works at EEsof EDA. The company is announcing a plan to expand its electronics design automation portfolio to include full 3D EM simulation. A forthcoming product is expected to transform the way 3D EM software is priced and offered to RF and microwave designers. A 3D EM simulator will be tightly integrated within the company's current circuit simulation design flow.
Multi-channel fading emulator tests MIMO systems
Product News  
1/18/2006   Post a comment
If you're working with leading-edge cellphone technology, check out this integrated simulator for verification testing of MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) systems. MIMO is an emerging MUXing technique for boosting wireless bandwidth and range. This simulator can be equipped to test up to 4x4 MIMO or 2x4 full-duplex MIMO systems with a single channel emulator.
Serial analyzer doubles as exerciser, debugger, EEPROM programmer
Product News  
1/18/2006   Post a comment
Here's news of a USB-connected I2C bus analyzer from JTAG test company Corelis. The company's CAS-1000-I2C packs a JTAG IEEE-Std. 1149.1-1990 controller that supports data rates up to 5-Mbits/s. The box works as an exerciser, debugger, tester, and EEPROM programmer, with a Windows user interface. It can be used with SMBus, too.
Ethernet-connected monitor provides low-cost I/O
Product News  
1/17/2006   Post a comment
Here's news of a low cost I/O box that works remotely via PC pop-ups, e-mail, or text messages. Use it to control relays, read basic sensors, or sense contact closures. This system is compatible with HP Openview, Spectrum, and all other SNMP-based network management systems.
Agilent unveils digital vector signal analysis solutions
Product News  
1/17/2006   Post a comment
The solutions offers flexible demodulations that measure carrier offset, error vector magnitude (EVM) and frequency error for QPSK, QAM, GSM, EDGE, WiMAX, W-CDMA and others.
Multi-channel data-acq board uses switched-cap over-sampling A/Ds
Product News  
1/17/2006   Post a comment
A 16-channel forced-air cooled VME bus data-acquisition card combines rear I/O with on-board signal conversion and signal conditioning circuitry. It's a rugged, single-slot package that features 2.5-Msample/s over-sampling A/D converters, plus gain, anti-alias filtering, and clock generation resources on-card.
Digital controller simplifies power supply test/development
Product News  
1/16/2006   Post a comment
IC maker Linear Technology introduces a dual power supply monitor and margining controller designed for digital management of power supplies in production test.
Precision clock generator has 16-digit resolution
Product News  
1/12/2006   Post a comment
Test equipment maker Stanford Research Systems has an extremely stable synthesized squarewave clock generator that can be driven across an RS-232 serial line from a PC, or used in an automated suite using GPIB. Otionally fitted with high-stability timebases, it provides 16-digit resolution and less than 30-ms settling time signals across a range extending from sub-audio 1-microHertz into the microwave regime at 2.05-GHz.
Outboard sensors give RF power meters versatility
Product News  
1/11/2006   Post a comment
Check out these wideband RF peak-power meters from Anritsu. You can use them to make pulse measurements on rapid risetime radar signals as well as 4G wireless modulation types. You can also make CW measurements.
Unique form-factor Windows-based digital scopes debut
Product News  
1/11/2006   Post a comment
Oscilloscope maker LeCroy has a line of digital oscilloscopes claimed to eliminate tradeoffs between performance, display size, and bench footprint. The WaveRunner Xi scopes fill the so-called “viewer” scope niche in the 400-MHz to 600-MHz domain.
Focus-On: Serious scopes help spot signals
Product News  
1/11/2006   Post a comment
The engineer’s venerable friend—the oscilloscope—continues to evolve. Today’s scopes let you observe both analog and digital signals on wide buses, in fast serial I/O lanes, and at radio frequencies RF---in some case into the microwave regime.
LCR meter comes up to speed
Product News  
1/10/2006   Post a comment
Test equipment vendor Agilent Technologies is dishing up a precision LCR meter that can be used on the bench or in fast automated test racks. It's also highly accurate and repeatable, with test frequencies from audio to 2-MHz. eeProductCenter Senior Tech Editor Alex Mendelsohn reports.
Extensible monitor-and-control module uses cellphone link
Product News  
1/6/2006   Post a comment
Saelig's got a compact SMS-based monitoring unit that lets a cellphone or computer receive alarms and other information from remote locations. Text messages can also be sent to turn equipment on or off and receive up-to-date measurement and alarm information.
PCI bus A/D board gobbles data at a whopping 1.5-Gsamples/s
Product News  
1/4/2006   Post a comment
Here's news of a very fast PCI bus plug-in that boasts unprecedented storage depth. It supports uninterrupted acquisition of ultra-long bursts of wideband spectra, with continuous acquisition at up to up to 1500-Msamples/s, storing up to 16-billion samples.
High-res optical inspection operates without a microscope
Product News  
1/4/2006   Post a comment
Need to look closely at circuit boards and assemblies? Check out this LCD-based high-resolution imaging system. It offers magnification from 4X to 40X, and up to 80X with an optional 2X lens kit.
Mid-range realtime scopes capture multiple signals simultaneously
Product News  
1/4/2006   Post a comment
Scope maker Tektronix is rolling out new-generation hardware that eliminates tradeoffs found in many digital storage oscilloscopes between sample rate, record length, and waveform capture rate. 500-MHz, 1-GHz, and 2.5-GHz models make use of IBM SiGe semiconductors to provide sample rates of 10-Gsamples/s on four channels and realtime over-sampling on four channels, with up to 16x oversampling on one channel and 4x on four channels---simultaneously.
Optimizing WLAN performance with MIMO calls for careful analysis
Design How-To  
1/2/2006   Post a comment
A cost/performance analysis of conventional 2x2 MIMO compared to 3x3 and 2x3 architectures gives 3x3 MIMO a clear edge Parts Search

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