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posted in November 2003
Intermediate bus converters roll on 8-, 9.6-volt routes
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11/22/2003   Post a comment
Celestica Inc. touts its IBC series as the first off-the-shelf DC/DC converters to provide 8- and 9.6-volt intermediate bus voltages for computing and telecom applications. Working from a 36-55 volt input, the IBC series provides 4:1, 5:1, and 6:1 step-downs, thus establishing 12, 9.6, and 8-volt outputs, respectively.
Modular power system steps up to the central office
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11/22/2003   Post a comment
Valere Power's new Modular DC Power System, the first product of its kind for the company, is targeted at central office and wireless telecom applications that require from 800 to 20,000 amps. Leveraging the company's patented high-efficiency power conversion technology that, overall, delivers systems that are half the size of typical installations and cut heat dissipation by one-third, the Modular DC Power System can be configured to offer 800 amps in half a telecom rack.
Power chip drives point-of-load applications
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11/22/2003   Post a comment
Texas Instruments' TPS54350 is the newest addition to the company's SWIFT (switcher with integrated FET technology) family, a 3-amp, nominal 15-watt DC/DC (non-isolated) PWM buck converter suitable for point-of-load applications. Working from a 4.5- to 20-volt input, the converter is especially useful for powering DSP, FPGA, and microprocessors directly from a mid-voltage bus, versus an additional low-voltage bus.
PC/104-compatible power supply modules ease distributed power schemes
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11/20/2003   Post a comment
Here's a line of low parts-count power-source plug-in cards for modular PS/104 systems. They can simplify power distribution, and sidestep power-line routing problems.
What's alternative power's environmental impact?
11/20/2003   Post a comment
The flood of e-mails I've received following MGE's announcement of a hydrogen based backup source for UPSes tells me that engineers are rightfully confused, writes eeProductCenter's power mavin Vince Biancomano. We need some basic answers from the experts, he says, except they don't have a firm grasp, either.
White LED driver powers a 9V CCD Camera via USB
News & Analysis  
11/20/2003   Post a comment
USB is a de facto standard in every new personal computer and/or laptop. But this doesn't come free: USB 1.0 connections only give you 5 volts. In this design note from the November issue of Planet Analog magazine, a National Semiconductor engineer shows how to wire a white LED driver to cough up the 9 volts needed to power a CCD camera.
Power board accelerates DVD reference designs
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11/13/2003   Post a comment
Power Integrations' Design Accelerator Kit (DAK-32) features an energy efficient 20-watt power supply reference design that delivers sufficient peak output to start motors and spin up drives found in DVD players and recorders. It consumes 1 watt in the standby mode.
1U quad supply delivers high current at 3.3 and 5 volts
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11/12/2003   Post a comment
XPiQ's new HUL175 Series is a 175-watt quad-output supply that provides two high-current outputs: 3.3 volts at up to 15 amps and 5 volts at up to 20 amps. The auto-ranging supply, in a 1U chassis measuring 6.8 by 3.8 by 1.5 inches (LWH), has been designed for tight installations where it's necessary to deliver 100 watts minimum under convection-cooled conditions.
Desktop adapter powers 48-volt applications
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11/12/2003   Post a comment
Astec Power's DAS60 desktop adapter, an external AC/DC supply, delivers 60 watts at 48 volts from a universal AC input for telecom, test and measurement, imaging, and non-patient-contact medical devices. The DAS60 is rated for operation over -5 to +50°C, and thus is suited to fairly rugged applications.
Lab supply serves high-power applications
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11/12/2003   Post a comment
Absopulse Electronics' LPSk-100 series adjustable power supply is designed for laboratory and industrial applications. The modular system (two plug-ins in a 4U by 19-inch shelf) delivers a regulated 1,000-watt output from a nominal 120 VAC (97-132 VAC) input. Output voltage is adjustable over 0-100 VDC with a front-panel potentiometer.
17-amp POL converter optimized for 12-volt buses
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11/12/2003   Post a comment
Power One's X3117P is a point-of-load converter in the company's maXyz family that's optimized for 12-volt intermediate bus applications and tight installations. Delivering more current than any of its predecessors and in an LGA package measuring only 15 by 15 by 1.4 mm, the synchronous buck product, working at 1.2 MHz, delivers a programmable 1.2 to 5 volts at 17 amps from a 10.8- to 13.2-volt input. These converters include a current-share connection to enable parallel operation.
MOSFET-Assisted Soft-Switching of IGBTs: A Re-Examination
News & Analysis  
11/10/2003   Post a comment
A simple and effective method of reducing turn-off loss in an IGBT with the help of MOSFET is re-investigated. In this technique a MOSFET is either operated in series or parallel with the IGBT and with the proper sequencing of the turn-on and turn-off of the MOSFET, turn-off losses in the IGBT associated with current tailing are reduced. An alternative switching method suggested in this paper can significantly reduce the ratings of MOSFET, still reducing turn-off power loss in IGBT.
Input Capacitor and Stability Considerations in EMI filters - Part 6 in the series
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11/10/2003   Post a comment
There are things we may do unintentionally at the input of the converter that can have a major impact on the performance of the EMI filter and the converter itself, writes National Semiconductor's Sanjaya Maniktala in this new installment of the series on EMI. If we don't know the rules, we can end up saturating our filter chokes and even inducing loop instability. Pick your capacitors carefully!
Eighth-brick delivers 170 watts
Product News  
11/5/2003   Post a comment
NetPower says its new EBS eighth-brick DC/DC converters deliver up to 170 watts. These converters provide from 0.8 to 15 volts at up to 50 amps from a nominal 48-volt input (42 to 53 volts). The converters feature high efficiency (93 percent at 14 amps for the 12 volt model). They also tout tightly regulated output voltage, remote sensing, and full protection.
Flywheels expand for UPS backup
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11/5/2003   Post a comment Parts Search

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