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posted in February 2011
Plan strategies for adopting Model-Based Design for embedded applications: Part 1—Challenges and impact
Design How-To  
2/24/2011   11 comments
When transitioning to Model-Based Design for embedded systems development, it is essential to consider an overall plan spanning people, development processes, and tools.
The end of American motors
2/24/2011   28 comments
The last domestic motor manufacturer is now in foreign hands. On top of it, imported motors are not meeting energy-efficiency requirements here in the land where such design considerations first emerged. Just what’s going on?
We could tell you, but we'd have to kill you
Engineering Pop Culture!  
2/23/2011   10 comments
Working on government contracts can lead to questions with interesting answers
Does EMC stand for exasperating, magic, or confusing?¬—Part 2
Design How-To  
2/21/2011   2 comments
While it is merely a nuisance to experience radio interference, it is definitely a serious matter if an ABS, stability control, or airbag suffers a malfunction because a vehicle passes a TV tower too closely. Thus, mastering EMC is a basic requirement for automotive electronics designers. Part two of this article outlines methods to suppress high-frequency resonance.
NI blows the lid off VSA performance in PXI form factor
Product News  
2/21/2011   Post a comment
Last week I sat down with a team from National Instruments, they had a new vector signal analyzer (VSA) in a PXI form factor to show me that offers industry-leading performance for automated test.
The case of the not-so-melodious motor
Engineering Investigations  
2/17/2011   10 comments
A young engineer upstages an older co-worker while investigating the source of an ear-piercing tone in a disc drive test system.
AUTOSAR architecture expands safety and security applications
Design How-To  
2/17/2011   Post a comment
In Release 4.0, AUTOSAR allows both safety and non-safety applications to operate on the same controller. Additionally, AUTOSAR embeds several security-related features into its software architecture.
Is there an app for wireless hangover at MWC? Just take a tablet!
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
2/17/2011   Post a comment
After the first couple of days at the exhibition, going thru the 8 different halls, it is amazing to discover the number of new toys we will be able to enjoy by Christmas 2011.
Sometimes a minor spec can be a major feature
Engineering Investigations  
2/16/2011   15 comments
Everything was fine, except for the 'correct' position. That's when things got challenging.
Techniques for accurate ECG signal processing
Design How-To  
2/14/2011   16 comments
Understand some of the signal-analysis issues pertinent to electrocardiography
Let the RAT race begin…
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
2/14/2011   Post a comment
So are you ready for the biggest mobile industry wireless event on the old continent? The buzz at least in the test and measurement space is who are the first ones on the market supporting LTE-Advanced, the Release 10 of the 3GPP standard, the evolution of the Long-Term Evolution, 4G and beyond.
Spirent simplifies MIMO device testing with new software
Product News  
2/14/2011   1 comment
At Mobile World Congress, Spirent releases software to help predict user experiences with MIMO LTE devices.
Don't worry, be happy: Design, test, verification support for LTE-Advanced is here
Product News  
2/14/2011   Post a comment
World Mobile Congress is venue for array of LTE-Advanced products from Agilent
Air of promise filled DesignCon
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
2/13/2011   3 comments
With strong booth traffic, well-attended presentations and an overall positive feeling, it was proof that trade shows and exhibitions still have a prominent place in our industry.
Beating signal degradation in wireless networks
Design How-To  
2/13/2011   4 comments
For wireless operators, using passive intermodulation distortion (PIM) equipment correctly requires greater care than standard voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) site sweeps or distance-to-fault transmission line testing.
'You asked for it, you got it, Toyota'
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
2/9/2011   19 comments
The U.S. government has vindicated Toyota's electronic control technology in the spate of sudden acceleration incidents, but what happens to the automaker's reputation?
Who Needs Pulsed I-V Testing?
Test & Measurement Designline Blogs  
2/9/2011   Post a comment
Recently, there has been a surge in the number of applications that require ultra-fast I-V measurements, which involve generating pulsed waveforms, then measuring the resulting signals before the DUT has an opportunity to relax.
Measuring satellite end-to-end group delay using a microwave system analyzer
Design How-To  
2/9/2011   Post a comment
The relative group delay measurement across the bandwidth of satellite transponder channels is important, in order to determine the amount of distortion or signal degradation that could take place due to increased delay changes at the band edges of these channels. The delay must be measured in order to apply accurate compensation and thus avoid possible data corruption.
Agilent announces lineup for MWC
Product News  
2/8/2011   Post a comment
Agilent goes all out for 3G, 4G, LTE-Advanced testing demonstrations at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Feb 14-17.
Evolving wireless standards bring test challenges
Design How-To  
2/7/2011   1 comment
The evolution of wireless standards will accelerate an industry shift toward modular, software-defined instrumentation, writes National Instruments' David A. Hall.
Wireless audio distribution offers automotive infotainment flexibility: Part 1—IR vs. RF
Design How-To  
2/7/2011   2 comments
Any system must distribute multiple streams of content to selected occupants, such that each occupant has control over stream selection and any interactive options that stream may offer.
TI OPA2320 operational amplifiers
Product News  
2/2/2011   Post a comment
TI expanded its 1.8-V precision operational amplifier portfolio with a new line of devices for low-noise, high-impedance sensor measurement.
Don't be an easy catch: test your products before deployment
Design How-To  
2/2/2011   2 comments
Bugs are more than a nuisance; they are a hole in your security through which crackers can access your systems. The number one security threat is not a malicious attacker, but poorly managed development processes. Technologies are increasingly complex, and at the same time release cycles are not only faster, but also more complicated, involving outsourcing. The later testing is carried out, the more difficult it is find the problem. And, the later you test, the more expensive and less thorough t
Optical power measurement and resolution
Design How-To  
2/2/2011   Post a comment
The modern optical spectrum analyser (ASA is a powerful tool for carrying out a variety of measurements, but as many users do not appreciate some of its potential applications. In this article, the relationship between power measurements and resolution os discussed, with the aim of showing users how understanding the technical principles of the OSA will allow them to get the most out of the instrument.
Measuring the resistivity of bulk materials
Design How-To  
2/2/2011   Post a comment
Accurate resistivity measurements are critical when characterizing materials, but they are not always easy to make and different material types require different instrumentation and techniques. This article addresses best practices for making resistivity measurements.
It’s a mad, mad, electronics test world
News & Analysis  
2/1/2011   4 comments
The proliferation of wireless devices and the demand for low-cost and high-performance products are all part of global wireless traffic that is expected to grow to 600 Terabytes per month mostly consisting of audio and video streams by 2014, according to market reports.

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