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posted in October 2010
EMI issues on rise; but you can avoid them
Engineering Investigations  
10/29/2010   11 comments
Like a ghostly apparition in the dead of night, EMI isn’t normal. But though EMI-related issues are on the increase, there are ways to avoid them in your designs.
Putting an audiophile "tweak" to the test
Audio DesignLine Blog  
10/27/2010   15 comments
A longstanding audiophile product - a "quantum/superconducting"-based device that claims to achieve previously unnattainable "levels of signal purity and transparency" - undergoes some objective tests by some skeptical audio DIYers.
Testing SerDes I/O links the third time around
Design How-To  
10/27/2010   2 comments
This article describes the main objectives of SerDes testing at the system level. It then presents major test and measurement considerations, starting with BER and proceeding to jitter, clock recovery, and protocol awareness.
The ghost transient in the satellite data link
Engineering Investigations  
10/27/2010   7 comments
While trying to catch a ghost transient upsetting a PLL in a satellite link, an engineer learns that coincidences happen and can hide the real problem
Ammeter theory of operation
Design How-To  
10/27/2010   6 comments
A brief introduction to the theory of operation of ammeters and the technology used by Ix Innovations in its products.
Wide current range sensing topology provides high resolution, high-side sensing of 12V batteries
Design How-To  
10/26/2010   5 comments
To improve fuel economy, more vehicle functions are being electrified, reducing the continuous load on the internal combustion engine. As the power load is shifted to the vehicle battery, keeping the battery charged and functioning correctly becomes ever more critical.
CDR module gets the jitters
Engineering Investigations  
10/21/2010   4 comments
A supplier’s clock and data recovery module will not stay synchronized. Engineers are hesitant to complain after their first problem with the module turned out to be an embarrassing layout error.
The changing face of electronic test instrumentation
Test & Measurement Designline Blogs  
10/21/2010   1 comment
Over the last 20 years, many different types of software applications have evolved to help relieve the test engineer from spending huge blocks of time writing code. Today, software products exist to create waveforms, analyze vector signals and make highly accurate measurements using advanced methodologies. These software tools can be integrated into a larger automated test environment and many instruments are now PC-based so the applications can now run directly on the instrument.
Are design and test conflicting or symbiotic?
10/20/2010   7 comments
These days, IC design engineers have more functionality to implement in their designs than ever before, even though design schedules are shrinking. Although design-for-test (DFT) is absolutely necessary to enable thorough and cost-effective manufacturing test, it potentially makes the overall design process even more challenging.
Optimizing functional-test throughput in PXI-based automated test systems
Design How-To  
10/19/2010   Post a comment
PXI test platforms form a good basis for high throughput functional test systems. This article discusses test methods and instrument characteristics that will help ensure successful implementation of future test systems.
What IEEE 1588 means for your next T&M system design
Design How-To  
10/19/2010   Post a comment
Timing and synchronization are crucial in building test and measurement (T&M) systems, which makes the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol’s ease of use and high performance especially attractive to system designers. This paper offers an overview of the benefits IEEE 1588 brings to T&M systems, especially when paired with LXI Class B instrument capabilities, and illustrates how these capabilities can be integrated into instruments that can serve as powerful building blocks for creating high perfor
Testing high brightness LEDs in a production environment
Design How-To  
10/13/2010   13 comments
Visible light emitting diodes (LEDs) combine high efficiency and long lifetimes. Today, they’re used in a wide range of applications. Extensive R&D efforts by manufacturers have led to the creation of devices with higher luminous flux, longer lifetimes, greater chromaticity, and more lumens per watt. Accurate and cost-effective testing is critical to ensure device reliability and quality.
Emtesco reselling Hantek oscilloscopes
Product News  
10/11/2010   Post a comment
Emtesco Inc. is reselling Hantek Technologies' new DSO5000 series digital storage oscilloscopes.
ST's Carmelo Papa appointed chairman of EPoSS
News & Analysis  
10/11/2010   Post a comment
Carmelo Papa, executive vice president and general manager of the industrial and multisegment business within STMicroelectronics, has been appointed chairman of a European think-tank for smart system integration.
Agilent: Sequencing with next-generation non-signaling test equipment
Design How-To  
10/7/2010   Post a comment
Testing advances have happened in tandem with cell phones adopting more formats and supported bands. This new phone capability would otherwise result in increased test time without the evolution of new cellular test techniques in the test equipment and the support of non-signaling chipset test modes.
Ornery oscillator finds problem with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet spec
Engineering Investigations  
10/6/2010   Post a comment
I had to design a 1-MHz oscillator in such a way that our production test people didn't have to tweak the frequency.
Agilent's 67 GHz PNA-X Series vector network analyzer (VNA) dubbed N5247A 67 GHz PNA-X
Product News  
10/5/2010   Post a comment
Agilent has released a 67 GHz vector network analyzer that can be easily expanded from a 10 MHz to a 2- or 4-port 110 GHz single-sweep millimeter-wave solution.
Anritsu's MS202xB/MS203xB VNA Master series handheld RF vector network analyzers
Product News  
10/4/2010   Post a comment
Tailored for the aerospace, defense and general-purpose field applications, Anritsu’s MS202xB/MS203xB VNA Master series handheld RF vector network analyzers (VNAs) provide frequency coverage from 500 kHz to 4/6 GHz, and feature multi-instrument functionality in a rugged, lightweight design that can withstand harsh environments.
T&M gets dedicated designline
Test & Measurement Designline Blogs  
10/4/2010   1 comment
Welcome to the Test & Measurement Designline, the latest addition to the EE Times Group's 'heads down' communities designed to help engineers tackle practical, technical and software challenges to bring product specification to reality.
A long-term strategy in a new market: Rohde & Schwarz
Design How-To  
10/4/2010   Post a comment
Recently, measurement systems vendor Rohde & Schwarz announced to bring its first oscilloscopes to market, entering a new market segment. EE Times Europe had the opportunity to discuss the implications of this step with one of the company’s top managers, Roland Steffen, who oversees the measurement division.
Towards a wireless world
Product How-To  
10/4/2010   1 comment
Nearing the end of operational life, the entire Globalstar constellation of 48 telecommunications satellites will be replaced by Thales Alenia Space – Europe’s largest satellite manufacturer.One of the critical roles of these facilities is testing satellites to ensure that highly sensitive components can withstand the thunderous acoustics and jarring vibrations of vehicle launch.

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