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posted in July 2004
New SMT POL DC/DCs are small, efficient, affordable and "double" lead-free
Product News  
7/30/2004   Post a comment
Forget the generalized headline promoting Datel's new point-of-load converter; this product is about establishing high reliability in manufacturing processes using Pb-free solder. See Product Review.
75-watt POL delivers slim solution
Product News  
7/29/2004   Post a comment
Astec Power's (Emerson Network Power) APA18 is a 75-watt point-of-load (POL) converter that's suited to restrictive space requirements. The DC/DC converter, in a single-in-line package (SIP, 2-by-0.5-by-0.4 inches), delivers 18 amps at 0.75 to 5.5 volts from a 10-14 volt input for a wide range of tasks ranging from telecom to instrumentation. It sports an efficiency as high as 92 percent.
MGE touts first dual-feed industrial UPS
Product News  
7/28/2004   Post a comment
MGE UPS Systems bills its new EX RT family of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) as the first on-line type with dual-feed AC input sources to provide a double layer of power availability for industrial applications. The rugged 5-, 7- and 11-kVA mid-range power systems, in a 6U (10.5 inches high) rack-mounted enclosure, are also said to be among the smallest models available in this power range.
Power-One extends line of high-MTBF supplies
Product News  
7/24/2004   Post a comment
Power-One's NHC3011-6, an extension to the company's high-reliability NHC3000 series of AC/DC power-factor-corrected supplies with 24- and 48-volt outputs, is suited to powering RF amplifiers, lasers, and other industrial equipment. The 3U-sized supply, with a minimum MTBF of 700,000 hours, delivers up to 107 amps at 28 VDC (no derating up to 50°C) from a single-phase 180-264 VAC input. It has a line regulation of 0.2 percent, load regulation of 0.4 percent, and maximum ripple and noise of 1
VLDO runs from sub-1V input
Product News  
7/22/2004   Post a comment
Linear Technology says its LT3020 is the industry's first very-low-dropout voltage regulator (VLDO) that can work from input voltages down to 0.9 volt. It's thus suited to single-cell alkaline and NiMH batteries and emerging applications that use a 1.5-volt rail and provide 0.9 to 1.25 volts at up to 100 mA for microcontroller and microprocessor cores. The LT3020 has a dropout of 150 mV, optimizing battery run time in applications with a low Vin-to-Vout differential.
Power-One, Artesyn report mixed earnings results
Product News  
7/22/2004   Post a comment
Power supply companies Power-One Inc. and Artesyn Technologies Inc. reported second-quarter sales gains as the power suppliers continued to benefit from the industry recovery. However, Power-One saw its earnings backslide as the company incurred losses due to restructuring.
Rechargeable Li+ focuses on digital cameras
Product News  
7/22/2004   Post a comment
The UBBPO4 (653450/PCM cell size) from Ultralife Batteries is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for digital cameras and other handheld electronic devices. It includes a thermistor for monitoring charging temperature.
Aluminum Cap Multipliers - why we can't have them and eat them too
7/21/2004   Post a comment
With virtually the highest available CV (capacitance time voltage) capability, accompanied by the lowest cost, aluminum capacitors are still not even close to getting canned into history books, as some would think. Some of our younger engineers get rather charged up thinking about ceramic and modern polymer technologies, writes columnist Sanjaya Maniktala. They should really be paying closer attention to aluminum electrolytics.
Pb-acid market report focuses on spiraling costs
Product News  
7/18/2004   Post a comment
Frost & Sullivan's report A713 "World Motive Lead Acid Battery Market," for end-users and business planners, provides a comprehensive overview of market drivers and technical challenges. Report highlights include in-depth discussion of the significant increase in the price of lead, a trend that's likely to continue.
Half-brick bus converter maintains ultra high efficiency
Product News  
7/16/2004   Post a comment
SynQor's BusQor HEA half-brick is a regulated converter that delivers up to 360 watts from a 35- to 75-volt input for 12-volt intermediate bus architectures. Its patented regulation stage topology delivers an efficiency of 95 percent at full load over most of that range. "Our BusQor HEA module is the first bus converter in the industry that accommodates the wide telecom input range while still maintaining tight output regulation and ultra high efficiency," said Martin Schlecht, CEO.
