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posted in November 2001
Exciton carries charge in step towards light emission control in semis
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11/8/2001   Post a comment
A Cambridge PhD student has taken a step towards controlling light emission in semiconductors. The technique could be used to modulate output intensity or wavelengths of lights. This would be a valuable tool in optical networks.
Single ion probe 'measures optical field accurately'
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11/8/2001   Post a comment
German scientists have built a single ion probe that can measure a standing light wave with a resolution of better than one wavelength.
X-ray and optical manufacturer Photon expands into UK
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11/5/2001   Post a comment
Photon Dynamics, a US manufacturer of X-ray and optical inspection systems for chip packages, has opened a European office in Redhill, Surrey, because it believes now is the time to invest in expansion

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