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posted in September 2005
Pushbutton switches meet RoHS requirements
Product News  
9/30/2005   Post a comment
Constructed with heat-resistant material, the new LP01 series of pushbutton switches from NKK Switches can withstand lead-free soldering.
Switches feature lens guard for safety
Product News  
9/26/2005   Post a comment
Electro-Mech Components, Inc. has introduced a new line of lighted pushbutton switches that features integral lens guards that protect against accidental activation or turn-off, which is particularly suited for critical switching applications such as aircraft, avionics, power machine control, medical instrumentation, and simulation systems.
4U chassis improves cooling
Product News  
9/26/2005   Post a comment
Elma Electronic Inc. has released a new Type 39 4U Easy Plug CompactPCI enclosure that features improved cooling performance and a removable fan and filter tray.
Enclosure offers contemporary style
Product News  
9/22/2005   Post a comment
Bud Industries, Inc. has expanded its Plasticase enclosure with its new contemporary Style G enclosure. Featuring rounded corners and edges, the Style G Plasticase enclosure has a four-piece construction, which makes each of the component parts easier to machine than other two-piece models.
Camera phone image processing "magic," revealed!
Design How-To  
9/21/2005   Post a comment
An Agilent engineer explains how pictures get from image sensor to memory in a camera phone, and how the pictures are improved along the way through image processing "magic" that takes on the challenge of creating a good picture from a CMOS image sensor inside the camera phone.
New rack combines value and reliability
Product News  
9/16/2005   Post a comment
In response to value-conscious customers who require cost savings and reliability, Hewlett-Packard Company has introduced its new HP 5642 customer-assembled rack with 42 U of racking capacity and 680 kg/1500 lbs of static load capacity that will meet most rack requirements.
Pushbutton switches offer RGB LED option
Product News  
9/14/2005   Post a comment
NKK Switches has improved its KP01 series of silent actuation pushbutton switches with the addition of RGB LED technology that enables audio/video (A/V) and broadcast designers to customize control panels with specific colors. The RGB LED option also provides low power consumption and a low heat solution.
Ultra-thin rails support 19-in. racks
Product News  
9/10/2005   Post a comment
Elma Electronic Inc. rolls out its new ultra-thin telescopic rails that enable full size 84HP wide sub-racks to be mounted in 19-in. cabinets, whereas conventional heavy-duty rails have limited the sub-rack to a reduced 81HP width, said the company.
Heat sink design delivers optimal cooling
Product News  
9/8/2005   Post a comment
Cool Innovations Inc. said a first of its kind UltraCool P line of splayed pin fin heat sink produces a cooling premium of 20% to 30% compared to standard pin fin heat sinks when operating in low air-speed environments and in the natural convection mode.
Enclosures feature new style and sizes
Product News  
9/7/2005   Post a comment
Bud Industries, Inc. has introduced a new style of Plastibox enclosure. The new Plastibox - Style I features a sleek contemporary shape with rounded corners and edges and an optional display window.
Cam switches pack multiple options
Product News  
9/6/2005   Post a comment
c3controls offers a wide selection of compact on/off, changeover, multi-step, ammeter, voltmeter, and motor reversing cam switches for virtually any control and load break switch application. Available with up to six positions and 10 poles, these cam switches are certified as Manual Motor Controllers per UL and CSA standards.
Rocker switches tout high capacity in small packaging
Product News  
9/2/2005   Post a comment
The new SW3800 series of high-capacity rocker switches from NKK Switches feature an exceptionally high 30-A rating in a relatively small package size of approximately 1 1/2 x 1 inch. Most comparably rated rocker switches are about two to three times larger in size, said the company. These devices may be used in industrial, commercial and transportation applications.

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