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posted in October 2010
So long, Walkman, we'll miss you. . . .or maybe not
10/29/2010   18 comments
The once-radical, game-changing personal music player has been done in by CDs and SSDs
Diagram generation tools modernize automotive electrical design
Design How-To  
10/28/2010   Post a comment
Automated wiring and component diagram generation decreases design engineers "drafting" tasks, while synchronizing and updating process documentation for increased productivity. Automation brings consistency and standardization, while modern tools permit customization for proprietary purposes.
Putting an audiophile "tweak" to the test
Audio DesignLine Blog  
10/27/2010   15 comments
A longstanding audiophile product - a "quantum/superconducting"-based device that claims to achieve previously unnattainable "levels of signal purity and transparency" - undergoes some objective tests by some skeptical audio DIYers.
ARM TechCon Teardown Smackdown: Dell Streak vs. The Archos 7
10/26/2010   11 comments
The promo for this ARM TechCon event is actually a bit misleading: “Which tablet PC will come out on top? Watch as EE Times Editors Brian Fuller and Patrick Mannion dissect the inner workings of the devices and explore which is the strongest contender, based on speed, power consumption, display, features and functionality.”
Wide current range sensing topology provides high resolution, high-side sensing of 12V batteries
Design How-To  
10/26/2010   5 comments
To improve fuel economy, more vehicle functions are being electrified, reducing the continuous load on the internal combustion engine. As the power load is shifted to the vehicle battery, keeping the battery charged and functioning correctly becomes ever more critical.
PolySwitch nanoASMD, microASMD, miniASMD, ASMD and AHS surface-mount devices
Product News  
10/26/2010   Post a comment
Tyco has qualified its surface-mount PolySwitch devices according to AEC-Q200 standards to address the miniaturization trend in automotive electronics.
Traveling man loves his mini AC-outlet expander
10/25/2010   14 comments
Once again, it's the "simple" gadget that saves the day and brings satisfaction
C&K Components KMT5 ultra-miniature tactile switches
Product News  
10/25/2010   Post a comment
C&K Components has expanded its KMT Series of ultra-miniature tactile switches with what it says is the smallest available top-actuated, double-action tact switch.
Active noise cancellation applied to diesel exhaust
News & Analysis  
10/20/2010   5 comments
At the IAA motor show for commercial vehicles, automotive supplier Eberspaecher shows a prototype of a muffler which makes use of active noise cancellation.
Power Tip 28: Estimating transient temperature rise in a hot-swap MOSFET – Part 1
Design How-To  
10/20/2010   5 comments
Understand a simple technique to estimate this critical application parameter
Japanese components vendors in the iPhone 4
10/19/2010   17 comments
A focus on manufacturing is probably why Japan is winning design-ins with Apple.
Chevy Volt flap: What's the big deal?
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
10/18/2010   41 comments
Some fans of electric cars and hybrids, and a few folks in the press, are getting all in a knot about Chevy actually having a "direct link" from the gas engine to the wheels in its Volt "range-assisted" electric car. Well maybe its just good engineering.
NKK Switches' HS16 Series of standard size rotary switches
Product News  
10/17/2010   Post a comment
NKK Switches launched the HS16 series of power rated rotary switches that are available with break before make or make before break contacts.
Conec's water-resistant D-sub series of connectors
Product News  
10/17/2010   Post a comment
CONEC has advanced its water-resistant D-sub series of connectors with a more rugged one-piece, solid-body version.
Samtec's IsoRate series of isolated transmission line interconnects
Product News  
10/14/2010   Post a comment
Samtec has developed a series of high performance isolated transmission line interconnects that it is touting as a low-cost alternative to ganged, stamped RF connectors.
Engineering optimization not always obvious
10/11/2010   24 comments
Who would put a mere 4-speed automatic transmission in a new car model? Well Mazda did, and here's why.
Gore’s new RG coaxial cables
Product News  
10/6/2010   Post a comment
Compared to standard RG coaxial cables, W. L. Gore & Associates’ new cables are 20 percent lighter with a 15 percent smaller diameter, but still meet the stringent electrical and mechanical requirements of MIL-T-81790 and EN 3475-503.
Crystek Armored LL142 RF cable assemblies
Product News  
10/5/2010   1 comment
Crystek has ruggedized its LL142 low-loss RF cable assemblies by incorporating a spiraled stainless steel casing.
Not all automotive electronics improvements need be complex
10/4/2010   69 comments
Recently I had a chance to drive Hyundai's Genesis Coupe again and found out engineers have added a simple but welcome upgrade.
C&K Components' JS Slide series of low-profile, cost-effective miniature slide switches
Product News  
10/1/2010   Post a comment
C&K Components’ double-pole triple-throw subminiature slide switch (DP3T) has a 3.5mm body height with a 2mm actuator height.
Schurter's MSM19 metal pushbutton switch
Product News  
10/1/2010   Post a comment
Schurter's red and green housings can be used to distinguish start/stop switching functions.

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