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posted in May 2002
Future Technologies to Help You 'Live Long and Prosper'
Design How-To  
5/22/2002   Post a comment
Inspired by a thought-provoking panel on Killer Technology Applications at the recent Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, TechOnLine's Jim Lipman looks into his crystal ball. What he sees (and discusses) are tomorrow's superstar applications and the kinds of devices on which they will run.
Compact silicon drives color phones
5/14/2002   Post a comment
The Sony-Ericsson T68 mobile phone exemplifies the kind of feature-rich, high-margin handset the wireless industry is banking on for future profits. Its hardware design reflects the trend toward more compact, powerful silicon.
Electromagnetic Modeling of RF MEMS Devices
Design How-To  
5/2/2002   Post a comment
The use of MEMS components in RF systems is on the rise due to their low cost, small area, and high performance. Ansoft's Nick Campbell discusses the design and analysis of a tunable LC filter for wireless applications.

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