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posted in July 2005
LED module suits battery-operated devices
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7/29/2005   Post a comment
Para Light Corp. now offers an enhanced-power LED module as a light source for any battery-operated device or for use in flashlights. Available with yellow, green, red or blue LEDs, the new LS0615 series is also suitable for full-color signage as well as track-, task-, emergency-, security- and garden-lighting applications.
TCXO touts tight stability, small size
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7/28/2005   Post a comment
Fordahl USA Inc. said it has introduced the industry's smallest wide temperature range Stratum III and Sonet temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO). The new lead-free/RoHS compliant TCXO offers a temperature stability of ±0.28 ppm over a temperature range of -40° to 85°C in a surface-mount 5 x 7-mm package.
IR emitter doubles radiant intensity
Product News  
7/27/2005   Post a comment
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has expanded its TSAL series of infrared (IR) emitters with the introduction of its new TSAL6100X01, an emitter certified under the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard for Smoke Detectors for Fire-Protective Signaling Systems, or UL 268. The company said the device also provides a typical radiant intensity of 130 mW/sr at 100 mA, which is more than double that of standard emitters.
Free voltage divider sample kits available for prototyping
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7/26/2005   Post a comment
Providing design engineers with a supply of precision resistive devices for prototyping and design work, TT Electronics BI Technologies Electronic Component Division has developed an engineering sample kit of its SOT-23 packaged precision voltage divider networks.
Audio alarms pump up the volume for noisy environments
Product News  
7/21/2005   Post a comment
Transducers USA has introduced a new series of high sound output devices that incorporates the company's newly developed double-sided ceramic diaphragms in a variety of packages for maximum sound pressure levels (SPLs). This makes the new TRTP-4540P device suitable for noisy environments and for appliances where an audio alert alarm with a high output is required.
Smallest TVS protection device targets networking applications
Product News  
7/21/2005   Post a comment
Semtech Corp. says it has introduced the new RClamp3304N, a 3.3-volt transient voltage suppression (TVS) protection device with a footprint that is 77% smaller than the industry standard, thanks to the company's new process and packaging innovations that resulted in low operating voltage levels and a small device size.
Double-balanced surface mount mixers cover 14 to 32 GHz
Product News  
7/21/2005   Post a comment
Hittite has introduced a line of RoHs-compliant passive mixers that require no external matching.
Wirewound inductor provides wide inductance range
Product News  
7/20/2005   Post a comment
A new surface-mount, wirewound inductor with shielding from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. offers a wide inductance value range and enables easy surface-mounting in close proximity to other components on the assembly board. It's also 100% lead free and RoHS compliant.
Dexter Magnetics HF, low loss powder cores stay cool, reduce noise
Product News  
7/20/2005   Post a comment
Available from Dexter Magnetics, Kool M powder cores are low loss distributed air gap cores suitable for use in high frequency applications.
Tricolor LED shrinks in size
Product News  
7/19/2005   Post a comment
Agilent Technologies Inc. says it has introduced the industry's thinnest top-firing tricolor, surface-mount light-emitting diode (LED) for backlighting and status indicators in ultra-thin, feature-rich mobile phones and PDAs. The new top-firing LED, in addition to Agilent's recently announced side-firing LEDs, allow handset and PDA designers to mix separate red, green and blue light sources in any combination.
TC-OCXOs deliver high stability in a small package
Product News  
7/15/2005   Post a comment
C-MAC MicroTechnology has introduced its first commercial products based on the company's proprietary temperature-compensated oven-controlled crystal oscillator (TC-OCXO) technology. Designed to combine the high stability of an OCXO with the comparatively low-power consumption, small size and light weight of a TCXO, the new CFPO-20 series offers stabilities to within ±0.025 ppm over the operating temperature with output frequencies between 5 to 20 MHz.
New resistor design eases visual inspection
Product News  
7/15/2005   Post a comment
A new line of partial wrap termination resistors from International Manufacturing Services, Inc. (IMS) provides an exposed solder fillet that is designed to facilitate visual inspection of the flip-chip's termination joint.
Chip caps target high-frequency ballasts
Product News  
7/15/2005   Post a comment
Syfer Technology offers a new series of ceramic chip capacitors designed specifically for snubber circuits in high-frequency electronic ballasts for fluorescent lighting systems.
AVX releases RoHS-compliant product guide
Product News  
7/14/2005   Post a comment
AVX Corp. has released an updated capability guide that covers the company's broad range of RoHS-compliant, lead-free passive and interconnect components.
VCOs support industrial, automotive, and military apps to 24.8 GHz
Product News  
7/12/2005   Post a comment
Hittite has introduced a line of HBT MMIC VCOs that target for 11, 12, and 24-GHz applications
MLCCs provide tin-lead terminations for mil apps
Product News  
7/8/2005   Post a comment
AVX Corp. continues to meet the needs of its military and aerospace customers with the introduction of the LD Series of multi-layer ceramic capacitors. The LD capacitors offer tin-lead solder terminations with 5 percent lead minimum.
Line card protection modules protect up to 12 lines
Product News  
7/7/2005   Post a comment
TT Electronics BI Technologies has developed a series of telecom line protection modules designed for T1/E1 line card circuits in central office (CO) and customer premises equipment (CPE) applications that protect up to 12 signal lines in a space-saving package.
EMI filters survive high temp solder processes
Product News  
7/7/2005   Post a comment
Syfer Technology Ltd. offers a wide range of solder-mount feedthrough EMI filters that are fully compliant to the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and will withstand the higher soldering temperatures of lead-replacement materials.
Epson SAW resonator has minimal frequency shift over temperature
Product News  
7/7/2005   Post a comment
The increased use of wireless applications demands crystals with high frequency accuracy and low phase noise for transmitters in order to secure reliable transmission and minimize interferences. With the NS-32R Epson offers a unique product, based on the NEW SAW technology, which helps to realize such systems.
MEMS on the Move
News & Analysis  
7/7/2005   Post a comment
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) has a reputation of being one of those technologies that is always on the verge of taking off but somehow sputters. The truth is somewhat more complicated: Success varies widely depending on market segment. In this feature article, Jack Shandles gives us an update on MEMS.
Power resistors operate in harsh environments
Product News  
7/6/2005   Post a comment
For applications that require high-surge capability and must operate in harsh environments, TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division offers a series of power wirewound resistors with lead-free vitreous enamel coating, which allows the resistors to withstand the harsh environments and high temperatures found in industrial applications.
Epson introduces a high frequency clock oscillator for consumer applications
Product News  
7/5/2005   Post a comment
The XG-1000 is the first in a new series of ultra-low jitter high frequency clock oscillators especially designed for consumer applications. It uses Epson's high-stability quartz SAW technology which is setting a new performance benchmark for the latest applications requiring high reference clock frequencies with Ultra Low Jitter.
ESD protection devices tout highest levels of protection
Product News  
7/1/2005   Post a comment
California Micro Devices has expanded its PicoGuard family of ultra-low capacitance diode arrays for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection with the introduction of its CM1215 and CM1216 devices for digital consumer and computing applications. The company said the new devices are the industry's first low capacitance devices to offer ±15 kV of contact ESD protection, exceeding IEC61000-4-2 level 4 standards. Parts Search

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