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posted in March 2009
Action urged to help Europe's semis sector
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3/27/2009   Post a comment
European governments and public authorities need to take coordinated, strong and urgent action to ensure the continent can remain competitive in the semiconductor and nanotechnologies sectors, Dirk Beernaert of the European Commission's Nanoelectronics division warned Friday (March 27).
BMW exec calls for a mix of engine technologies
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3/25/2009   Post a comment
A BMW executive told Congress that a U.S. vehicle technology program should focus on a mix of future power trains.
No Russian revolution for contract manufacturing
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3/25/2009   Post a comment
Russia is turning out to be a disastrous place for contract electronics manufacturing despite not long ago being seen as a promising emerging market with massive growth potential.
Mobile operators seal, extend network sharing deals
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3/23/2009   Post a comment
In a wide-ranging cost cutting deal that will have major implications for their equipment suppliers, and further down the chain for many component suppliers, Vodafone and Telefonica have confirmed they will pool their mobile networks in the U.K and said that the deal covers several other European countries.
Dashing towards another wireless data standard
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3/18/2009   Post a comment
A consortium of semiconductor companies, RFID industry players, system integrators and wireless data users have formed the DASH7 Alliance that will develop and promote a technology that extends the ISO 18000-7 standard.
Nintendo prevails in joystick IP lawsuit
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3/17/2009   Post a comment
Games console specialist Nintendo has won a patent infringement case in a U.S. District Court in Texas against Texas-based Fenner that alleged the Japanese group infringed on a patent covering an interface for joysticks used in the hugely successful Wii console as well as the Nintendo GameCube.
IT giants lobby for Obama bucks
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3/13/2009   1 comment
A group of at least a dozen large computer and communications companies are proposing a set of high tech projects they'd like to see funded with money earmarked for technology goals under the recently passed economic stimulus package.
SIA study: U.S. must boost chip industry competitiveness
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3/11/2009   3 comments
"Intensifying centrifugal forces" are eroding U.S. semiconductor industry competitiveness as a greater percentage of the industry's design, manufacturing and R&D facilities move offshore, an industry study warns.
Senate seeks compromise on patent reform
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3/10/2009   Post a comment
U.S. Senators pressed six witnesses--including representatives from IBM, Micron and Tessera--to come up with a compromise for how to calculate damages in patent infringement cases in Congressional hearings on the ongoing patent reform debate.
Intel joins with French researchers on high-end computing
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3/9/2009   Post a comment
Intel Corp. is making its first major investment in French academic research that will focus on high-performance computing.
NEC LCD Technologies consolidates fabs, halves staff
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3/4/2009   Post a comment
NEC LCD Technologies is consolidating two fabs and cutting its staff by 50 percent.
IDC: Stimulus package not a big help for IT
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3/4/2009   Post a comment
The government's economic stimulus package probably won't have a big impact on the computer and communications industry's recovery, but emerging markets and several other growth factors will help pull out of a slide that continues to deepen, said John Gantz, chief research officer at International Data Corp. at the company's annual Directions event.
Analysis: Why NXP should opt for bankruptcy
3/4/2009   10 comments
NXP's management should begin seriously considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in order to improve its chances of surviving and emerging stronger from a rapidly deteriorating semiconductor market.
Damages key to patent reform debate
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3/4/2009   Post a comment
A heated debate over how courts determine damages in patent infringement cases could make or break the U.S. Patent Reform Act of 2009 introduced in Congress Tuesday.
Intel's Barrett: Let's 'invest our way out' of downturn
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3/3/2009   2 comments
Intel Corp. Chairman Craig Barrett told a conference that investments in information and communications technology will help ensure economic prosperity as the world undergoes a digital transformation.

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