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posted in February 2012
LED drivers provide control, circuit-protection design options
Design How-To  
2/27/2012   1 comment
While the basic operating requirement for an LED driver is to supply a constant current for consistent lighting, automotive uses have stringent guidelines regarding temperature and humidity, voltage, ability to withstand harsh chemicals, electromagnetic interference and compatibility, as well as circuit protection.
Vishay TEFD4300 and TEFD4300F silicon PIN photodiodes
Product News  
2/24/2012   Post a comment
Vishay's latest devices feature high reverse photo current of 17 µA, ± 20° angle of half sensitivity, and fast switching times down to 10 ns for data transmission.
ISO 26262 cuts electronics complexity risks: Pt. 1- Requirements and assessment flow
Design How-To  
2/23/2012   2 comments
Future development and integration of automotive safety functions will strengthen the need to have safe system development processes and to provide evidence that all reasonable safety objectives are satisfied. ISO 26262 provides guidance to reduce these risks to a tolerable level by providing feasible requirements and processes.
Cree to hold 'iconathon' to hone energy-efficiency logo
News & Analysis  
2/23/2012   2 comments
Cree and The Noun Project, an open source visual library of symbols and icons, are holding an “iconathon” at Cree’s campus to create universally recognizable symbols for LED lighting and other energy-efficient technologies.
Flash LED drivers for mobile applications: overcoming the constraints of space and power
Design How-To  
2/23/2012   2 comments
LED-based camera flash lights have a bottleneck in their driver circuitry; here's a proposal to overcome the limitations.
Samsung drops LCD business
News & Analysis  
2/20/2012   5 comments
Samsung's directors have approved a plan to spin-off its LCD business. The plan remains subject to shareholder approval.
Remember 'If Microsoft made cars…' jokes?
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
2/16/2012   15 comments
For a split second on a recent test drive, I felt they had.
Appleton FNES LED series
Product News  
2/16/2012   Post a comment
Appleton has launched the FNES LED series of self-contained emergency lighting luminaires complete with self-test system and rated for hazardous industrial environments.
One-piece S8 bulb socket cuts inventory needs
Product News  
2/16/2012   Post a comment
S8 bulb socket features unique one-piece design to reduce inventory stocking and component costs.
Optocouplers safeguard battery systems from transients, shorts, and other faults
Design How-To  
2/16/2012   Post a comment
Optical isolators are the defacto standard to provide high electrical isolation and noise immunity, while consuming little power compared with transformer coupling isolation.
Konica Minolta makes MEMS inkjet for printed electronics
Product News  
2/15/2012   2 comments
Konica Minolta IJ Technologies Inc. has announced that is has developed a silicon MEMS-based inkjet printhead for printed electronics applications. It is due to begin sampling in the second quarter of 2012.
Atmel LED Driver enhances LCD TV picture quality, eliminates 3D ghosting
Product News  
2/14/2012   1 comment
Atmel Corporation has a new family of high-performance 16-string LED drivers with integrated timing algorithms that improve picture quality of LCD TVs by eliminating 3D ghosting and flickering effects.
Software tools ease AUTOSAR compliance
Design How-To  
2/9/2012   Post a comment
The AUTOSAR initiative is tackling the industry-wide constraints of complexity, competition, and cost. AUTOSAR provides incentives for manufacturers to replace their proprietary software/hardware interfaces with standardized ones linked to an independent architectural layer.
Aircraft industry heads upward
Military & Aerospace Blog  
2/1/2012   Post a comment
Analysts project 9.3% growth in 2012.

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