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posted in October 2011
Alternator-regulator IC boosts charging system efficiency, control
Design How-To  
10/31/2011   Post a comment
To improve fuel efficiency start with the charging system—and a key element is a new alternator-regulator IC.
Back EMF method detects stepper motor stall: Pt. 1—The basics
Design How-To  
10/27/2011   9 comments
Technique takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection methods of current and duty-cycle sensing.
Design and implementation of a low cost MCU based current loop calibration device
Design How-To  
10/27/2011   5 comments
4-20 mA current loops are widely used for communication in industrial automation systems. This paper discusses the design and implementation of a low cost microcontroller based current loop calibration device to test and calibrate systems that communicate via 4-20 mA current loop standard.
ATML standard simplifies test equipment data exchange
Design How-To  
10/26/2011   Post a comment
Based on XML, the ATML schema enhance compatibility and modularity of automated test equipment.
AES 131st Convention photo gallery
Audio DesignLine Blog  
10/26/2011   Post a comment
A photo gallery from the show floor of the recent 131st AES Convention in NYC includes photos of everything from exhibits and audio product demos to audio publications and even an electromechanical Rastafarian!
HDMI test option available on 2-channel analyzers
Product News  
10/26/2011   Post a comment
Audio Precision launched an advanced HDMI I/O option for its APx525 family of two and four channel audio analyzers.
Designing automatic test systems for extended duty
Design How-To  
10/25/2011   Post a comment
Modular hardware platforms, hardware abstraction, software-defined instrumentation, and open standards yield automated test systems compatible with extended lifetime programs.
Yield optimization through MLR techniques
Design How-To  
10/25/2011   Post a comment
This paper describes a method to improve yield by using more accurate models associated with wafer level process variations…
Agilent introduces 3GPP Release 9 compliant multi-standard radio signal analysis solution
Product News  
10/25/2011   Post a comment
Suited for engineers manufacturing base stations and base-station components, the MSR measurement application enables one-button, standards-based testing per the RF requirements defined in the TR 37 series of the 3GPP Release 9 standard.
Rambus engineers author book on signal integrity
10/25/2011   Post a comment
New book by Rambus engineers covers high speed signaling, jitter modeling, analsysis, budgeting and more…
Hunting noise sources in wireless embedded systems
Design How-To  
10/25/2011   6 comments
In this article, we will explore tips and techniques for hunting noise sources using a new type of instrument called the mixed domain oscilloscope, or MDO.
Safety-critical development of software-intensive auto systems
Design How-To  
10/25/2011   Post a comment
The framework and guiding principles in ISO 26262 let organizations address embedded system development complexity while ensuring acceptable safety.
Designing electrical systems for safety
Design How-To  
10/25/2011   Post a comment
The electrical system that implements signal connectivity among ECUs, sensors and actuators can fail in ways that cannot be predicted by optimizing the individual parts.
Benchtop EMI scans speed time-to-market
Design How-To  
10/25/2011   Post a comment
Designers of safety-critical systems are using benchtop very-near-field EMI scanning to facilitate rapid resolution of electromagnetic design issues.
Distributed power management cuts wiring weight
Design How-To  
10/24/2011   1 comment
Robust power line communication and distributed computing combine for an economical physical architecture.
EV, hybrid repair jitters
10/21/2011   17 comments
Survey shows technicians want better tools and information.
Color sensor IC maintains consistent LED display lighting
Design How-To  
10/20/2011   2 comments
LED light change with temperature, loss of strength over time, and age-related darkening of lenses can all be offset with sensors and intelligent lighting control.
TECH TRENDS: Front-end voice activation improves auto safety
Design How-To  
10/20/2011   7 comments
The real problem for drivers is distractions, and the desire for additional productivity or entertainment that creates them. Distractions can be reduced through voice user interfaces to control the car without looking at buttons, and without having to touch them. Front-end voice activation is the next step in improving user interfaces.
Free scope with high-end instruments
News & Analysis  
10/19/2011   Post a comment
Agilent Technologies Inc. is running a program where engineers who purchase qualifying equipment from the company.
Infineon intros 32-bit multicore architecture for auto apps
Product News  
10/17/2011   1 comment
Based on TriCore processor, this architecture contains up to three processors with flash modules and meets ISO 26262.
Tools ensure AUTOSAR data integrity
Design How-To  
10/14/2011   Post a comment
The challenge is to realize consistent data exchange between tools without loss of design information.
Simulations tackle EMI in hybrid and electric vehicles
Design How-To  
10/13/2011   3 comments
Electric propulsion brings with it high voltages which challenge vehicle electrical/electronic architectures.
A measurement approach for IQ offset and imbalance of LTE mobile devices
Design How-To  
10/13/2011   Post a comment
Imperfect analog front-ends of mobile devices cause transmit signals to be non-ideal. Typically, the signal processing for inphase and quadrature (IQ) components is likewise affected. On the one hand, the undesirable zero-offsets of both digital-to-analog converters lead to the IQ offset, and on the other hand, the IQ imbalance originates from an imperfect up-conversion of the baseband signal.
Options for simulating wideband signals
Design How-To  
10/11/2011   Post a comment
The need to take baseband signals and modulate them onto higher frequency carriers is fundamental for both the design and evaluation of communication and radar systems. How do we go about modulating and then upconverting wideband signals to their operational carrier frequencies for simulation?
Smart OS strategy makes multicore viable for medical devices
Design How-To  
10/10/2011   Post a comment
This article discusses the validation of safety claims for systems running on multicore processors, as well as OS characteristics that can facilitate multicore migration.
Lights aren't so bright
Engineering Investigations  
10/10/2011   15 comments
Confusing symptoms and misleading markings lead to a lengthy fault finding process for what turned out to be a simple problem.
TECH TRENDS: When is a hybrid not a hybrid?
Design How-To  
10/7/2011   7 comments
Buick's 2012 LaCrosse comes standard with a hybrid electric power train, but the company just calls it "electric assist" for its luxury car buyers.
Sensirion STS21 digital temperature sensor
Product News  
10/7/2011   4 comments
Designed for temperature measurement, Sensirion's latest sensor is housed in a tiny DFN package measuring only 3x3mm.
Cree takes a page from Amazon’s playbook with its new LED TEMPO Service
Design How-To  
10/6/2011   3 comments
LED device manufacturer Cree sees the quality – or lack thereof – of packaged luminaires as being a major obstacle to LED acceptance; The company now offers design test and evaluation services.
E.T. phone home?
10/5/2011   2 comments
It’s said that for any sufficiently complex product, 80 percent of the users use only 20 percent of its features. I’d be willing to wager that’s true for Keithley Instruments’ products and plenty of other test and measurement instruments as well. Only problem is, how can I collect on that bet?
Test controllers provide quality assurance for complex automotive bus systems
Design How-To  
10/4/2011   Post a comment
Bus-linked microcontrollers are proliferating in today's vehicles. From the quality assurance point of view this means a massive increase in new challenges for test and measurement systems.
How it was: Fan-fold paper and ASCII art
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/4/2011   24 comments
In the context of computers, the term “fan-fold” refers to a continuous strip of paper that was folded back and forth in a zigzag manner…
Big-box T&M struts at ESC Boston 2011
10/1/2011   1 comment
The major test and measurement vendors showed that "embedded" is an important opportunity for them.

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