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posted in October 2003
MEMS: The Applications Triage
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10/21/2003   Post a comment
Emerging MEMS applications have one challenge in common with virtually all entrepreneurial technology companies: They must find a way across the chasm between the early adopters of new technology and the "early majority adopters." If they don't, they become—at best—a niche company or application. Jack Shandle reports on a panel at the recent MEMS Executive Forum.
FPGAs Boost Performance Levels of Wideband Digital Receivers
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10/8/2003   Post a comment
Few component technologies have evolved as rapidly in the last few years as FPGAs. In this highly competitive market, each new generation of devices delivers faster speeds, improved density, larger memory resources, and more flexible interfaces. Totally new resources, such as dedicated hardware multiplier blocks and complete processor cores, also appear. Specifically, hardware multipliers have afforded FPGAs a strategic entry into DSP applications, where they are now challenging both ASICs and p

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