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posted in December 2003
Multi-function BER tester pinpoints hits
Product News  
12/22/2003   Post a comment
Here's a spanking new instrument from Noise/Com that will let you do eye mask, BER, and jitter tests for fast serial data streams. Use it in the lab or networked on the factory floor, or for more esoteric things such as semiconductor characterization.
Next-generation MultiProtocol Label Switching will demand special Internet tests
Product News  
12/22/2003   Post a comment
Opinion: MultiProtocol Label Switching, or MPLS, promises to add powerful new features to the Internet. However, it will do so at a price: it introduces new highly complex protocol stacks, and the need for renewed attention to testing. Spirent author Bill Kine explains why.
Open-source planning tool helps make live voice-quality measurements
Product News  
12/19/2003   Post a comment
Here's news of an open-source add-on tool for making meaningful voice quality measurements on all kinds of telephony gear---both wired and wireless. Used during the design phase of a product, it can yield margin by avoiding customer-related issues in the field. It can also help you evaluate voice network performance.
Anritsu rolls adjunct freq converter for field-testing of 802.11a networks
Product News  
12/19/2003   Post a comment
A new adjunct from Anritsu lets you conduct interference analyses and interference measurements on IEEE-802.11a wireless networks. It works with the firm's previously introduced handheld spectrum analyzer, reviewed here at eeProductCenter.
Cards upgrade Keithley multi-channel I-V test system
Product News  
12/18/2003   Post a comment
Test equipment vendor Keithley Instruments is dishing up two multi-channel source-measure test cards that put expanded operating ranges into the company's existing multi-channel I-V test system.
Multi-slot optical test set supports FEC for 10GbE Ethernet G.709
Product News  
12/17/2003   Post a comment
The extension of LAN-based Ethernet into core networks has fueled the use of Gigabit Ethernet, and especially 10-Gigabit Ethernet as defined in the IEEE-802.3ae spec. Here's news of an optical test suite that can give you a look at a stack's Layer 1 and Layer 2 data flows, and even provide some Layer 3 transaction information, dishing up meaningful insight about IP packet errors, bit-error rates, and operational alarms. Unfortunately, the vendor is mum about price. Yuk!
Test your ejection seat (!) with miniature triaxial accelerometer
Product News  
12/17/2003   Post a comment
Here's news of a miniature triaxial accelerometer that can be used in biomechanics research, studies of head injuries, and testing of sport helmets, heads-up displays---and ejection seats.
Opinion: If you're seeking test system flexibility, modular instrumentation isn't the only way to go
Test & Measurement Designline Blogs  
12/16/2003   Post a comment
Many EEs feel that test-and-measurement flexibility is best achieved with modular instruments, But, they're only one of many ways to reach the goal. Grant Drenkow, Solutions Planner at Agilent Technologies's Test and Measurement Group explains why he believes there are tradeoffs.
Keithley combo checks semiconductor wear-out
Product News  
12/15/2003   Post a comment
Test instrument maker Keithley Instruments now has available a semiconductor characterization system with software that runs under Windows. It now runs not only semiconductor characterization tests, but also stress-measure and reliability tests. Users of this system can now run not only semiconductor characterization tests, but also stress-measure and reliability tests.
Nextest garners two ATE orders
News & Analysis  
12/13/2003   Post a comment
Opinion: Test equipment investment will ensure the promise of CDAMA2000 3G cellular telephony
Product News  
12/12/2003   Post a comment
Opinion: Proper test equipment is absolutely needed to maintain quality-of-service in today's evolving cellphone systems. Having the right test equipment is key to ensuring satisfied cellphone users will offset large cash investments. Here's why.
JTAG chip eases multi-board structural test, FPGA config, in-field updates
Product News  
12/11/2003   1 comment
A new parallel test-and-configuration BIST chip from Intellitech is for use in circuit boards on multi-slot or multi-cabled backplanes. The JTAG device provides the infrastructure necessary for multi-board FPGA configuration, as well as board-to-board interconnect test.