DC/DC chip module delivers 6 amps
Product News  
7/15/2004   Post a comment
Sipex Corp.'s SP7652 is the first of the company's new PowerBlox family of ultra-miniature high-current DC/DC buck regulators. In a 7-by-4 mm DFN package, the module, working from a wide-range (up to 28 volts) input, delivers 6 amps at voltages down to 0.8 volt. That makes the SP7652 the industry's smallest 6-amp component of its kind, according to the company. It sports an efficiency of 92 percent at full load.
Vicor takes military precision to consumer apps
News & Analysis  
7/14/2004   Post a comment
Steve Ohr interviews Andy Hilbert (right) and provides a second take on Vicor's deal with Sony, in which the consumer giant takes a license to make and distribute the V-I dc-dc converter.
Vicor launches web-based technical library
Product News  
7/13/2004   Post a comment
Vicor Corporation's new Technical Library, a component of the company's web site, offers engineers a broad knowledge database, from the basics of designing with component modules to information about the differences between the Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) and Factorized Power Architecture (FPA). The site provides "one-click" access to Vicor's interactive design tools and design calculators, as well as applications manuals, mechanical drawings, and quality and certification information. U
Mid-range, on-line UPSes emphasize low cost
Product News  
7/10/2004   Post a comment
Falcon Electric's new single-phase SG Series 5- and 6-kVA of on-line uninterruptible power systems (UPSes) are, at $3,489, and $3,899, respectively, designed to meet users' needs for a true sinewave UPS at comparatively low cost.
Evaluator board jump-starts PFC designs
Product News  
7/10/2004   Post a comment
The Power Factor Corrector (PFC) Evaluation Board from BI Technologies provides users a nearly complete universal-input PFC front-end for checking out their lab designs. Handling up to 3 kW and also suited for actual use in existing products, the ready-to-run board contains all the necessary control and power circuitry along with the inductor; users add an EMI power line filter as needed.
Quarter-brick delivers true 80 amps
Product News  
7/8/2004   Post a comment
Cherokee International's Apollo 5 quarter-brick family, providing 80 amps, is the company's answer to customers' requests for a DC/DC converter that operates without derating at practical operating conditions - 300 linear feet per minute (LFM) airflow at +50°C. Compared to today's typical quarter bricks operating at 50 amps under similar conditions, this converter thus offers 60 percent more power, or equivalently, reduces real-estate requirements by 40 percent for a given output power. Its f
Reference board speeds IC-based flyback design
News & Analysis  
7/7/2004   Post a comment
International Rectifier's IRISMPS5 is a reference design for a flyback topology that uses the company's versatile and efficient IRIS4015 integrated switcher IC. The reference design, i.e., a universal-input AC/DC supply that delivers 6 amps at 15 volts, is suited to powering such systems as LCD monitors, CD/DVD players, fax machines, printers and set-top boxes.
Vicor licenses power chips to Sony
News & Analysis  
7/2/2004   Post a comment
Vicor Corp. has concluded a nonexclusive, royalty-based license deal with Sony Corp. granting Sony rights to design and manufacture power converters using Vicor's power chip technology.
Reference board speeds IC-based flyback design
Product News  
7/2/2004   Post a comment
International Rectifier's IRISMPS5 is a reference design for a flyback topology that uses the company's versatile and efficient IRIS4015 integrated switcher IC. The reference design, i.e., a universal-input AC/DC supply that delivers 6 amps at 15 volts, is suited to powering such systems as LCD monitors, CD/DVD players, fax machines, printers and set-top boxes.
New bricks extend intermediate-bus options
Product News  
7/1/2004   Post a comment
Celestica's HUS42-096 half-brick and QUS20-120-NVDR quarter-brick DC/DC converters, part of the company's IBC series, are designed to optimize intermediate-bus architectures. The 460-watt HUS42-096 has a 5:1 input/output voltage ratio (the first half-brick of its kind, according to the company), and thus will provide 7 to 11 volts (often considered the "sweetspot" for highest overall system efficiency) from a 36- to 55-volt input. The QUS20-120-NVDR quarter-brick is the vertical-mount version of Parts Search

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