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posted in April 2005
Current sense resistor handles 3 watts
Product News  
4/29/2005   Post a comment
Stackpole Electronics Inc. has introduced a new current sense chip resistor capable of handling 3 watts of power at 70°C in a 1225 case size.
Ceramic caps reduce short-circuit risk in auto apps
Product News  
4/28/2005   Post a comment
EPCOS AG has developed a new type of ceramic capacitor, designated as a multi-layer serial ceramic capacitor (MLSC), to minimize the risk of short circuits if the capacitor is damaged, particularly for applications where the capacitor is permanently connected to a power source or voltage source such as in automotive electronic circuits.
High-voltage MLCCs offer more options
Product News  
4/27/2005   Post a comment
Cal-Chip Electronics Inc. has expanded its CHV series of high voltage multi-layer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitors with voltages of up to 10 kV. These devices are typically specified for surge suppression and temperature compensation in high-voltage applications where PC-board space is limited. Applications include wireless and portable products such as notebook computers, cellular phones, PDAs, camcorders, VCRs, telecommunications and test equipment.
Low-cost wireless mouse pays
4/25/2005   Post a comment
While the ubiquitous computer mouse is hardly something that screams leading edge, the product's sheer necessity and volume have quietly driven some fantastic technology developments in this sometimes-overlooked peripheral. Longtime PC users will remember the days of hardwired mice and lint-clogged roller balls, but modern approaches to mouse design dictate cutting the cord and scrapping mechanical-motion translation.
Power LED lights up high intensity and light engine apps
Product News  
4/22/2005   Post a comment
Introducing one of the industry's highest powered, single LED devices, a new 3-watt power LED from American Bright Optoelectronics features high flux density and high lumen output. Available in three styles, the new lead-free devices are offered in a complete, all-in-one light engine or in individual units.
EPCOS introduces a new choke series for interference suppression
Product News  
4/22/2005   Post a comment
EPCOS has added the B82732F and B82733F series to its range of current-compensated chokes. The new series feature one of the best inductance/rated current ratios worldwide.
High-frequency inductor offers tight tolerance
Product News  
4/21/2005   Post a comment
JARO Components Inc. has developed its new THI series of high-frequency inductors as a more economical choice than traditional wirewound or thin-film inductors. Designed for critical tolerance requirement applications, the new inductor is comprised of a photolithographically-etched thin-film coated on a single-layer ceramic to achieve high self-resonant frequency (SRF), excellent quality (Q) factor, and high-temperature stability.
Rad Hard TVS devices tackle harsh environment apps
Product News  
4/21/2005   Post a comment
Based on a multilayer varistor (MLV) concept and zinc oxide material systems, AVX Corp. has developed a new series of radiation resistant transient voltage suppressors (TVS) for military and harsh environment applications. Designated the MG and V2F series, the new Rad Hard TVS devices are available in case sizes as small as 0402 to as large as 2220.
Voltage divider in SOT-23 package eases board routing and layout problems
Product News  
4/20/2005   Post a comment
Providing design engineers with an alternative to large resistor network packages that require long signal traces and complex circuit layouts, TT Electronics BI Technologies Electronic Component Division has developed a SOT-23 packaged precision voltage divider network for aerospace, industrial, military and medical industries.
VCXO combines high frequency and low phase noise
Product News  
4/19/2005   Post a comment
Crystek Crystals Corp. has launched its latest high-performance true sinewave voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) in a surface-mount 9 x 14-mm package. The new CVSS-940 exhibits a low phase noise of 150 dBc/Hz and ±50 ppm minimum absolute pull range.
Ultra-mini acceleration sensor protects portables
Product News  
4/15/2005   Post a comment
Featuring ultra-fast response and high sensitivity, HDK America Inc.'s new micro-size, piezo-resistive three-axis acceleration sensor can detect minute amounts of dynamic acceleration in the X, Y and Z axis, and static acceleration such as tilt and gravitational simultaneously.
