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posted in August 2010
Epson Toyocom XP-6000CA absolute pressure sensor
Product News  
8/31/2010   1 comment
Epson Toyocom Corp. has developed an extremely small absolute pressure sensor dubbed the XP-6000CA, which employs a QMEMS pressure-sensing structure that allows the sensor to squeeze into a tiny 7.0 × 5.0 × 2.0t mm package while providing total pressure accuracy (±30 Pa) and high resolution (0.3 Pa).
Optimizing the manufacturing test program, data collection, and diagnosis for yield analysis
Design How-To  
8/29/2010   Post a comment
Engineers can get the most value out of IC failure diagnosis by implementing certain best practices. This article describes how to organize a test program for optimal data collection and how to optimize the data collection process to achieve yield learning goals.
Mandating an FM radio in every cell phone: what are they thinking, and why?
8/24/2010   41 comments
Does the proposal to force handsets to include FM radios make any sense, or is it a futile stab at "back to the future"?
Lawn mower catches some, misses some
8/5/2010   9 comments
A mower is designed to capture the cut grass, but dumps some out instead.

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