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posted in August 2004
DC fans and blowers cool electronics equipment fast and quietly
Product News  
8/26/2004   Post a comment
Arconix Group offers a complete series of DC fans and blowers that feature quiet, powerful, and reliable airflow for integration into a variety of electronics equipment.
VXS chassis gives designers two backplane options
Product News  
8/25/2004   Post a comment
Compliant to the VITA 41 specification, Elma Electronic Inc.'s new 9U, Type 12 VXS chassis features backplane options in single or Dual Star topologies for high-speed switched fabric performance. The VXS Switched Serial standard is a new VITA initiative to advance VME technology, and is backwards compatible to VME/VME64x. The VITA 41 specification for VXS includes VITA 41.1 for Infiniband, VITA 41.2 for RapidIO, VITA 41.3 for Ethernet, and VITA 41.4 for PCI Express.
DC blower comes in small size
Product News  
8/24/2004   Post a comment
Measuring 3.4 in. (D) x 2.64 in. (L), a new high-speed, 24-volt brushless DC blower from Servo Magnetics Inc. can produce 11.5 inches of water pressure (28.8 mBar) and is capable of producing a flow rate of 21.5 CFM (10.2 liter/second).
Relay upgrades to 40 amps
Product News  
8/24/2004   Post a comment
CIT Relay & Switch now offers the WJ115F series relays with 40-amp contacts. Meeting UL873 and UL508 spacing requirements, the small, lightweight relays are available in three versions — PC termination, combination PC and quick connect (QC) terminations for contacts, and QC terminations for coil and contacts.
Extruded boxes offer low-cost choices
Product News  
8/23/2004   Post a comment
Bud Industries Inc. has launched a new series of inexpensive extruded aluminum boxes suitable for a variety of applications including instrument and meter cases, junction boxes and switch boxes. These boxes are priced, sold, and packaged for sale in quantities of one, which make them suitable for equipment designed in-house, prototypes, or small production runs.
Bustronic expands system accessory line
Product News  
8/19/2004   Post a comment
Bustronic Corp. has expanded its line of system accessories with a host of new products including test extender boards, power interface boards, and system monitors for VME, CompactPCI, VXI, AdvancedTCA, and VME64x architectures.
3M composite conductor gains commercial use
News & Analysis  
8/16/2004   Post a comment
3M Company has reported that its Aluminum Composite Conductor Reinforced (ACCR), an overhead power conductor that doubles the electrical transmission capacity of conventional conductors of the same diameter, will receive its first commercial application early next year, when Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy installs the ACCR on a 10-mile (16 km) transmission line in the Twin Cities region.
NKK Smartswitch development kit speeds up design cycle
Product News  
8/13/2004   Post a comment
NKK Switches offers three versions of its new SMARTSWITCH development kit to help engineers quickly prototype and reduce development costs for their new designs.
Metal matrix composite addresses reliability and cost issues
Product News  
8/13/2004   Post a comment
CPS Corp. says its new metal matrix composite packaging material provides a highly reliable and cost-effective solution for the housing, interconnection and thermal management of microelectronic, optoelectronic and power electronic devices. The aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC) metal matrix composite allows for tailored or controlled coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). This means the isotropic CTE value of AlSiC can be adjusted for specific applications by modifying the Al-metal/SiC particula
ATCA chassis touts super cooling
Product News  
8/13/2004   Post a comment
Elma Electronic Inc. has upgraded its 12U ATCA chassis line with several advanced features, including maximized cooling.
Speedy enclosure deliveries
Product News  
8/13/2004   Post a comment
Need boxes in a hurry? Equipto Electronics Corp. has announced that its Express Line service program enables shipments within five days of receipt of order for a variety of electronic enclosures. These include the company's popular sized vertical racks, 15° sloped front consoles, workstations and instrument cabinets.
Rugged VXI chassis highlights lightweight and strength
Product News  
8/12/2004   Post a comment
Targeting high performance VXI applications, Tracewell Systems, Inc.'s new RHP 11-slot high power VXI chassis touts a rugged construction, high power plugging cooling modules, and RS-485 monitoring.
Pluggable modules for cPCI backplanes reduce assembly costs, eliminate cabling
Product News  
8/3/2004   Post a comment
Bustronic Corp. has launched a new line of EasyPlug CompactPCI (cPCI) backplanes with pluggable modules that eliminate cabling in the chassis and reduce system assembly costs.
Equipment handles tout variety
Product News  
8/3/2004   Post a comment
Designed for applications ranging from rack-mounted equipment to carrying cases, RAF Electronic Hardware offers a wide selection of handles in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes. These precision-made handles are available in fixed and folding styles.
Fingerstock Gaskets - ease enclosure door EMI problems
Product News  
8/3/2004   Post a comment
For beating electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems where enclosure doors, cabinets and boxes are concerned, Laird Technologies can supply copper beryllium fingerstock gaskets. These act as conductive seals, stopping such emissions from reaching sensitive equipment within, or leaking out to similarly affect equipment located outside.
EMI Sealing Gaskets - automated Form-in-Place technology
Product News  
8/3/2004   Post a comment
The Altocad fully automated Form-in-Place technology by Laird Technologies provides high (or small) volume applications of electromagnetic interference (EMI) gaskets, at reasonable cost. The process is fast and very precise and a high shielding effectiveness of 85 - 100 dB up to 10 GHz is obtained.
19" Rack Mount LCD - ideally suited for industrial automation
Product News  
8/3/2004   Post a comment
The 19" rack mount flat panel LCD from Three-Five Systems is a rugged display platform with a large viewable area that is ideally suited for industrial automation, process control, aerospace, medical diagnostics, and defense monitoring applications. It features superb image quality with 0.299 mm dot pitch, 225 nits luminance and a contrast ratio of 500:1, providing outstanding resolution with a 176-degree viewing angle.
BGA reed relay ups performance, lowers profile
Product News  
8/2/2004   Post a comment
Review: Offering more than double the bandpass frequency of competitive RF reed relays, Coto Technology claims to have developed the industry's first four-channel planar ball grid array (BGA) RF reed relay in a true surface-mount package. Targeting the automatic test equipment (ATE) industry, the Form A relay provides a higher bandwidth up to 8 GHz. Coto also improved its reed relay design by eliminating the need to cut a slot or hole in the PC-board in order to mount the device.
BGA Relay - no slot or hole required on PC board
Product News  
8/2/2004   Post a comment
Coto Technology has introduced the first four independent channel, form-A, planar BGA Reed Relay. The B41 series is the latest offering in Coto's growing line of RF capable, reed relay products. Unlike the company's B10, B40 and other high-performance RF reed relay products, no slot or hole in the PC board is required to mount the device " a feature which simplifies the design of multi-layer boards.
Optical Trackballs - 38 mm and 25 mm in stainless steel
Product News  
8/2/2004   Post a comment
Additionally to an optical 50 mm trackball, an optical 38 mm trackball is now available from GETT® Gerätetechnik. The IP68-build-in trackball can be ordered in two variants:
The designation TKH-TB38o-F5 describes the free moving trackball with low actuation force.
The version TKH-TB38o-F60 consists of an additional front sealing, which prevents the penetration of rough contamination.
RFID Reader/Writer - for ISO 14443-A & ISO 15693
Product News  
8/2/2004   Post a comment
Cross Point introduced a multi technology RFID reader/writer for the ISO 14443-A & ISO 15693 standard. The XM13.56 reader/writer handles 13.56 MHz tags and supports the open architecture of this technology. There is no risk of a vendor lock-in, as all sectors are accessible.

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