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posted in November 2008
Machine vision 'bot' rocks out on Guitar Hero
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
11/25/2008   Post a comment
An entertaining demonstration of machine vision capabilities uses serious industrial hardware and software to achieve human-level performance in a popular video game.
Renault-Nissan mobilizes e-cars in Portugal
News & Analysis  
11/24/2008   1 comment
In a move to promote emission-free individual mobility, the government of Portugal and automotive OEM alliance Renault-Nissan will establish a network of battery charging stations for electrical cars in that country. The vehicles will be provided by Renault-Nissan.
DC fans meet IP-58 water-proof standard
Product News  
11/24/2008   Post a comment
JARO Thermal announces the newest addition to the Aquas (AQ) line of water protected fans which are now IP 58 protected.
M8/M12 connectors include passive I/O distribution boxes
Product News  
11/24/2008   Post a comment
Erni Electronics has expanded its M8/M12 connector product line with the introduction of a line of passive I/O distribution boxes.
Revell RC Helicopter: Fun with mechatronics
Design How-To  
11/24/2008   1 comment
Even if you're not a kid (at least in age) the toy section of stores can hold some intriguing electronic gems and we'll take a look at a remote-control (RC) device in the form of Revell's RC helicopter.
Hot-plug switch offers integrated solution for 12V backplane applications
Product News  
11/20/2008   Post a comment
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the DS4560, a fully integrated, self-protected, resettable hot-plug switch that reduces the number of components required for the safe insertion and removal of systems on 12V powered backplanes.
Microchip : Inductive touch sensing works through metal and gloves
Product News  
11/19/2008   Post a comment
Microchip announces the mTouch inductive touch-sensing technology, as an addition to its capacitive touch-sensing solutions.
DC Motor Drive Basics - Part 5: DC servo drives
Design How-To  
11/18/2008   Post a comment
This excerpt from the book "Electric Motors and Drives: Fundamentals, Types and Applications" examines servo motors and both analog and digital position control.
Webcast: Fundamentals of Motor Evolution
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
11/18/2008   1 comment
See an overview of the evolution of motors and their electronic control, as well as an animation and video demonstrating the very first electric motor.
EMI filter plate features potting and pin protector
Product News  
11/18/2008   Post a comment
Spectrum Control introduces an EMI filter plate with special epoxy potting and a rubber pin protector for applications where rough handling or challenging environmental conditions are typical.
Super-thin carbon nanotube loudspeakers
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/17/2008   Post a comment
1/1,000th the width of a single human hair, these super-thin carbon nanotubes films are capable of transmitting music and other sounds.
Esilicon to expand Romania chip design operation
News & Analysis  
11/13/2008   Post a comment
Fabless company eSilicon Corp intends to expand its Bucharest, Romania-based design center and build its European presence despite global economic conditions.
Freescale, McLaren develop future Formula One electronics
Design How-To  
11/12/2008   Post a comment
Beginning 2009, Formula One racing cars can be equipped with energy recovery systems similar to what is in today's hybrid drive cars. Freescale Semiconductor and McLaren Electronic Systems (MES) will collaborate to develop the complex systems for next-gen racing vehicles.
DC Motor Drive Basics - Part 4: Chopper-fed dc motor drives
Design How-To  
11/11/2008   Post a comment
This excerpt from the book "Electric Motors and Drives: Fundamentals, Types and Applications" looks at the performance, characteristics and control arrangements of chopper-fed dc motor drives.
Good vibrations for energy harvesting
11/10/2008   3 comments
The combination of high-power-density piezoelectric element design with a high-efficiency converter takes energy-harvesting out of the lab to address the problem of powering remote and embedded devices.
DC Motor Drive Basics - Part 3: Control arrangements for DC drives
Design How-To  
11/4/2008   2 comments
This excerpt from the book "Electric Motors and Drives: Fundamentals, Types and Applications" offers an overview and details of the operation of a standard dc drive system with speed and current control.

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