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posted in April 2010
ESC: Smart grid faces security, consumer challenges
News & Analysis  
4/29/2010   Post a comment
An array of hurdles ranging from making communications gear secure to understanding consumer behaviors stand in the way of flipping on smart electric grids, according to a panel of experts at the Embedded Systems Conference.
ESC: Embedded helping to harness medical data explosion
4/29/2010   Post a comment
The proliferation of portable medical devices and the explosion of new patient data wrought by widely available imaging technologies are forcing medical electronics designers to devise new ways of integrating diverse biotechnologies with electronics while curtailing power consumption.
Motor control gets tangible attention at ESC, and an award
Power DesignLine Blog  
4/28/2010   Post a comment
Sophisticated embedded designs tackle motion control, and at relatively low cost
ESC - IAR Systems pioneers low-power debugging
Product News  
4/27/2010   1 comment
IAR Systems has developed low-power debugging technology that marks significant advance in software development for low-power embedded systems.
IDT debuts power converter, timing chipset with coupled inductor technology
Product News  
4/27/2010   Post a comment
IDT has announced a new family of voltage regulators designed to help customers reduce their total system power loss by combining its timing portfolio with a multi-phase controller and featuring coupled inductor technology.
A Universal Circuit Protection Solution for Low-Voltage Generator Interfaces
Design How-To  
4/26/2010   Post a comment
It takes a combination of devices to provide total protection when mixing higher-voltage AC lines with lower-voltage signals
ESC: Keynoter sketches out vision for electric cars
News & Analysis  
4/26/2010   4 comments
In 10 years as many as a third of all new cars sold could be battery-operated electric vehicles, according to startup Better Place that will sketch out its vision in a keynote address at the Embedded Systems Conference.
Power packaging news is good news for designers
Power DesignLine Blog  
4/23/2010   Post a comment
Common, standardized MOSEFT packaging among various vendors is a win-win, mostly--but not necessarily
iWatt sells power module division to IDT
News & Analysis  
4/22/2010   Post a comment
In order to fund its IC businesses for the foreseeable future, digital power IC vendor iWatt Inc. (Los Gatos, Calif.) has announced the sale of its IKOR power module division to Integrated Device Technology Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.).
Energy management SoC measures eight single phase outlets simultaneously
Product News  
4/20/2010   Post a comment
Teridian Semiconductor has launched an energy measurement SoC, the 78M6618 (6618), for use in data center power distribution units (PDUs) and applications in the smart home, including intelligent power strips and circuit breaker panels.
Email: Monitoring can drive 25% power savings
News & Analysis  
4/20/2010   Post a comment
A reader writes about his experience installing a power monitoring system across three states in the U.S. northwest.
Low-power flyback converter eliminates optocoupler
Design How-To  
4/19/2010   2 comments
Understand how a new IC can get a sometimes- troublesome device--commonly needed in this "tricky" power-supply topology--off your BOM
Is the smart power strip a sign of "smart grid" things to come? (plus, an urelated blog correction)
Power DesignLine Blog  
4/17/2010   Post a comment
The smart grid promises so much, maybe too much, as this project indicates
Leverage latest power devices to improve data-center efficiency
Design How-To  
4/16/2010   1 comment
Worldwide in 2005 alone, more than $7 billion was spent on powering data-center servers, with half the energy wasted on power conversion, conditioning, distribution and environmental control. This feature shows how the latest power devices can improve efficiency at every stage of the power delivery system to greatly reduce that waste.
Innovative DC/DC controller eliminates need for remote-sensing leads in supply-regulation loops
Product News  
4/15/2010   Post a comment
LT4180 from Linear Technology Corp. infers resistive cable loss by measuring change in voltage which accompanies incremental current change; minimizes load regulation issues
Video: Panel sees limits to fast-rising battery sector
News & Analysis  
4/14/2010   Post a comment
The multi-billion dollar battery industry is poised for huge growth, but lithium ion, today's fast rising technology, faces significant limits and a race is on to find better chemistries, according to a panel of experts.
EV maker licenses smart charger technology
News & Analysis  
4/14/2010   Post a comment
Electric vehicle maker Zap has licensed technology from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to build user-programmable EV chargers Zap plans to use in future vehicles and chargers for the U.S. and Asian markets.
Intel touts personal energy management
News & Analysis  
4/14/2010   4 comments
Intel's CEO declared the "era of personal energy management" during the chip maker's developer's forum in Beijing this week.