Optimism spreads to IC-equipment industry
News & Analysis  
12/11/2003   Post a comment
After a period of little or no investment, chip makers are beginning to increase their capital spending, especially in China, Japan, and other regions, said James Morgan, chairman of Applied Materials Inc.
Opinion: Synthetic test is the future of test, but the technology is available now
Product News  
12/10/2003   Post a comment
Opinion: Instruments that can synthesize stimulus or measurement capabilities promise malleable and upgradeable synthetic-instrument systems.
Jitter analyzer does microwave-domain multi-instrument digital datastream analysis
Product News  
12/9/2003   Post a comment
Test equipment maker Agilent Technologies debuts an industry-first jitter analyzer. It has sub-component analysis capability that can accurately separate random and deterministic jitter, and subcomponents, out to an astounding 40-Gbits/s.
Multi-phone parallel option enhances Willtek testers
Product News  
12/9/2003   Post a comment
To save time and increase throughput, test equipment vendor Willtek is debuting multiple cellphone test software and a bi-directional RF port for its existing test equipment.
National Instruments's popular LabVIEW battered by legal fire
Product News  
12/8/2003   Post a comment
SoftWIRE says it's seeking damages for past sales of National Instrument's popular LabVIEW product. Significantly, SoftWIRE is seeking an order prohibiting NI from selling the LabVIEW product!
GPS location test capability spans GSM, UMTS and CDMA product ranges
Product News  
12/8/2003   Post a comment
A-GPS location-based test capability gets added to a suite of development and conformance test products.
Software Concepts, Agilent roll "Mobile IP" connectivity test
Product News  
12/8/2003   Post a comment
Instrument maker Agilent Technologies and embedded communications development house Software Concepts jointly announce modified versions of wireless test products. These products work together to deliver network emulation and Mobile IP connectivity for developers of wireless data applications.
Tools support high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) test
Product News  
12/8/2003   Post a comment
New tools give you the ability to design, debug, and evaluate the performance of 3G (third generation) and 3.5G transmitters and receivers that use 14-5-Mbit/s HSDPA signals.
Configuring Switch Systems for Cost-Effective Testing
News & Analysis  
12/8/2003   Post a comment
Ideally a test engineer would connect a separate instrument to each test point of a Device Undergoing Test (DUT), thereby providing the highest performance and most accurate measurements. But this is costly and often unnecessary. Agilent Technologies' Chuck Reynolds explains that test engineers who choose carefully among a number of switch options will realize some attractive cost savings.
Opinion: Challenges confront RFIC, WLAN testers
Product News  
12/3/2003   Post a comment
Prices of wireless devices are being squeezed constantly. That, in turn, means relentless downward price pressure on RF integrated circuits. One way to keep RFIC costs down is to achieve the lowest possible test cost. Here's a summary of the challenges in test.
Accord helps EEs model non-linear, microwave, RF devices
Product News  
12/3/2003   Post a comment
Instrument supplier Anritsu is teaming up with EDA supplier Modelithics to give developers the ability to do characterization of frequency-translating devices such as microwave mixers, up- and down-converters, and frequency multipliers. Characterization of devices working at frequencies as high as 40-GHz is possible.
Tech award underscores DFT
Product News  
12/2/2003   Post a comment
A new design-for-test system is claimed to help IC manufacturers get products to market weeks faster than by using conventional tools.
VMEbus plug-in targets software defined radio apps
Product News  
12/1/2003   Post a comment
Here's a board-level VMEbus product that can implement software-defined radios. It can also be used to generate RF signals used in radar, military countermeasure systems, and test equipment.

As data rates begin to move beyond 25 Gbps channels, new problems arise. Getting to 50 Gbps channels might not be possible with the traditional NRZ (2-level) signaling. PAM4 lets data rates double with only a small increase in channel bandwidth by sending two bits per symbol. But, it brings new measurement and analysis problems. Signal integrity sage Ransom Stephens will explain how PAM4 differs from NRZ and what to expect in design, measurement, and signal analysis.

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