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posted in June 2010
Freescale hits GaAs on RF basestation ICs
Product News  
6/30/2010   1 comment
Freescale is moving into gallium arsenide for monolithic microwave basestation ICs that harness ultralow-noise amps for trunk network amplifier radio cards and as predrivers for its high-voltage lateral diffusion MOS power amps.
Micron's results: What analysts are saying
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6/30/2010   Post a comment
Micron Technology Inc. roared past analysts’ consensus estimate in its recent quarter.
Qualcomm brews apps store for mobile OS
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6/30/2010   Post a comment
Qualcomm Inc. is expanding its efforts in the mobile operating system and connectivity arenas.
Price hikes, shortages seen in hot solar biz
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6/30/2010   2 comments
Photovoltaic demand is projected to double over last year.
Gyro vendor InvenSense files IPO
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6/30/2010   Post a comment
InvenSense Inc., a provider of motion processing solutions or gyroscopes, is filing for an IPO.
Mid-range IR sensors feature digital or analog outputs in three package types
Product News  
6/30/2010   Post a comment
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has beefed up its optoelectronics portfolio with a family of mid-range infrared (IR) sensors featuring digital and analog outputs in three package types.
TruBlue submersible level transducer stores more, lasts longer
Product News  
6/29/2010   Post a comment
Pressure Systems' TruBlue submersible level transducer gets more memory, longer battery life for environmental water usage and water resource applications.
Samsung, TSMC hit by ITC complaint
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6/28/2010   3 comments
STC.UNM (STC)--the technology-transfer arm of the University of New Mexico (UNM)--said that it is charging Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC) and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. with alleged patent infringement.
Product News  
6/28/2010   1 comment
TI TUSB1310 provides essential physical-level functions, features sensitivity twice the USB 3.0 requirement
CoorsTek buys ceramics unit for $245M
News & Analysis  
6/28/2010   Post a comment
CoorsTek Inc., a manufacturer of ceramic and specialty material components, has signed a definitive agreement to purchase the advanced ceramics business of Saint-Gobain for about $245 million.
Obducat CEO resigns amid losses
News & Analysis  
6/28/2010   1 comment
Amid losses and order delays, Patrik Lundstrom has been named acting CEO of Obducat AB (Malmo, Sweden), a supplier of nano-imprint lithography tools.
Report: Firms buy stake in PSi
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6/28/2010   Post a comment
Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI)and Narra Venture Capital II have acquired a 67 percent stake in PSi Technologies Inc. (PSi) of the Philippines for $30 million.
Energy status quo is no longer an option
6/26/2010   3 comments
The energy problem is serious enough to warrant the all-hands-on-deck response; wind, geothermal, solar, bio-thermal and even nuclear technologies all figure into the solution.
IceCube telescope extreme science meets extreme electronics
News & Analysis  
6/25/2010   1 comment
IceCube telescope is under construction more than a mile beneath the Antarctic ice.
Atmel completes sale of fab in France
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6/24/2010   Post a comment
Germany's LFoundry GmbH, an analog and mixed-signal foundry, has completed its previously-announced acquisition of Atmel Corp.’s wafer fabrication operation in Rousset, France.
Can Nikon regain its focus?
News & Analysis  
6/24/2010   Post a comment
Can Nikon Corp. regain its focus?
IBM 'fab club' aligns 28-nm process, jabs rival
News & Analysis  
6/24/2010   1 comment
IBM, Samsung, GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics said that they are in collaboration to ''synchronize’’ the production of chips, based on its previously-announced, 28-nm low-power process.
DRAM makers to pay $173M in price-fixing case
News & Analysis  
6/24/2010   Post a comment
Some 32 states in the United States announced a $173 million settlement with six DRAM manufacturers who "conspired in an illegal global scheme to fix prices."
Group forms another 3-D chip alliance
News & Analysis  
6/23/2010   Post a comment
Another three-dimensional (3-D) chip alliance has been hatched.
Will Spansion succeed or fail again?
News & Analysis  
6/23/2010   Post a comment
Spansion Inc. is looking to make a big comeback.
Intel, FTC in settlement talks
News & Analysis  
6/22/2010   2 comments
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Intel Corp. have filed a joint motion to ''suspend administrative trial proceedings.''
Chengdu: Spicy city faces hi-tech hurdles
News & Analysis  
6/21/2010   3 comments
Chengdu is fast becoming the next major biotechnology, chip, information technology (IT), LED and renewable energy hub in China.
National Semi buys GTronix
News & Analysis  
6/21/2010   Post a comment
National Semiconductor Corp. has acquired the technology of GTronix Inc.
Trio forms 3-D chip alliance
News & Analysis  
6/21/2010   2 comments
Elpida Memory Inc., Powertech Technology Inc. and United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) have formed an alliance to speed up the development of three-dimensional (3-D) chips.
Qualcomm invests in optical module company
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6/16/2010   Post a comment
Mobile phone technology company Qualcomm Inc. has invested in Anteryon International BV, an optics spin-off from Royal Philips Koninklijke NV in 2006.
Interview: Stanford's top engineer from chips to ABCs
News & Analysis  
6/16/2010   12 comments
We sat down recently with James Plummer, dean of Stanford's school of engineering, for a wide ranging interview on the outlook for CMOS, engineering, education and globalization.
Ikaros probe to Venus successfully deploys 'solar sail'
News & Analysis  
6/11/2010   5 comments
Japan's space agency confirmed that a solar sail on its Ikaros planetary probe has been successfully deployed.
Sensors Expo: Powercast demos a prelude to mobile network RF energy harvester
News & Analysis  
6/9/2010   1 comment
After setting up an RF energy-harvesting demo at this week’s Sensors Expo collocated with ESC Chicago, Powercast’s director of marketing Harry Ostaffe presented a paper that outlined the concepts and paths to what he believes to be the endgame: full ambient RF harvesting capabilities that sip power from ubiquitous mobile networks and eliminate batteries and direct RF power sources completely.
Post mortem reveals 'touchy' user
News & Analysis  
6/7/2010   1 comment
As more multi-touch applications emerge Perceptive Pixel's design decisions for a novel broadcast application should shed some light on using multi-touch in other less mission-critical applications.
Chip processes gesture recognition for innovative HMIs
Product News  
6/7/2010   Post a comment
Gesture recognition is not only a technology for computer games and mobile devices – it increasingly is also an option for innovative automotive human-machine interfaces. Chip maker Elmos AG now has implemented the respective signal processing within one chip.
New sensor aims to be low power electronic nose
News & Analysis  
6/7/2010   Post a comment
Researchers in Europe announced a design for a highly sensitive yet low power vapor sensor that can be tailored to detect a variety of gases for use on wireless networks in applications ranging from health care to the food industry.
Touch is not enough, say display experts
News & Analysis  
6/2/2010   2 comments
Experts in touch technologies assembled at the Society for Information Display conference here explored the future of touch and interactivity for a diverse set of computer and consumer applications.
Student Entrepreneur: Gets competitive
6/1/2010   1 comment
Simon Barker, EE Times' resident Student Entrepreneur decides to enter his university's Enterprise Challenge competition. But he leaves it late and burns the midnight oil! Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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