Entrepreneurs drive Silicon Valley toward Detroit 2.0
News & Analysis  
4/13/2010   1 comment
A handful of entrepreneurs hope to turn Silicon Valley into Detroit 2.0 by supplying key subsystems for next-generation electric and hybrid vehicles but they disagree about how the new market they see for electric and hybrid vehicles will emerge.
Automotive Engineers & Ultracapacitors: What's Next for Energy Storage?
Design How-To  
4/13/2010   3 comments
Understand the role ultracapacitors can play in energy harvesting and efficiency within automotive systems
Fault Monitoring in Less-Than-Perfect Battery Management Systems
Design How-To  
4/12/2010   Post a comment
Understand the requirements for reliability and redundancy in critical battery-operated applications, and a how specific IC is designed to meet them
Assess Energy Efficiency of Component Power Supplies
Design How-To  
4/11/2010   Post a comment
Develop an understanding of the energy efficiency requirements of component power supplies and the Typical Electricity Consumption rating of the Energy Star program.
AC versus DC power distribution: the pendulum swings
Power DesignLine Blog  
4/10/2010   6 comments
As technology changes and needs change, once-discarded approaches can become viable, again
A stellar lineup will discuss all aspects of intelligent motor control
4/9/2010   Post a comment
EE Times' latest virtual conference covers the topic of motor control with an all-star cast.
U.S. awards $100M in smart grid training grants
News & Analysis  
4/8/2010   Post a comment
The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a total of nearly $100 million in grants to train an estimated 30,000 workers in smart grid technologies with awards going to a diverse group of 54 colleges, universities and companies for programs to train electricians, line workers, technicians, system operators, power system engineers, cyber security specialists and transmission planners.
Small motor control efficiency gains deliver big energy savings
4/7/2010   Post a comment
Virtual Conference Keynote Address details global energy usage to power motors.
Industry asks Obama to plug consumers into smart grid
News & Analysis  
4/7/2010   Post a comment
The Obama Administration needs to create new regulations, incentives and education programs to spark consumer use of smart grid technologies, according to a letter to the U.S. President from nearly 50 companies and organizations.
Energy savings market to top $277 billion by 2020
News & Analysis  
4/6/2010   Post a comment
According to a new report from Lux Research, the market for energy saving green buildings technologies will expand from $144 billion today to $277 billion in 2020, representing a 6.1 percent compound annual growth rate.
ESC: Is the smart grid a little too smart for your own good?
4/5/2010   11 comments
The smart grid promises worthwhile energy savings as well as market opportunity for our industry, but it has some potential privacy and compulsive issues, as well.
Elements of Basic and Smart Utility Meters
Design How-To  
4/5/2010   Post a comment
Understand the principles and functional requirements behind this fast-growing application
ESC asks: is the smart grid a little too smart for your own good?
Power DesignLine Blog  
4/5/2010   1 comment
The smart grid promises worthwhile energy savings as well as market opportunity for our industry, but it has some potential privacy and compulsive issues, as well.
Dealing with wires in a wireless world
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
4/3/2010   3 comments
Even if you are living the "wireless" life, you need to manage the inevitable wires, cables, and cords
Taser, Stinger zap each other over patents
News & Analysis  
4/2/2010   1 comment
Taser International Inc. (Scottsdale, Ariz.), the developer of electric-shock gun technology, has said that it won summary judgment against rival manufacturer Stinger Systems Inc. (Tampa Florida) on Tuesday (March 31) in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.
Keep alternative energy engineering clean: from politics
SmartEnergy Designline Blog  
4/1/2010   6 comments
We were brainstorming on ideas for the up-coming EETimes Digital Edition on Alternative Energy (mark your calendar: it debuts June 7th) and I realized after just a few minutes that it's really hard to discuss Alternative Energy without raising political hackles, no matter how much you try and focus on the engineering aspects.
Firms explore electroless plating for solar cells
News & Analysis  
4/1/2010   Post a comment
The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) of the University at Albany, N.Y. and Technic Inc. have announced an R&D partnership that is designed to enable critical improvements in manufacturing processes for solar cells.
Comment: Scaling, collaboration are keys to maintaining U.S. cleantech edge
4/1/2010   Post a comment
Scaling existing technologies and collaboration among industry, gvernment and universities is the best way for the U.S. to maintain its edge in clean-energy technology.
Power management IC vendor files for $91M IPO
News & Analysis  
4/1/2010   Post a comment
Power management IC vendor Alpha & Omega Semiconductor filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering worth about $91 million, according to a report. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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