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posted in March 2002
Discrete Spectrum Techniques for Spectral Regrowth Analysis
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3/14/2002   Post a comment
You can use discrete-spectrum signal representation to analyze distortion due to spectral regrowth in nonlinear devices, such as those found in wireless-communications systems. However, this technique introduces errors in both output bandwidth and power estimation of the spectral regrowth. Torben Larsen of Aalborg University, Denmark, shows how the bandwidth error may be large, but is predictable.
Efficient Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation Techniques for Antenna Measurements
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3/1/2002   Post a comment
Fernando Las-Heras of the Universidad Politcnica de Madrid, Ciudad Universitaria, and T.K. Sarkar of Syracuse University propose a new technique for Near-Field to Far-Field transformation for antenna measurements, using an equivalent current representation with a matrix-method solution. With this technique, the authors have obtained accuracy comparable to standard wave transformation methods.

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