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posted in November 2012
Powering LED luminaires: Whats the best option?
Design How-To  
11/29/2012   3 comments
Workarounds required to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility can impair the reliability and efficiency of power circuits in LED luminaires.
Harsh military environments demand high performance power conversion
Product How-To  
11/28/2012   Post a comment
Military vehicles are platforms for increasingly complex electronic systems Heat management and power distribution are critical. High performance power conversion technology helps designers develop thermally efficient, reliable systems.
PV researchers get a training network
Design How-To  
11/27/2012   3 comments
A consortium of companies and research institutes are forming a network for the interdisciplinary training of researchers in advanced thin-film photovoltaic technologies.
Energy harvesting at the press of a button
Design How-To  
11/26/2012   Post a comment
Mechanical energy from many sources can be tapped by means of energy harvesting to power electronic devices and particularly to send wireless control messages to activate systems remotely. Frank Schmidt, CTO of EnOcean GmbH introduces the ECO 200 energy harvest unit and provides considerations for its use and application examples.
ARM-backed power player raises cash
Design How-To  
11/22/2012   1 comment
Digital power control startup has raised an additional $8 million to be used to extend the company's reach into overseas markets and a broader set of applications.
Panasonic, Itron develop smart meter for Japan
Design How-To  
11/20/2012   1 comment
Panasonic Corp. and Itron Inc. have teamed to develop a smart meter that meets Japan's electric utilities needs and supports its communication protocols.
Infineon details short-time work regime
News & Analysis  
11/20/2012   Post a comment
German chip maker provides more details of a recently-introduced short-time work regime. So far it only impacts one factory making power electronics modules.
Slideshow: Making sense of connected sensors
Design How-To  
11/19/2012   8 comments
A host of sensors demonstrated at Japan's Embedded Technology show are showing up everywhere - from shoes and cars to rice fields.
Product News  
11/16/2012   Post a comment
The latest addition to its line of SM SMPS capacitors, AVXs Super X7R SMM capacitors are well suited for a broad range of applications.
Enhancing the efficiency of photovoltaic systems
Design How-To  
11/15/2012   3 comments
The overall design of PV systems is addressed along with new semiconductor advances that provide designers with the best tools for developing PV inverters.
5W dual output DC-DC converter powers rugged military apps
Design How-To  
11/14/2012   Post a comment
VPT Inc. has introduced the VPT5-2800D DC-DC, a 5-watt dual output DC-DC power converter designed to power electronics in unmanned vehicles, ships, armored ground vehicles and other rugged systems.
ZigBee to the rescue for 'Fifth Play' services
Design How-To  
11/12/2012   1 comment
Cable companies and service providers worldwide are about to start rolling out new "Fifth Play" services that make the connected home more of a smart home.
Power chip targets quad-core ARM processors
Design How-To  
11/8/2012   Post a comment
Dialog Semiconductor's multi-output power management IC is being touted as the most highly integrated PMIC for ARM quad- and dual-core application processors.
Aluminum capacitors target solar applications
Product News  
11/8/2012   Post a comment
Vishay is offering snap-in power aluminum capacitors for solar applications with 500 V rated voltage and ripple current to 2.52 A.
Maxim, RadioPulse target ZigBee for smart grid
Design How-To  
11/7/2012   Post a comment
Maxim Integrated Products and RadioPulse have joined forces to provide ZigBee communication for smart grid applications.
Green power takes center stage
Product How-To  
11/6/2012   Post a comment
Legislation and customer pressure are both working to ensure greener operation of today's power supplies.
Charging high capacity batteries from 5V sources
Product How-To  
11/6/2012   Post a comment
Linear Technology explains how a IC-controled Li-Ion power management IC with integrated power devices can charge high capacity batteries from any 5V source without overheating.
Energy harvest market growing at 50% annual rate
Design How-To  
11/5/2012   1 comment
The market for energy harvesting devices will reach about $19 million in 2012 and grow to about $45 million in 2013, according to market researcher Yole Developpment.

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