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posted in January 2012
Updated: Printed battery maker expands in Wisconsin
News & Analysis  
1/31/2012   5 comments
Blue Spark Technologies said it will expand production of printed carbon-zinc batteries in West Bend, Wis.
Programmable logic, SoC simplify power steering, accessory control
Design How-To  
1/31/2012   1 comment
Using an integrated system-on-chip reduces both product and project costs.
Embedded digital control facilitates adaptive power control strategies
Design How-To  
1/31/2012   Post a comment
Able to swap seamlessly between utility ac line and local battery backup power, the intermediate-bus architecture (IBA) that the telecoms industry has refined over decades to become cost-competitive with traditional offline-only sources is an attractive alternative for system architects needing high availability in a wide range of industries. New developments in areas such as intelligent power management strengthens the arguments in favor of the IBA.
Design a wide-voltage-band buck regulator
Design How-To  
1/27/2012   2 comments
This approach yields a wider range of output voltages than standard designs
Risk management in batteries for medical (and other) applications
Design How-To  
1/27/2012   Post a comment
Battery failure is common, but avoidable—if you understand their operating and wear-out mechanisms
New DC/DC power technology aims to be the greenest yet
Design How-To  
1/27/2012   Post a comment
A new circuit technique, using the Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) architecture, offers gains in power density, switching frequency and output power
Modularity provides functional, economical tire-pressure monitoring
Design How-To  
1/27/2012   4 comments
A building block approach allows mixing and matching features in affordable tire pressure monitoring system packages.
Dual 3A DC/DC converter offers fault protection
Product News  
1/26/2012   Post a comment
The LT8582 from Linear Technology operates from an input voltage range of 2.5 V to 22 V with transient protection to 40 V.
Printed electronics startup plans pilot production line
News & Analysis  
1/26/2012   1 comment
PragmatIC Printing Ltd., a developer of printed electronic technology, has announced plans to begin pilot-scale production at the government-backed Centre for Process Innovation in Redcar, Northern England.
Use high-speed data acquisition systems to measure transient electrical events
Design How-To  
1/24/2012   Post a comment
A transient electrical event, such as a lightning strike, requires a high-speed, high-accuracy, isolated data acquisition system to ensure measurement safety, accuracy and reliability.
U.S. approves first tidal energy project
News & Analysis  
1/24/2012   15 comments
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission this week approved the first-ever commercial license for a U.S. tidal energy project in New York City’s East River.
Single/multiphase energy-measurement IC eases smart-grid transition for utility meters
Product News  
1/24/2012   Post a comment
CS548x/9x family from Cirrus Logic provides high-accuracy analog front end, internal calculation engine, and I/O
Coupling a Supercapacitor with a Small Energy Harvesting Source
Design How-To  
1/24/2012   4 comments
Supercapacitors store energy and deliver peak power in support of energy harvesters. This article reviews the characteristics of supercapacitors and the key issues designers should consider when pairing them with small energy-harvesting sources.
High-tech conference promises help with design
Memory Designline Blog  
1/24/2012   Post a comment
DesignCon 2012 starts January 30 and ends February 2nd in the Santa Clara Convention Center.
Auto show musings
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
1/23/2012   14 comments
You may have missed these under reported developments coming from the recent auto shows.
Compliance to Power-over-Ethernet safety standards is critical when moving beyond 60W
Design How-To  
1/20/2012   2 comments
Understand the realities of delivering high-power levels safely and effectively under the latest PoE standard
Ultracapacitor boasts 3,000F, low ESR in rugged design
Product News  
1/20/2012   2 comments
MIL spec qualified ultracap designed for auto, transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial, and consumer markets.
Texas Instrument bq2416x ingle-cell, dual-input Li-Ion battery charger family
Product News  
1/20/2012   Post a comment
Aimed at tablets, e-readers and smartphones, TI's latest flexible battery ICs support expanding current-charge requirements for longer operation.
Teardown: The power inverter - from sunlight to power grid
Design How-To  
1/19/2012   2 comments
This teardown of a solar inverter card traces the path of harvested DC power from the photovoltaic panel, through boost conversion, power inverter and massive filtering of the created AC power signal required by the power grid.
Surge stopper provides overvoltage protection
Product News  
1/18/2012   Post a comment
The LT4363 from Linear Technology creates a robust, adaptable design with an N-channel MOSFET.
DC/DC converter handles load-dump and cold-crank conditions
Product News  
1/16/2012   Post a comment
Linear Technology adds step-down switching regulator that delivers 3.5A and transient protection to 60V.
Power Tip 43: Discrete devices—a good alternative to integrated MOSFET drivers (Part 2)
Power Tips  
1/15/2012   1 comment
The humble, inexpensive discrete transistor can be a cost- and performance-effective choice, and better in some ways than a more-highly integrated component.
Molex MiniFit Plus crimp terminals
Product News  
1/12/2012   Post a comment
Molex's Mini-Fit Plus high mating cycle crimp terminals feature proprietary high-current alloy and patented design.
Murata LXWS series capacitive coupling wireless charging system
Product News  
1/12/2012   2 comments
Murata's LXWS series capacitive coupling wireless power transmission module enables wireless recharging of tablet PCs and other mobile devices.
When the Power Fails: Designing for a Smart Meter’s Last Gasp
Design How-To  
1/10/2012   5 comments
A smart meter is powered by the same bus the meter is monitoring. When power is lost, the meter must record state information to flash memory or send out a wireless signal -- the meter’s last gasp. The problem of efficiently and cost-effectively providing hold-up energy typically falls to power supply designers. Try one of these flyback switch mode designs to provide for that last gasp.
Leyden Energy partners for wireless charging
News & Analysis  
1/10/2012   Post a comment
Battery technology startup Leyden Energy said it is teaming with Powermat Technologies, a developer of wireless charging technology, to develop high-density battery cells and packs based on Leyden’s core Li-imide salt technology.
Toyota accelerations revisited—hanging by a (tin) whisker
Design How-To  
1/10/2012   18 comments
Several accelerator pedal position sensors had tin whiskers that could cause short circuits.
Floating "surge stopper" IC clamps 500V and more, allows cool-down period
Product News  
1/9/2012   Post a comment
LTC4366 from Linear Technology avoids need for capacitors, inductors, fuses, transient suppressors
Power-management functions for energy harvesting
Design How-To  
1/8/2012   Post a comment
Understand the functional blocks needed for this role in a harvesting design
Define drain-current conditions when calculating power for multi-core SoCs
Design How-To  
1/5/2012   Post a comment
Automotive electronics for safety applications are increasingly implementing multi-CPU architectures with on-chip redundancy to ensure applications using minimal software overhead. Such redundancy is good for safety, but on the other hand has disadvantages such as higher die area, noise, and power consumption.
Circuit protection design for photovoltaic power systems
Design How-To  
1/3/2012   Post a comment
Learn about the special circuit protection requirements of solar energy systems.
Out of Europe: Top auto electronics articles 2011
Design How-To  
1/3/2012   Post a comment
As with elsewhere in the world, there is interest in EV and hybrid electric technologies.
Top ten Audio Designline articles for 2011
Audio DesignLine Blog  
1/3/2012   Post a comment
Here are the top ten (most popular) technical articles on Audio Designline during 2011.
Highly efficient and reliable power supply for LED street lighting
Design How-To  
1/3/2012   Post a comment
To achieve long operating life, you need a a lasting, robust power supply for street-lighting applications
The impact of high pulse drain on CR2032 coin-cell battery capacity
Design How-To  
1/2/2012   13 comments
Understand how high peak, short-duration pulsed loads affect this widely used power source

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