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posted in March 2003
Taking the Noise Out of ADSL Modem Designs
Design How-To  
3/19/2003   Post a comment
Noise can reap havoc on the SNR performance of an ADSL modem design optimized for CPE applications. Fortunately, designers can combat noise problems by improving AFE, PCB, and modem immunity characteristics.
The Six Axes of Calibration
News & Analysis  
3/18/2003   Post a comment
Selecting a supplier of calibration services may seem fairly straightforward—it would seem that a calibration is a calibration and, as long as the supplier has the usual badges of office, the service ought to be similar whichever service or supplier you choose. However, this is not the case and the lack of regulation on calibration allows for a wide variance in the deliverables and value of calibration. To help demonstrate these variances, Agilent's Martin Aust explains the six different ax

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