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posted in October 2011
Alternator-regulator IC boosts charging system efficiency, control
Design How-To  
10/31/2011   Post a comment
To improve fuel efficiency start with the charging system—and a key element is a new alternator-regulator IC.
Traffic monitoring system uses Bluetooth sensors over ZigBee
News & Analysis  
10/30/2011   5 comments
The platform is capable of sensing the flow of Bluetooth devices in a given street, roadway or passageway while differentiating hands-free car kits from pedestrian phones.
MEMS technology to improve quality of life for the aging
Design How-To  
10/28/2011   1 comment
MEMS sensors can help make healthcare technology sensitive to patients’ needs and abilities, significantly enhancing the user experience
Non-contacting rotary position sensor Model AMS22 boosts product longevity
Product News  
10/27/2011   Post a comment
Bourns' programmable magnetic sensor helps increase product life and reliability of applications operating in harsh and high vibration environments.
Back EMF method detects stepper motor stall: Pt. 1—The basics
Design How-To  
10/27/2011   9 comments
Technique takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection methods of current and duty-cycle sensing.
AES 131st Convention photo gallery
Audio DesignLine Blog  
10/26/2011   Post a comment
A photo gallery from the show floor of the recent 131st AES Convention in NYC includes photos of everything from exhibits and audio product demos to audio publications and even an electromechanical Rastafarian!
MEMS microphone smoothes the way to natural voice control in smart consumer devices
Product News  
10/26/2011   1 comment
STMicroelectronic's MP34DT01 employs a patent-pending technology that allows designers to place the microphone membrane closer to the acoustic port hole on the top of the package with a substantial increase in performance and no penalty in size.
Low profile piezoceramic audio speakers are 4.5mm thin
Product News  
10/25/2011   Post a comment
The Blue line SPS Piezoceramic speaker series from Sonitron comes equipped with a high power adhesive tape and soldering connection pads, ready for mounting in fast production lines.
CNSE expands research in CIGS solar cells
News & Analysis  
10/24/2011   3 comments
CNSE in a partnership with Sematech has launched the Solar Energy Development Center in Halfmoon, NY, to engage with the solar energy community to work on increasing the performance of CIGS solar cells.
Distributed power management cuts wiring weight
Design How-To  
10/24/2011   1 comment
Robust power line communication and distributed computing combine for an economical physical architecture.
Harvesting boost charger features efficiency, low quiescent current, and superior cold-start capability
Product News  
10/24/2011   Post a comment
TI bq25504 draws 330 nA quiescent, has 330-mV cold-start to harvest from solar, piezo, EM, thermal sources; manages extraction, storage, disbursement
TECH TRENDS: Front-end voice activation improves auto safety
Design How-To  
10/20/2011   7 comments
The real problem for drivers is distractions, and the desire for additional productivity or entertainment that creates them. Distractions can be reduced through voice user interfaces to control the car without looking at buttons, and without having to touch them. Front-end voice activation is the next step in improving user interfaces.
Ceitec volume produces own ASSP to track livestock
News & Analysis  
10/18/2011   Post a comment
In a major milestone for Brazil to develop a domestic microelectronics industry its main semiconductor entity Ceitec S.A. has reached volume production for its first semiconductor device designed in-house.
How does DECT fit in the wireless market?
Design How-To  
10/18/2011   13 comments
What exactly is ultra low power DECT? And where does it fit in to the wireless landscape. I asked Jos van der Loop of Dialog Semiconductor to respond.
Philips CityTouch offers flexible street lighting control
News & Analysis  
10/16/2011   3 comments
At its recent Innovation Experience house fair, Philips demoed its CityTouch municipal light control system. The system brings unseen flexibility into street lighting - and it is tailored for LED-based systems.
Broadcom, Freescale, Omnivision bring Ethernet to parking assistance system
News & Analysis  
10/16/2011   1 comment
Despite its non-deterministic nature, Ethernet is becoming the technology of choice for some automotive applications.
Wireless window contacts benefit from energy harvesting sensors
10/16/2011   3 comments
Research scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS in Duisburg have now developed wireless window contacts which indicate when a house's windows are open or closed. The fail-safe system uses sensors that harvest the energy they need to run from ambient radio signals.
Murata to buy MEMS firm for $260 million
News & Analysis  
10/14/2011   4 comments
Japanese passives to power supplies giant Murata has agreed to buy VTI Technologies Oy of Finland for 20 billion yen (about 190 million euro or $260 million) in cash.
Image Gallery: Inside IMEC
News & Analysis  
10/12/2011   11 comments
A tour of the IMEC research institute in Belgium generated news on everything from 450-mm wafers and EUV lithography to UWB and 60-GHz wireless.
ZMD ZSSC3123 capacitve sensor conditioning IC
Product News  
10/11/2011   Post a comment
This low power capacitive sensor conditioning IC from ZMD supports a broad range of sensors and gives engineers a cost-efficient component option for sensor designs.
Touchstone Semiconductor TS1001 operational amplifier
Product News  
10/11/2011   1 comment
Touchstone Semiconductor has released its TS1001 single-supply, rail-to-rail op amp for low-power, low-frequency sensor applications.
IR-UWB radio targets mobile and sensing apps
Product News  
10/11/2011   Post a comment
Imec and Holst Centre present a fully chip-integrated ultralow-power IR-UWB (impulse-radio ultra-wideband) solution for use in the worldwide available 6-10GHz band.
Plessey samples electric potential sensor
Product News  
10/10/2011   6 comments
Plessey Semiconductors is now able to sample an electric potential sensor that detects changes in electric field, in contact, at a distance, through clothing and even through walls.
Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems (Part 5 of 5)
Design How-To  
10/9/2011   1 comment
Understand some of the critical issues associated with this topic of great interest
Multisensory Medical Training for unlimited, no-risk practice and training
Design How-To  
10/7/2011   Post a comment
Sight, sound, and touch-enabled simulators help device makers deliver unlimited practice and no-risk training on complex, costly devices and procedures.
Sensirion STS21 digital temperature sensor
Product News  
10/7/2011   4 comments
Designed for temperature measurement, Sensirion's latest sensor is housed in a tiny DFN package measuring only 3x3mm.
Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems (Part 4 of 5)
Design How-To  
10/6/2011   Post a comment
Understand some of the critical issues associated with this topic of great interest
Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems (Part 3 of 5)
Design How-To  
10/2/2011   Post a comment
Understand some of the critical issues associated with this topic of great interest

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