All-quartz crystal packaging offers smaller size
Product News  
4/15/2005   Post a comment
Fox Electronics has expanded its FQ series of all-quartz crystal packaging technology to include a 5.0 x 3.2-mm package size. The FQ5032, with a low profile of 0.8 mm, is suitable for a wide range of portable applications including handheld devices such as such MP3 players, PDAs, scanners and GPS devices.
Ultra-bright LED comes in surface-mount package
Product News  
4/13/2005   Post a comment
Vishay Intertechnology says its new ultra-bright, low-current LEDs are the industry's first to meet demand for high brightness in a miniature 0603 size surface-mount package. These TLMx100x LEDs are available in red, soft orange, and yellow with a luminous intensity of up to 7.5 millicandela (mcd).
EE Times Japan to launch in July
News & Analysis  
4/13/2005   Post a comment
Targeting one of the largest electronics markets in the world, EE Times' new sister magazine, EE Times Japan, will begin publishing in July.
Integrated color sensor touts small size
Product News  
4/12/2005   Post a comment
Agilent Technologies Inc. claims to offer the industry's smallest CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) color sensor. Measuring 5 x 5 x 1 mm, the HDJD-S722-QR999 color sensor can detect the presence of a certain color and identify its exact coordinate across the full color spectrum.
OSTAR LED sets new size and brightness standards
Product News  
4/12/2005   Post a comment
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors debuts its new compact, high-power OSTAR light-emitting diode (LED) at this week's Lightfair International 2005 conference. Setting new size and high brightness standards, the new LED offers more than 120 lumens output in a small 30 x 10-mm footprint. This new device can be used in both general and mobile illumination applications.
Omnipolar Hall-effect sensor suits 3.6 to 24-volt operation
Product News  
4/8/2005   Post a comment
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. claims its new A3245 sensor is the industry's first omnipolar Hall-effect device suited for 3.6 V to 24 V operation. It also offers a high operating temperature range of -40°C to 150°C. The omnipolar feature allows the new digital switch to easily replace reed switches with higher reliability and ease of manufacturing, and eliminates the need for signal conditioning. It also eliminates the need for magnet orientation for simple position sensing applications durin
Oscillators tune high-speed networking, server, and storage apps
Product News  
4/7/2005   Post a comment
Designed specifically for high-reliability, two new series of oscillators have resulted from the collaboration of Pericom and SaRonix.
BioMEMS Turn ICs into Devices that Save Lives, Speed Diagnosis
News & Analysis  
4/6/2005   Post a comment
MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) have been used by the medical industry since the early 1980s and have continued to add applications and revenue throughout the past decade. The two dominant MEMS biomedical technology are micromachined pressure sensors and accelerometers. In this feature article, Jack Shandle takes a look at how these and other MEMS technologies are helping the medical field.
Seven-segment display touts dynamic color brightness
Product News  
4/5/2005   Post a comment
BivarOpto, the Optoelectronics division of Bivar Inc., has added a new ultra-high reliability blue seven-segment display to its BD series for applications that require highly reliable performance in mission-critical applications such as medical and life support systems, avionics, and industrial controls. These new devices also tout color enhancements that improve accurate visual perception and attention.
High-reflectance LCDs provide clarity and readability in high-ambient-light conditions
Product News  
4/4/2005   Post a comment
A new series of highly reflective monochrome graphic and character LCDs from Optrex America Inc. offers designers a new range of industry-standard display solutions for readability in any ambient lighting condition, in combination with high performance over a wide operating temperature range.
ESD protection array features high integration, low capacitance
Product News  
4/4/2005   Post a comment
California Micro Devices has launched its latest addition to its Centurion-based family of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection devices for wireless handsets and LCD modules. Utilizing the company's proprietary Centurion Zener process technology, the CM1220 features a low input capacitance of 14 pF and protects against ESD strikes up to 15kV contact discharge in a space-saving chip scale package (CSP). Parts Search

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