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posted in March 2005
Handheld 802.11 RF sweeper gets new freebie bits
Product News  
3/31/2005   Post a comment
Wireless test equipment maker Berkeley Varitronics Systems has a software update for its Yellowjacket 802.11b sweeping RF test receiver. The yellowjacket is based on an HP iPAQ PDA.
Another Fully-Buffered DIMM tester bows in
Product News  
3/31/2005   Post a comment
Another company has also joined the FB-DIMM test fray. Predating Tek's recent announcement, Pycon has shipped more than 130 FB-DIMM testers since November of last year---and is now offering a very enticing deal for first-time buyers.
Midget CompactFlash card gathers data
Product News  
3/30/2005   Post a comment
eeProductCenter Senior Tech Editor takes a first look at a new CompactFlash card that can turn a PDA into a user-customized medium-speed portable data acquisition system. What's more, it can do that more cost effectively than by using a dedicated PC. Click here to learn more.
PCI digitizer boards get FPGA-based FIR filters
Product News  
3/29/2005   Post a comment
Board-level digitizer maker Gage Applied Technologies is debuting FIR filters in FPGAs as an option for its 14-bit PCI bus digitizers. The FIR filters let you filter digitized data in realtime on Windows PCs.
CompactPCI card houses add-on data-acq modules
Product News  
3/29/2005   Post a comment
A new two-module multi-function 3U-sized CompactPCI card fits in a single slot. Priced at about $1800, it gives you an array of options that let you configure it for various data-acquisition and control functions. These include RTD signal conditioning, TTL I/O, and A/D and DAC functions.
One-instrument box is enhanced for multi-service transport eval
Product News  
3/28/2005   Post a comment
Test-and-measurement vendor Anritsu is debuting enhancements for its existing one-instrument-does-all MP1590B network performance tester. Running Windows, the enhancements impart a number of new analysis capabilities, including functions for 2.5G Ethernet-over-SONET, 10/100/1000-Mbit Ethernet, 10-Gbit Ethernet, and LCAS.
Omron's Automatic Optical Inspection System brings zero-defect closer to reality
Product News  
3/25/2005   Post a comment
Recent trends in electronic production have placed ever-increasing emphasis on the importance of the quality control function. High density component placement, lead-free process, miniaturisation of chips and flexible multi-product production all contribute to an increasing number of defects. Pressure on manufacturers to reduce defects increases as margins are squeezed and lead times get shorter.
Scope accessories support automotive CAN Bus testing
Product News  
3/24/2005   Post a comment
Oscilloscope vendor LeCroy is now offering two CAN Bus test adjuncts for its existing long-memory WaveRunner 6000A oscilloscopes. These accessories can help you locate CAN Bus PHY layer problems, and aid in debugging CAN Bus controllers and systems.
Plug-in digitizer card lets you trade resolution for speed
Product News  
3/23/2005   Post a comment
Just as the venerable DMM brought universal measurement capability to DC measurement, National Instruments has a flexible-resolution digitizer it claims will revolutionize dynamic measurements with a universal measurement device. This PXI plug-in, when used in the popular LabVIEW programming environment, lets you create virtual instruments such as voltmeters, audio analyzers, frequency counters, and spectrum and modulation analyzers. eeProductCenter Senior Tech Editor Alex Mendelsohn gets a hand
Modules leverage USB for plug-and-play data-acq
Product News  
3/23/2005   Post a comment
Joining the likes of Data Translation, National Instruments, and others, test-and-measurement house Keithley Instruments is rolling out a new line of PC-compatible data-acquisition and control modules based on Universal Serial Bus. As plug-and-play modules under Windows, they can measure parameters such as voltage, temperature, strain, vibration, and frequency, and handle event counting, and timing applications, too.
Freescale Semiconductor ouvre un centre de tests au Japon
News & Analysis  
3/18/2005   Post a comment
Freescale Semiconductor a ouvert un centre dédié aux tests et à la qualité à Nagoya (Japon) afin de se rapprocher des constructeurs automobiles installés au Japon.
PXI plug-in modules form modulated RF signal generator
Product News  
3/17/2005   Post a comment
National Instruments now has a PXI plug-in suite that can generate modulated RF at frequencies from 250-kHz all the way out to 2.7-GHz. Using a LabVIEW application on a PC, you can readily develop signals---including those with simulated impairments---for high-speed communications systems. eeProductCenter Senior Tech Editor Alex Mendelsohn reports.
Fully-Buffered DIMM testing enhances logic analyzers
Product News  
3/16/2005   Post a comment
Logic analyzer vendor Tektronix now has Fully-Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) test capabilities for its logic analyzers. Tektronix collaborates with Nexus Technology so that Tek's TLA700 Series logic analyzers and Nexus's software let you verify, test, and debug AMB (advanced memory buffer) control of a DDR2 SDRAMs.
Software lets your PC display RF power
Product News  
3/15/2005   Post a comment
A new software package lets you use popular Bird Electronic RF Thruline Power Sensors to measure transmission line RF power and SWR with your PC. You can now read, store, and display RF measurements, and save the results to text files.
Wafer tester monitors RF chip quality in realtime
Product News  
3/15/2005   Post a comment
Test-and-measurement vendor Keithley Instruments is debuting a third-generation on-wafer RF measurement capability. Designed for parametric production process control, Keithley's latest RF Option offers continuous, automatic realtime monitoring of RFIC measurement quality.
