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posted in May 2010
Strengths and weaknesses of common resistor types
News & Analysis  
5/31/2010   4 comments
Understand the key parameters of this vital passive component and how they trade off against each other
True-shutdown circuit cuts current drain to zero
Design How-To  
5/31/2010   Post a comment
Don't settle for almost-complete shutdown, when you can get a true shutdown when using this step-up DC/DC converter plus a clever circuit.
Power-saving processor strategy is a tough call
Power DesignLine Blog  
5/29/2010   1 comment
The obvious solution may not be the best, but the analysis is also tricky
Boston-Power signs up BMZ to make battery packs
News & Analysis  
5/28/2010   Post a comment
Boston-Power Inc., a vendor of lithium-ion batteries, is teaming up with Batterien-Montage-Zentrum, a European supplier of rechargeable battery packs.
Smart grid standards expected by mid-2011
News & Analysis  
5/28/2010   2 comments
Engineers aim to deliver within a year a broad suite of standards needed to build smart electric grids and reported on stepwise progress at the end of Connectivity Week here.
Power-saving processor strategy is a tough call
Power DesignLine Blog  
5/28/2010   Post a comment
The obvious solution may not be the best, but the analysis is also tricky
Autoelectronics market to reach $210 billion in 2014, says analyst
News & Analysis  
5/27/2010   Post a comment
The market for automotive electronic systems is set to grow from a 2009 low of $125 billion to about $210 million in 2014, a CAGR over the period of 11 percent, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics. Over the longer period to 2017 the company is forecasting a CAGR of 9 percent to yield an annual market of about $244 billion.
Group breaks logjam over smart meter standard
News & Analysis  
5/27/2010   1 comment
Developers have agreed on a process to define by the end of the year a "seed" standard describing how to present data to devices that monitor smart electric grids, breaking a logjam that has drawn attention from Obama Administration officials and others trying to drive the move to a digital networked grid.
Powerline backers spar over smart grid market
News & Analysis  
5/25/2010   Post a comment
Competing powerline proponents used the platform of the Connectivity Week event to fire off competing announcements to position themselves for success in the emerging smart grid market that has huge potential, but sees no end in sight to years of fragmentation over technical approaches.
Isolated DC-DC converter delivers 60W in tiny package
Product News  
5/25/2010   Post a comment
Picor has introduced the PI3101 Cool-Power high-density isolated DC-DC converter that delivers 60W of output power in half the size of existing products, setting a new standard for power density by delivering over 105W per square inch.
Cisco tunes router, switch for smart grid
News & Analysis  
5/25/2010   Post a comment
Cisco Systems has rolled out its first router and switch designed for the needs of electric utility substations, the first of a broad set of offerings expected from a business group set up late last year to extend Internet Protocol networks to the emerging smart grid.
Understand how to implement the vital thermal-monitoring function needed for reliable and safe higher-power LED operation
Design How-To  
5/24/2010   3 comments
Understand how to implement the vital thermal-monitoring function needed for reliable and safe higher-power LED operation
Perpetuum launches stand-alone energy harvester
News & Analysis  
5/24/2010   Post a comment
Perpetuum Ltd., a developer of energy harvesting technology, has launched the free-standing harvester that combines electromagnetic vibration energy harvesting technology with a selectable set of energy charging, storage and management options.
Compact power electronics systems for vehicles offer power density of 20 kVA/liter
Product News  
5/21/2010   Post a comment
Semikron has introduced a series of SKAI 2 modules that claim to offer the most compact power electronic systems for hybrid and electric vehicles for use in the agricultural industry, construction industry, materials handling and battery-powered vehicles of any kind.
Clever mechanical design enables energy-saving bulb control
Power DesignLine Blog  
5/21/2010   1 comment
It takes more than circuitry and software to make a viable photosensitive bulb control
EVs sound good but electricity still has its cost
SmartEnergy Designline Blog  
5/18/2010   7 comments
I want clean air and energy independence as much as anyone. I’m just not sure all-electric vehicles are the way to achieve it.
Three-phase step-down DC/DC controller targets high-current rails
Product News  
5/18/2010   Post a comment
Linear Technology has introduced a three-phase single-output high-efficiency synchronous step-down DC/DC controller with PolyPhase operation, differential output voltage sensing and integrated PLL clock synchronization for applications including high-power audio amplifiers.
ST, Micropelt launch energy-harvesting kit
Product News  
5/18/2010   Post a comment
Leading European chip company STMicroelectronics NV and Micropelt, a specialist in Peltier and Seebeck effect devices, have announced an autonomous wireless sensor evaluation kit.
Mixed-signal and power-integration packaging solutions
Design How-To  
5/17/2010   Post a comment
Understand the packaging options and tradeoffs available for power devices when used as mixed-signal subsystems
How about hydraulic wind turbines?
Power DesignLine Blog  
5/15/2010   4 comments
This interesting alternative design offers advantages but also has drawbacks
NXP, AVL launch research to extend range of e-cars
News & Analysis  
5/10/2010   Post a comment
NXP Germany and AVL Software have joined their forces in the Pollux research project aiming at extending the cruising range of electric vehicles.
New Power Technologies Set to Improve Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
5/7/2010   Post a comment
Increases in power demand, costs, require strategies & tactics to reduce consumption, promote environmental responsibility
2.5-A step-down DC/DC converter supports input voltages up to 60V
Product News  
5/4/2010   Post a comment
TI is offering a wide input-voltage converter that is designed to provide fast transient response and high efficiency to industrial low-power systems and GSM/GPRS modules.
Mitsubishi agrees to use Infineon IGBT package
News & Analysis  
5/3/2010   Post a comment
Infineon Technologies AG (Munich, Germany) and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. of Japan have agreed they will both serve the industrial motion controls and drives market worldwide as sources for advanced IGBT modules packaged in SmartPACKs and SmartPIMs.
Ultracapacitor firm Ioxus hires A123 Systems exec
News & Analysis  
5/3/2010   Post a comment
Ioxus, Inc., an ultracapacitor vendor has hired Harvey Wilkinson of A123 Systems, one of the world's leading suppliers of lithium ion batteries.
Excerpt: Thermal Management Handbook
Design How-To  
5/3/2010   2 comments
This section of the handbook examines selection and use of temperature sensing components, including their selection, placement, and PCB layout guidelines
"Also of Interest" and "Elementals" for May 3, 2010; plus recent "Planet Analog" Newsletters
Design How-To  
5/1/2010   Post a comment
Check out these interesting and tutorial items from other engineering and design publications, courtesy of Planet Analog, as well as an archive of the Planet Analog Newsletter Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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