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posted in April 2006
Power-grid quality monitors are GPS-equipped, networked
Product News  
4/27/2006   Post a comment
With summer weather on the way, and air conditioners about to be cranked up, power-line quality will soon be an issue for generation companies. Here's a monitoring system that lets you---over the Web---identify site trends and power events. Embedded compression supports true-time data sampling, with values and trends continuously stored.
Test symposium addresses IC challenges
News & Analysis  
4/27/2006   Post a comment
The VLSI Test Symposium, scheduled for April 30 to May 4 in Berkeley, Calif. will feature two keynote addresses, one from a chip house and one from an equipment vendor.
Azimuth Systems launches Wi-Fi mesh testing software
News & Analysis  
4/25/2006   Post a comment
The software automates performance testing in a laboratory environment as opposed to expensive field testing.
PXI chassis, controllers boost bandwidth with PCI Express
Product News  
4/25/2006   Post a comment
Instrumentation house National Instruments is dishing up the industry's first PXI chasses and controllers based on PCI Express. These wares deliver up to 1-Gbyte/s/slot dedicated bandwidth.
CompactPCI form-factor board packs eight channels of acoustic A/D conversion
Product News  
4/24/2006   Post a comment
Board maker ICS Sensor Processing is debuting an 8-channel acoustic A/D converter board designed for vibration analysis and military sonar applications. Each analog-input channel is sampled at up to 5-MHz with 16-bit resolution.
Windows CE and GPS marriage puts mapping on nomadic spectrum analyzer
Product News  
4/20/2006   Post a comment
The RF Scout Interference Hunter is a handheld 30-MHz to 2.5-GHz spectrum analyzer that provides tools to hunt for RF interference and check signal quality. The touchscreen unit runs Windows CE and displays GPS maps. Senior Tech Editor Alex Mendelsohn reports.
VMEbus module simulates thermocouples
Product News  
4/19/2006   Post a comment
This VMEbus board comprises a 16-channel analog-output/thermocouple simulator. It provides outputs simulating every type of thermocouple, has automatic reference-junction temperature compensation, and produces user-programmable precision voltage outputs.
USB dongle sweeps 2.4-GHz ISM band
Product News  
4/17/2006   Post a comment
Check out this USB plug-in stick that works with Windows PCs as a 2.4-GHZ ISM-band spectrum analyzer. You can also download executables for Linux, Mac OS, and other operating systems.
Software automates requirements-management for embedded code developers
Product News  
4/14/2006   Post a comment
A next-generation requirements-management tool can help development teams crafting embedded software overcome problems mapping test specifications, unit test scenarios, test data, and code coverage verification, with high level requirements and design requirements.
250-Msample/s 2-channel PCI digitizer uses unique dual-port memory
Product News  
4/13/2006   Post a comment
PCI bus plug-in maker AlazarTech is rolling out a family of 250-Msample/s 8-bit waveform digitizers. Their acquisition memory can optionally be converted to a dual-port architecture for applications where acquisition can't be stopped during data transfer to PC memory.
Agilent to invest $25 million in India
News & Analysis  
4/13/2006   Post a comment
Agilent Technologies opened a new campus in Meanesar in Haryana in northern India to house global research and development and engineering support.
PXI generator line extends into the microwave domain
Product News  
4/12/2006   Post a comment
RF test gear, based on plug-in PC-hosted cards, is getting cheaper and better. With PXI instruments capable of generating signals above 6-GHz, National Instruments now offers seven signal generators, essentially spanning DC to microwave. They're priced starting at less than $3000.
Ergonomic plug-and-play oscilloscopes reside in USB probes
Product News  
4/11/2006   Post a comment
Two PC-hosted oscilloscopes are designed to fit in your hand. These low-bandwidth but cost-effective single-channel instruments give you all the capabilities of a conventional oscilloscope in a compact USB-connected probe that you can carry anywhere. You get a 100-Mample/s realtime sampling rate, a repetitive-signal sampling rate of twice that, and up to 25-MHz bandwidth.
Next-generation spectrometer debuts
Product News  
4/11/2006   Post a comment
Instrument Systems launches its CAS 140CT, billed as a next-generation instrument in its Compact Array Spectrometer series. Equipped with detectors and gratings, seven models of the CAS140 CT cover a spectral range from 200-nm to 2160-nm.
Windows software eases JTAG test
Product News  
4/4/2006   Post a comment
Here's news of a Windows-based tool that can accelerate the development of boundary-scan applications based on the IEEE-1149.x standards. Armed with the JTAG ProVision tool, you'll be able to provide test coverage and in-system flash and PLD programming, even for the complex boards and systems.
Tester gets Push-to-Talk-Over-Cellular capability for GSM, GPRS, EGPRS cellular gear
Product News  
4/4/2006   Post a comment
Test equipment supplier Agilent Technologies announces availability of PoC (Push-to-Talk-over-Cellular) test capability for its popular 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set. You can now use the 8960 to test GSM, GPRS, and EGPRS cellular systems.
Cellphone tester supports 1xEV-DO Release A ETAP and 2.4-Mbit/s throughput for 1xEV-DO Rev. 0
Product News  
4/4/2006   Post a comment
The battle between HSPA and 1xEV-DO in the high-performance cellphone arena is heating up, and as it does so, time-to-market pressure is building for mobile system developers. Responding, Agilent Technologies announces what it says is the industry's first one-box test set that supports 1xEV-DO Release A ETAP measurements, and 2.4-Mbit/s Rev. 0 IP data throughput measurements.
Fast device-tune measurement speeds wireless calibration
Product News  
4/4/2006   Post a comment
Calibrating cellphone devices? If so, check out Agilent Technologies's Fast Device Tune Measurement system. As the name implies, it's a fast calibration technique that's claimed to reduce manufacturing calibration test times by an order of magnitude.
Reliability keying future chip designs
News & Analysis  
4/3/2006   Post a comment
The ever-more important role reliability issues play in chip design was examined at the recent 44th International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS) and the seventh annual International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED).
USB JTAG debuggers target ARM, Xscale, PowerPC micros
Product News  
4/1/2006   Post a comment
A pair of inexpensive USB 2.0 JTAG debug interface devices are now available from Macraigor Systems. These devices target ARM, Xscale, and PowerPC microprocessors.

As data rates begin to move beyond 25 Gbps channels, new problems arise. Getting to 50 Gbps channels might not be possible with the traditional NRZ (2-level) signaling. PAM4 lets data rates double with only a small increase in channel bandwidth by sending two bits per symbol. But, it brings new measurement and analysis problems. Signal integrity sage Ransom Stephens will explain how PAM4 differs from NRZ and what to expect in design, measurement, and signal analysis.

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