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posted in January 2009
Extremely thin wire reduces harness weight
Product News  
1/28/2009   Post a comment
Delphi says it has developed particularly thin wires for automotive wiring harnesses. The technology could help to significantly reduce the weight of this problematic part of a car's electrical system.
Designing touch applications with advanced touch-library
Design How-To  
1/28/2009   Post a comment
- Atmel announced the availability of its advanced Touch-library that resides on the microcontroller instead of a separate chip resulting in a highly cost effective solution, which will be provided at no additional cost.
Programmable oscillators extend battery life in portables
Product News  
1/26/2009   Post a comment
SiTime is getting ready to sample next month the first three devices in a new family of programmable oscillators that it says delivers the lowest power consumption and fastest start-up time in the industry.
SiTime unveils lowest power family of programmable oscillators
Product News  
1/26/2009   Post a comment
MEMS-based silicon timing solutions specialist, SiTime Corporation, has introduced a new family of programmable oscillators that are designed to extend battery life in portable and consumer electronics by delivering the industry's lowest power consumption and fastest start-up time.
Radial aluminum capacitors offer low impedance benefits
Product News  
1/26/2009   Post a comment
Vishay Intertechnology has released a new series of radial aluminum capacitors that offers low impedance values, high capacitances, high ripple currents, and high-temperature operation up to +125 degrees C.
Equalizers for HDMI cables improve performance
Product News  
1/23/2009   1 comment
Passive equalizers are suited for HDMI, DisplayPort and other high-speed cabling, as well as for FR4 printed circuit boards (PCBs) used as backplane system interconnects.
Bourns' expanded SMT power resistor line offers smaller footprint
Product News  
1/22/2009   Post a comment
Bourns has expanded its line of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) power resistors with parts that it says offer high pulse protection, a smaller footprint and simple series dropping functions, enabling cost-effective automated assembly.
December chip sales seen 18% down Y/Y
News & Analysis  
1/21/2009   Post a comment
The three-month moving average of global chip sales in December is expected to come in at $18.3 billion, compared to the $ 20.8 billion achieved the previous month, down 18 percent year-on-year, according to researchers at banking group Carnegie Investment Bank (Oslo, Norway).
High-performance EMC/EMI filters in four-wire technology handles up to 600 A
Product News  
1/20/2009   Post a comment
Schaffner's FN 3280 filter family is now available for higher power applications with the introduction of new frame sizes 300A, 400A and 600A.
MEMS motion sensor delivers power efficiency in mobile electronic devices
Product News  
1/19/2009   Post a comment
Analog Devices has developed a new motion sensing device specifically for energy-constrained portable consumer products such as mobile gaming systems, cell phones, digital still cameras and other battery-operated electronics.
Proper selection of passive and active power quality filters for the mitigation of mains harmonics
Design How-To  
1/19/2009   Post a comment
The steady increase in non-linear loads on the power supply network such as, for instance, variable speed motor drives (VSDs), raises questions about power quality and reliability. This article explains which specifications are suitable when it comes to choosing active and passive harmonic filters and which mistakes need to be avoided.
IC plant utilization takes a hit as inventories rise
News & Analysis  
1/16/2009   Post a comment
Manufacturing plant capacity utilization is expected to fall sharply across the semiconductor industry in the current quarter and perhaps beyond.
Image sensor boasts better sensitivity for webcams, surveillance, automotive and toys
Product News  
1/16/2009   Post a comment
Developed specifically to address the low-light sensitivity demands of the fast-growing notebook PC market, the low power, small profile OV7740 delivers 6800mV/lux-sec sensitivity.
Rodgers reveals next big thing at Cypress
Product News  
1/15/2009   Post a comment
What's the next big thing at Cypress Semiconductor Corp.? Try energy and energy harvesting.
Multilayer ceramic capacitors: ESD-resistant version
Product News  
1/14/2009   Post a comment
The multilayer ceramic capacitors of the new E-series from EPCOS are highly rugged components
Monochrome versions of industrial multi-line cameras
Product News  
1/14/2009   Post a comment
e2v announced the launch of two new high performance monochrome models to its EliiXA range of industrial line scan cameras.
Long wire lead thermistor provides design flexibility, cost savings
Product News  
1/14/2009   Post a comment
Murata enhanced thermistor is fitted with wire leads up to 150mm to allow placement close to hot spot areas that may not be on the PCB or reachable by surface mount NTC thermistors on the motherboard.
Green energy boosted by analog circuitry
Design How-To  
1/13/2009   1 comment
Energy harvesting could get a boost from an analog circuit that harnesses the lowest power outputs from individual photovoltaic cells, thermoelectric generators and electromagnetic sources, according to its developer.
Low frequency TCXOs target low jitter clocking for mobile RF applications
News & Analysis  
1/13/2009   Post a comment
Greenray Industries has announced the availability of the T124 series TCXO, an ultra-low frequency oscillator that is available down to 650 Hz in a low profile, compact SMT package.
Cars share cameras, radar sensors
News & Analysis  
1/9/2009   Post a comment
Under the auspices of tier one Delphi Deutschland, a consortium of six companies has launched the research project 'Active Safety Car'. The project aims at developing automotive-based systems that do not only recognize obstacles ahead of the vehicle but also communicate them to other vehicles nearby.
SMD quartz crystal targets ultra small wireless applications
Product News  
1/6/2009   Post a comment
NDK announced the availability of what it claims is the world's smallest high reliability surface mount crystal.
Trends in RFID--Part IV
Design How-To  
1/6/2009   Post a comment
Here are the answers to such 'adoption' questions as design, hardware, software, hype, reality, catalysts, and more that continually come up with RFID. This final segment takes a look at evolving standards and legislation.
Our best stories of the year
Design How-To  
1/5/2009   Post a comment
Readers have voted, via their page views--and here are those features that generated the most traffic. The results may surprise you.

As data rates begin to move beyond 25 Gbps channels, new problems arise. Getting to 50 Gbps channels might not be possible with the traditional NRZ (2-level) signaling. PAM4 lets data rates double with only a small increase in channel bandwidth by sending two bits per symbol. But, it brings new measurement and analysis problems. Signal integrity sage Ransom Stephens will explain how PAM4 differs from NRZ and what to expect in design, measurement, and signal analysis.

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