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posted in February 2011
Inertial sensor market to grow 20.3% annually to reach $2.56B in 2015
News & Analysis  
2/27/2011   4 comments
The inertial sensor market for consumer electronics is growing very quickly due to the fast adoption of accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers in mobile phones, tablets, game stations and laptops.
Streamlining the design of portable medical electronics
Design How-To  
2/25/2011   5 comments
Understand the requirements and structure of this fast-growing group of instruments
MCU symphony, extreme mics, car tape decks, lossless audio
Audio DesignLine Blog  
2/23/2011   4 comments
Recent audio news includes an MCU-based symphony, behind the scenes at the home of some of the industry's most expensive microphones, R.I.P. pre-installed car cassette decks, and audiophile confusion over lossless audio.
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX44007 and MAX44009 sensors
Product News  
2/23/2011   Post a comment
Maxim's second generation of digital ambient-light sensors maximize battery life and simplify system design.
Delphi offers sound generator for e-cars
News & Analysis  
2/22/2011   4 comments
With the advent of e-cars the problem arises that approaching electric cars are not noticed by other traffic participants such as pedestrians and cyclists. Automotive tier one Delphi has developed a sound generator that facilitates the recognition.
Smart things: Information shadows - Part 2: Designing with information shadows
Design How-To  
2/21/2011   7 comments
Part 2 of an excerpt from the book "Smart things: Ubiquitous computing user experience design" reviews several interesting design properties of information shadows.
Touch screen vision sensors with Ethernet connectivity
Product News  
2/20/2011   Post a comment
Banner Engineering introduced the iVu Plus, adding Ethernet connectivity and more advanced inspection capabilities to the iVu's intuitive platform.
Techniques for accurate ECG signal processing
Design How-To  
2/14/2011   16 comments
Understand some of the signal-analysis issues pertinent to electrocardiography
Smart things: Information shadows - Part 1: Introduction
Design How-To  
2/14/2011   4 comments
Part 1 of an excerpt from the book "Smart things: Ubiquitous computing user experience design" looks at information shadows - the digitally accessible information about an object - and systems.
Footwear and fashion to drive UHF passive RFID item-level tagging growth
News & Analysis  
2/13/2011   Post a comment
Item-level passive UHF tags now make up an increasing share of the total world market for RFID tags. ABI Research forecasts that more than three quarters of a billion RFID tags will be used in global apparel markets in 2011.
Sleep assessment monitor offers 'professional' results
Product News  
2/13/2011   Post a comment
The ReadiBand from Fatigue Science is claimed to be the only consumer friendly, scientifically validated sleep assessment product to provide medical grade results without requiring users to stay overnight in a specialist sleep clinic.
Samsung shows 12-Mpixel image sensor
Product News  
2/10/2011   3 comments
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced it has a 12-megapixel CMOS imager made using a 1.12-micron pixel and back-dside illumination. The image sensor is intended for use in mobile phones, Samsung said.
'You asked for it, you got it, Toyota'
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
2/9/2011   19 comments
The U.S. government has vindicated Toyota's electronic control technology in the spate of sudden acceleration incidents, but what happens to the automaker's reputation?
ClearPad offers first capacitive multi-touch interfaces for mobiles
Product News  
2/9/2011   Post a comment
Synaptics Incorporated has launched the first line of capacitive multi-touch interface solutions for use with integrated displays, the ClearPad Series 3 and Series 4. With on-cell and in-cell integrated displays, Synaptics makes it possible to seamlessly enable capacitive multi-touch sensing in mobile devices. Both ClearPad Series 3 and Series 4 are on-cell and in-cell display ready.
Nordic releases chip for Bluetooth low energy
Product News  
2/3/2011   Post a comment
Nordic Semiconductor ASA has released the µBlue nRF8001, which it reports is the first fully qualified Bluetooth v4.0 low energy design to combine the radio, link layer, and host into one end product listing (EPL), which enables designers to create new Bluetooth end products without any additional listing fees.

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