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posted in April 2002
A Novel SPWM VVVF AC Drive Using a Discrete Analog Approach with SCF
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4/19/2002   Post a comment
Although AC induction motors are widely used, it is difficult to control the speed of these components. Rodel Vincent Andrada y Corcuera of the University of the Philippines-Diliman describes a novel and cost-effective type of DC-to-AC inverter circuit for induction-motor speed control.
Power Distribution Planning
Design How-To  
4/17/2002   Post a comment
In UDSM design power distribution can be more important than power consumption. This primer on managing UDSM power grid design issues, by Resve Saleh, Michael Benoit, and Pete McCrorie of Simplex Solutions, addresses IR drop, ground bounce, pin inductance, and electromigration.
High Repetition Rate Thyristor Driver for a Magnetic Modulator
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4/5/2002   Post a comment
You find pulsed laser modulators, driven by a distributed-gate fast thyristor, in several high current/high volatge applications such as pulsed gas lasers and particle accelerators. Dharmraj V. Ghodke and Muralikrishanan. K. of the Laser Systems Engineering Division Center for Advanced Technology in India describe a thyristor gate-driver for delivering a 4µs, greater than 80A pulse with a rise time under 100ns and a 7kHz repetition rate.

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