Schneller messen in der Fertigung
News & Analysis  
3/15/2005   Post a comment
Mehr Produktivität im Bauteiletest verspricht Keithley Instruments den Anwendern zweier neuer Meßgerätefamilien. Die Anwendungen zielen auf den Wafertest in der Halbleiterfertigung beziehungsweise auf den End-Test fertiger Komponenten.
Deutschland liefert Tsunami-Warnsystem
News & Analysis  
3/14/2005   Post a comment
Deutschland wird ein Tsunami-Warnsystem an Indonesien liefern, das zu wesentlichen Teilen auf Entwicklungen des Geoforschungszentrums Potsdam beruht. Kernstück des Systems ist ein Sensornetz mit Geophonen, Pegelmessgeräten und bojengestützten Druckmessgeräten; die Daten werden über Satelliten verknüpft.
Un nouveau président chez Anritsu
News & Analysis  
3/14/2005   Post a comment
Anritsu, fournisseur d’équipements de test et mesures pour systèmes de communication fixe et mobile, annonce la nomination de Hiromichi Toda en tant que président d’Anritsu Corporation, à compter du 23 juin 2005. Il succède à Akira Shiomi, lequel demeure directeur et président du conseil d’administration.
Software finds MPEG faults---at speed
Design How-To  
3/14/2005   Post a comment
Instrumentation house Tektronix is debuting a compressed video test system that gives you the ability to automatically monitor, analyze, and de-bug digital video transport streams. Tek's MTS400 Series supports realtime Video-over-IP monitoring, analysis, and recording for broadband video and video-on-demand applications. eeProductCenter Senior Tech Editor Alex Mendelsohn describes his hands-on observations.
Modular scalable test set comprises source-measure ATE
Product News  
3/10/2005   Post a comment
Test equipment maker Keithley Instruments has a new platform it claims can significantly lower the cost of test, especially for silicon and compound semiconductor manufacturers. Built on Keithley's patent-pending third-generation source-measure technology, its Series 2600 System SourceMeters are high-throughput source-measure instruments. Their scalable form-factor can readily accommodate multi-channel systems.
Bring Speed and Accuracy to 4-Port Models of 40-Gb/s Differential Structures
Design How-To  
3/9/2005   Post a comment
Moving data at 40-Gb/s over copper is no longer a theoretical exercise; it has become a reality. For physical-layer structures—the passive linear components, backplanes, IC packages, cables and connectors—are no longer the bottlenecks in high-speed digital systems. In this feature article, authors Jim Mayrand, Mike Resso of Agilent Technologies, and Dima Smolyansky of TDA Systems explore recent advances in 4-port instrumentation that now enable designers to accurately model 40-Gb/s dif
In-system programming board targets Atmel micros during production
Product News  
3/8/2005   Post a comment
Here's news of an in-system flash-equipped microcontroller programming system for use in automated test systems, as well as during production runs. Unlike products designed for programming ICs that are mounted on circuit boards, this system uses an open architecture to integrate automated test with manufacturing systems.
Hardware, APIs, libraries optimize fast data-acq development platform
Product News  
3/7/2005   Post a comment
VMEbus board maker and high-speed data-acq supplier Pentek is rolling out a new A/D development platform, as well as supporting APIs and libraries. The hardware in this system has a flat frequency response from 400-kHz all the way out to 700-MHz.
Use DSP judiciously in high-end scopes
Design How-To  
3/7/2005   Post a comment
Digital signal processing plays a role in every modern real-time digitizing oscilloscope. In the technician's benchtop instrument, DSP supports fundamental sampling functions. In the engineer's lab scope, a more sophisticated form of DSP can extend bandwidth beyond purely analog limits and improve overall accuracy.
In-circuit wireless test fixture serves Agilent 3070
Product News  
3/3/2005   Post a comment
Pro-Tech Test Solutions now has enhancements to its existing Viper line of wireless in-circuit test fixtures for the popular Agilent 3070 tester.
Cross-domain protocol tester checks PCI Express, Fibre Channel
Product News  
3/2/2005   Post a comment
Offering multi-protocol analysis with time correlation, test-and-measurement vendor Agilent Technologies is debuting an enhancement to its existing protocol tester. You can now achieve time-correlated, cross-domain protocol analysis of PCI Express and Fibre Channel, in chips and complex systems.
Protocol analyzer, exerciser slated for Advanced Switching Interconnect
Product News  
3/1/2005   Post a comment
Supporting design verification for the forthcoming Advanced Switching Interconnect data plane standard, Agilent Technologies is debuting a Windows-based protocol-test approach for the switched-fabric interconnect.
LeCroy's scopes get unique mixed-signal outboard pods
Product News  
3/1/2005   Post a comment
Oscilloscope maker LeCroy now has a mixed-signal USB-connected module that adds 32 channels of digital input to some of its 4-channel oscilloscopes. eeProductCenter Senior Tech Editor Alex Mendelsohn looks at LeCroy's outboard USB module, and compares its' performance to competitive mixed-signal instruments from Agilent, Tektronix, and Yokogawa.
PXI plug-in is a 7-1/2-digit DMM, digitizer
Product News  
3/1/2005   Post a comment
National Instruments is rolling out a multi-function plug-in card that works as a 7-1/2-digit DMM and a 1.8-Msample/s isolated digitizer. eeProductCenter Senior Tech Editor Alex Mendelsohn takes a first look at this new PXI card.


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