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posted in October 2011
Toshiba 4-channel TLP290-4 and TLP291-4 transistor photocouplers operate at higher temperatures
Product News  
10/27/2011   2 comments
Toshiba latest optocouplers feature a quad configuration in a double-molded package, wider creepage distance and a wider operating temperature range.
Avago ACPL-K4xT optocouplers
Product News  
10/27/2011   2 comments
Optimized for use in onboard chargers and other high-voltage systems in hybrid and electric vehicles, Avago's latest optocouplers are qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1 stress test requirements for automotive applications.
Vishay CNY64ST optoelectronic components
Product News  
10/27/2011   3 comments
Vishay has housed its latest high-voltage isolation optocouplers in surface-mount packages for solar and wind turbine installations.
Cree high-voltage XLamp XT-E and XM-L LEDs
Product News  
10/27/2011   3 comments
Cree announced the commercial availability of high-voltage LEDs optimized for small form factor lighting applications.
Back EMF method detects stepper motor stall: Pt. 1—The basics
Design How-To  
10/27/2011   9 comments
Technique takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection methods of current and duty-cycle sensing.
High-voltage IRS2980 aims at non-isolated LED apps
Product News  
10/25/2011   Post a comment
International Rectifier has introduced a new line of buck regulator LED drivers for non-isolated lamps.
Distributed power management cuts wiring weight
Design How-To  
10/24/2011   1 comment
Robust power line communication and distributed computing combine for an economical physical architecture.
Color sensor IC maintains consistent LED display lighting
Design How-To  
10/20/2011   2 comments
LED light change with temperature, loss of strength over time, and age-related darkening of lenses can all be offset with sensors and intelligent lighting control.
TECH TRENDS: Front-end voice activation improves auto safety
Design How-To  
10/20/2011   7 comments
The real problem for drivers is distractions, and the desire for additional productivity or entertainment that creates them. Distractions can be reduced through voice user interfaces to control the car without looking at buttons, and without having to touch them. Front-end voice activation is the next step in improving user interfaces.
Mitsubishi 10Gb/s optical transmitter module cuts power consumption by 50%
Product News  
10/20/2011   Post a comment
Mitsubishi Electric has announced a 10 Gbit/s optical transmission device that cuts power consumption by 50% compared to conventional models used for high-speed large-volume data transmission between data centers.
Do we need IR countermeasures on commercial jets?
Military & Aerospace Blog  
10/19/2011   4 comments
New technology makes the systems even better even as thousands of surface-to-air missiles have gone missing. Is it time to add IR countermeasures to wide-body jets?
Optogan expands LED production, sales in Europe
News & Analysis  
10/19/2011   Post a comment
Optogan, the Russian LED company, has opened its Landshut, Bavaria facility in the previous Hitachi semiconductor factory which has a 4,000 sq m of clean room area.
Compact rugged display computer with advanced communications
Product News  
10/16/2011   Post a comment
Eurotech's DynaVIS 10-00 compact rugged display computer has been specifically designed for modern railway applications, it uses the company's Everyware Software Framework (ESF) to simplify embedded M2M communications.
Simulations tackle EMI in hybrid and electric vehicles
Design How-To  
10/13/2011   3 comments
Electric propulsion brings with it high voltages which challenge vehicle electrical/electronic architectures.
Maxim Integrated Products MAX16841 offline LED driver
Product News  
10/12/2011   2 comments
Universal input (90VAC to 265VAC) lets the MAX16841 LED dimmer from Maxim Integrated Products operate with international dimmer models, which saves design time and costs.
Cree takes a page from Amazon’s playbook with its new LED TEMPO Service
Design How-To  
10/6/2011   3 comments
LED device manufacturer Cree sees the quality – or lack thereof – of packaged luminaires as being a major obstacle to LED acceptance; The company now offers design test and evaluation services.
Linear Technology LT3745 buck LED driver
Product News  
10/4/2011   Post a comment
Linear Technology's 16-channel LED driver powers up to 75mA of LED current for each channel, which can drive up to 36V of LEDs in series.
Texas Instruments AC/DC LED lighting drivers, LM3448 and TPS92070.
Product News  
10/4/2011   Post a comment
TI is offering two phase-dimmable, offline LED lighting drivers for use in solid state lighting residential, architectural, commercial and industrial applications.
Toshiba America Electronics Components TB62D701 and TB62771 DC/DC LED drivers
Product News  
10/3/2011   1 comment
Toshiba is offering new four-channel and eight-channel LED drivers that can take on much of the functionality typically handled by other components in lighting applications.

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