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posted in June 2004
3U-sized UPS delivers 5.4 kW
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6/30/2004   Post a comment
Toshiba développe des piles à combustible de la taille d’une boîte d’allumettes
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6/28/2004   Post a comment
Toshiba Corp. vient de mettre au point une pile à combustible méthanol direct (DMFC) de la taille d’une boîte d’allumettes sans pièces amovibles.
Two-section Li-ion serves rugged 15/30V apps
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6/26/2004   Post a comment
Ultralife Batteries' new UBI-2590 is a lithium-ion rechargeable with two independent 15-volt sections, each having separate protection electronics and capacity gauges. "The UBI-2590 is a readily available design solution that offers product developers a convenient power solution for their rechargeable applications," said product manager Ralph Wise. "With multiple chargers and cables available, the UBI-2590 has the convenience and capability to address the many current and future applications our
Toshiba develops matchbox-sized fuel cell for mobile phones
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6/24/2004   Post a comment
Toshiba Corp. has developed a matchbox-sized direct methanol fuel cell with no moving parts.
Wide-input eighth-bricks deliver 100 watts
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6/23/2004   Post a comment
Artesyn Technologies' Ultra series of eighth-brick DC/DC converters deliver 100 watts, a boost of 35 percent over second-generation bricks and the first of their kind, according to the company. These wide-input (36-75 V), single-output modules provide 2.5, 3.3 and 5 volts at 40, 30 and 20 amps, respectively, which equates to a power density of greater than 160 watts/in3 for high-end telecom applications such as mobile/optical switches, high capacity network routers and similar systems
Simpler fuel cell architecture being readied for portables
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6/22/2004   Post a comment
MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. unveiled patented direct-methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology based on what the company says is a radically simplified architecture that will permit handheld electronics to be powered by integrated, internal fuel cells for the first time.
Une architecture de pile à combustible simplifiée est en cours d'élaboration pour les ordinateurs portables
News & Analysis  
6/22/2004   Post a comment
MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. a levé le voile lundi (21 juin) sur sa technologie brevetée de cellule à combustible directe méthanol (DMFC) qui repose, selon la société, sur une architecture radicalement simplifiée permettant à des appareils portables d’être alimentés pour la première fois par des cellules à combustible internes intégrées.
Simpler fuel cell architecture being readied for portables
News & Analysis  
6/21/2004   Post a comment
MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. unveiled patented direct-methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology based on what the company says is a radically simplified architecture that will permit handheld electronics to be powered by integrated, internal fuel cells for the first time.
Smart controller consolidates motor designs
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6/20/2004   Post a comment
Touting an increased level of integration, Apex Microtechnology has designed its MSA240 and MSA260 as complete "PWM amplifier" solutions for DC brush motor drives. These boards include a smart controller, oscillator, comparator, error amplifier, current-limit comparators, and a full-bridge output. The error amp also can be applied as a differential amplifier on the input to allow interfacing with most motor control chip sets.
High-voltage supply delivers 2 kW
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6/17/2004   Post a comment
Designed for high-voltage applications, Absopulse Electronics' HVC2k AC/DC power supply delivers 2 kW at 85, 125, 136, 250, 270, or 300 VDC from a 115/230 VAC input. The unit can be configured for between one and three regulated outputs. A built-in redundancy diode allows for parallel connection or N+1 redundancy, and suits the unit to battery charging applications.
Better do the math: ignore transfer functions at your own peril
News & Analysis  
6/15/2004   Post a comment
It seems that there must be at least two distinct groups of people working in power, writes our power supply guru. One group consists of academicians who invoke integral calculus equations to describe a buck regulator. Another group of power supply professionals may wonder if this is going to really help them design better products. Sanjaya Maniktala says the math CAN translate into a better product, not just some yellowing seminar material fighting for immortality on a dusty shelf.
Samsung invests in power specialist Advanced Analogic
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6/15/2004   Post a comment
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. said Samsung Ventures America has invested $2 million in the developer of power management devices.
Double-conversion UPSes serve at 700 VA
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6/15/2004   Post a comment
Three new uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes) from MGE extend the company's Pulsar EX RT family for high-level power conditioning down to 700 VA. These UPSes, in a 2U form factor covering the 700 to 1500 VA range, incorporate true on-line double-conversion topology with built-in automatic bypass for the growing number of critical applications at the lower power levels and to secure the highest level of compatibility with backup generators.
SynQor extends POL family
Product News  
6/14/2004   Post a comment
À la recherche de stratégies d’alimentation des circuits intégrés pour résoudre les problèmes de complexité
News & Analysis  
6/14/2004   Post a comment
Les procédés de conception de puce sont de plus en plus audacieux ce qui ne facilite pas la gestion de l’alimentation et rend encore plus complexe les divers problèmes qui menacent de submerger l’industrie de la CAO, selon un groupe d’experts réuni à la Design Automation Conference (DAC) la semaine dernière à San Diego.
"Off-the-shelf's" speed custom deliveries
Product News  
6/12/2004   Post a comment
Focus On AC/DC power - Custom AC/DC supplies derived from so-called off-the-shelf modules and the various shades of modified-standard products are making it into users hands in weeks and even days, a far cry from when 3-4 month delivery times were the norm. A snapshot of the latest products focused on cutting time-to-market tends toward lower-voltage applications, a somewhat noticeable leaning of supplies to the lower end of the power range (well below 1 kW), and expanding activity in medical an
350-W switcher claims no compromises
Product News  
6/9/2004   Post a comment
Lambda touts its NV-Power series as a no-compromise solution to power, size, efficiency, and acoustic-noise issues. The company cites its use of synchronous rectifiers in a patented "multi-resonant" closed-loop topology (MRT), multiple-efficiency gain (MEG) technology, and use of planar magnetics to secure what it says is a 5 percent improvement in efficiency (up to 90 percent) over traditional multiple-output AC/DC supplies. See Product Review.
IC power strategies sought as complexity grows
News & Analysis  
6/9/2004   Post a comment
SAN DIEGO " Power management is getting tougher as more aggressive processes are employed in chip design, adding to the complexity problems that threaten to overwhelm the EDA industry, a panel at the Design Automation Conference here concluded.
30-W desktop supplies extend medical options
Product News  
6/3/2004   Post a comment
Wall Industries' DTMPU30 series offers users a low-cost, small-size and low-weight option to the company's series of desktop supplies suited to medical applications. The series, meeting full medical approval to UL, cUL, and TUV EN60601-1 specifications, delivers 30 watts at from 3 to 48 VDC from a universal AC input. The DTMPU30 complements the company's existing 50-watt desktop units, and a 60-watt desktop supply suitable for medical applications will arrive shortly. Parts Search

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