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posted in January 2007
High-brightness flash LED aids in auto focus
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1/31/2007   Post a comment
Avago Technologies has introduced a high-brightness green auto focus auxiliary flash LED to assist the auto focusing function in digital still cameras when used in low ambient light conditions.
Tessera buys imaging startup for $18 million
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1/31/2007   Post a comment
Semiconductor packaging technology specialist Tessera Technologies Inc. is buying, for $18 million, Eyesquad, a developer of micro-imaging products, only a year after the Israeli company was established.
France targets Euros 23 million digital sensor project
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1/30/2007   Post a comment
The French government has put Euros 5.6 million towards a project to develop infra-red imaging sensors targeted at uses in the automotive, medical and aerospace industries. Participants in the Euros 23 million R&D project, dubbed Imalogic, include ST Microelectronics, image sensor specialist Sofradir, its subsidiary Ulis, Trixell, and French microelectronics research center CEA-LETI.
From Mars to your driveway
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
1/29/2007   Post a comment
Autonomous vehicle technology being tested with the rovers on Mars could see use in automobiles.
LEDs deliver up to 210 lumens
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1/26/2007   Post a comment
Producing a luminous flux of up to 210 lumens, Cree's XLamp XR-E LEDs are qualified for use in high-power applications up to one amp.
Vertical laser stacks feature up to 20 laser bars
Product News  
1/26/2007   Post a comment
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors unveils its expanded range of high-power laser (HPL) products at Photonics West 2007.
DLP pioneer tells how TI did it with mirrors
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1/23/2007   Post a comment
Texas Instruments fellow Larry Hornbeck, inventor of the digital micromirror device (DMD), looks back on the development of TI's seminal digital light processor (DLP) technolgy and predicts the future of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) development at TI.
Camera for the car guy
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
1/18/2007   Post a comment
If what you do behind the wheel qualifies as "action" (at least in your mind) here is a cool way to chronicle it--and impress that special someone.
Intel looking at options for Jerusalem fab, says report
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1/16/2007   Post a comment
Intel Israel is planning to close at least part of its manufacturing operations in Jerusalem, according to local reports, which also suggest the chip company may shed workers at the plant over the coming months.
Partners claim gigabit quantum encryption
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1/12/2007   Post a comment
A quantum cyptography developer has teamed with Australian cyptography company to create what the partners claim in the world's first 1- to 10-Gbit/s secure network that combines uncrackable quantum keys with classical encryption.
CVND filters are customizable
Product News  
1/10/2007   Post a comment
Reynard Corp. now offers complete customization of its Circular Variable Neutral Density (CVND) filters. These devices are used in high-quality optical systems to change the intensity of light from 100% to less than 0.1%.
Researchers tout 3-D wafer stacking technology
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1/10/2007   Post a comment
Researchers at the University of Southampton have developed a technique that will allow silicon wafers to be stacked accurately and inexpensively in 3-D structures.
Struggling Chinese LCD firms set to merge
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1/10/2007   Post a comment
Looking to improve their lot against global giants, three Chinese TFT-LCD makers are planning to merge in June if they can come to an agreement by the end of this month. The deal would create a business with annual revenues topping $1 billion.
Metamaterials for cloaking gain visibility
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1/5/2007   Post a comment
What is claimed as the world's first metamaterial for visible wavelengths was demonstrated recently at the U.S. Energy Department's Ames Laboratory.
Quantum confinement ups optical-film efficiency
News & Analysis  
1/3/2007   Post a comment
Dye-sensitized solar cells created at the Chinese Academy of Sciences to specifications from the University of Washington and then tested at the University of Leuven may enable organic solar cells and other optical devices that are 50 percent more efficient than today's versions. Parts Search

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michigan0 Sang Kim First, 28nm bulk is in volume manufacturing for several years by the major semiconductor companies but not 28nm FDSOI today yet. Why not? Simply because unlike 28nm bulk the LDD(Lightly Doped Drain) to minimize hot carrier generation can't be implemented in 28nm FDSOI. Furthermore, hot carrier reliability becomes worse with scaling, That is the major reason why 28nm FDSOI is not manufacturable today and will not be. Second, how can you suppress the leakage currents from such ultra short 7nm due to the short channel effects? How thin SOI thickness is required to prevent punch-through of un-dopped 7nm FDSOI? Possibly less than 4nm. Depositing such an ultra thin film less then 4nm filum uniformly and reliably over 12" wafers at the manufacturing line is extremely difficult or not even manufacturable. If not manufacturable, the 7nm FDSOI debate is over!Third, what happens when hot carriers are generated near the drain at normal operation of 7nm FDSOI? Electrons go to the positively biased drain with no harm but where the holes to go? The holes can't go to the substrate because of the thin BOX layer. Some holes may become trapped at the BOX layer causing Vt shift. However, the vast majority of holes drift through the the un-dopped SOI channel toward the N+Source,...
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