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posted in October 2003
Antenna for 2.4-GHz wireless LANs debuts
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10/29/2003   Post a comment
Pacific Wireless has introduced an omnidirectional, extended-range "rubber duck" antenna for wireless LANs operating at 2.4 GHz and meeting the 802.11 standard. The Model IN24-5RD provides a 5.5-dBi gain rather than the industry-standard 2.2 dBi, thus doubling the signal strength for WLAN communications, the company said. It provides a 360 degrees horizontal transmission pattern and a 50 degrees vertical transmission pattern.
Bel Fuse sees earnings double
News & Analysis  
10/29/2003   Post a comment
2 GHz band isolator shrinks size, packs performance
Product News  
10/28/2003   Post a comment
By utilizing innovative assembly processes and simplifying product design, Murata Electronics has launched its next generation 2 GHz band isolator for digital mobile phones in a smaller package size with higher performance levels. The CES30 series 2 GHz band isolator can be used in digital mobile phone systems such as 1.5 GHz band PDC, 2 GHz band W-CDMA and 1.9 GHz band PCS systems. The W-CDMA version is available today.
Clock oscillators replace ceramic resonators
Product News  
10/28/2003   Post a comment
Micro Oscillator, Inc. has introduced a new clock oscillator, the MOI-2000, that can replace ceramic resonators and crystal oscillators in microcontroller-based systems that don't require precise accuracy.
Kemet makes management changes
News & Analysis  
10/23/2003   Post a comment
MEMS: The Applications Triage
News & Analysis  
10/21/2003   Post a comment
Emerging MEMS applications have one challenge in common with virtually all entrepreneurial technology companies: They must find a way across the chasm between the early adopters of new technology and the "early majority adopters." If they don't, they become—at best—a niche company or application. Jack Shandle reports on a panel at the recent MEMS Executive Forum.
SMT inductors boost power up to 32 amps
Product News  
10/20/2003   Post a comment
Pulse, a Technitrol Company, has introduced the PG0084 series of low profile (4.0 mm), high power inductors. Providing current ratings up to 32 amps, the surface-mount inductors are designed for AC-to-DC switched-mode power supplies and DC-to-DC converters in distributed power architectures (DPA), point of load (POL) systems and voltage regulator modules (VRM) for servers, workstations, telecommunications switches, routers and base station equipment.
Couplers deliver high frequency for power control
Product News  
10/20/2003   Post a comment
AVX Corp. has introduced a new family of high directivity, high isolation couplers. Designated the ITF (integrated thin-film) Series, the high frequency, surface-mount devices feature directivity in the 20-dB range.
Integrated magnetic connector adds TVS
Product News  
10/20/2003   Post a comment
The XFMRS Group offers an integrated magnetic connector (COMBO) module with transient voltage suppression (TVS) compliant with Belcore GR1089, FCC Part 68 and IEC standards. The module integrates various magnetics, LEDs, TVS and a RJ45 connector.
Crystal touts savings in space
News & Analysis  
10/16/2003   Post a comment
Fox Electronics claims to offer the smallest miniature watch crystal, measuring 3.2 mm x 1.2 mm with a low profile of 0.95 mm. This new FSN watch crystal can be used in space-constrained applications such as handheld and portable devices.
Array packaging shrinks component size, cost
News & Analysis  
10/2/2003   Post a comment
Driven by portable-appliance designers' miserly space allotments for electronics, component suppliers are integrating capacitors and resistors into arrays and networks and are increasingly turning to chip-scale and ball-grid-array packaging. The advantages, aside from the obvious space savings, are assembly cost reductions as well as faster throughput. Gina Roos has these insights.
Array packaging shrinks size, cost
Product News  
10/2/2003   Post a comment
Driven by portable-appliance designers' miserly space allotments for electronics, component suppliers are integrating capacitors and resistors into arrays and networks and are increasingly turning to chip-scale and ball-grid-array packaging.
Blue LED cuts back size, voltage for a better fit in portable apps
Product News  
10/2/2003   Post a comment
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.'s QTLP603C-EB blue LED combines a low profile with low voltage to give portable-application designers performance and size benefits.
Ceramic capacitors roll with increases in values
Product News  
10/1/2003   Post a comment
Leveraging its expertise in ceramic-based materials and processes, Murata Electronics has developed a new line of multilayer caps, ranging up to 100 microfarads, to replace both aluminum and tantalum devices.
Focus on components in Asia
Product News  
10/1/2003   Post a comment
As manufacturing continues to migrate from the United States and Europe to China, North American components distributors are taking a hard look at what it means to support their customers and what it will take to have a major presence in China.

As data rates begin to move beyond 25 Gbps channels, new problems arise. Getting to 50 Gbps channels might not be possible with the traditional NRZ (2-level) signaling. PAM4 lets data rates double with only a small increase in channel bandwidth by sending two bits per symbol. But, it brings new measurement and analysis problems. Signal integrity sage Ransom Stephens will explain how PAM4 differs from NRZ and what to expect in design, measurement, and signal analysis.

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